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The Love of Christ their Hearts constrains,

And strengthens their unwearied Hands, They spend their Sweat, and Blood, and Pains,

To cultivate Immanuel's Land.

4. Alarm'd at their successful Toil,

Satan, and his wild Spirits rage, They Labour to tear up and spoil,

And blast the rising Heritage.
In every Wilderness they fow

The Seed of Death, the Carnal Mind,
They would not let One Virtue grow,
Or leave One Seed of Good behind.

. 5. Yet still the Servants of their LORD

Look up, and calmly persevere, Supported by the Master's Word,

The Adverse Powers they scorn to fear;. Gladly their happy Work pursue:

The Labour of their Hands is seen, Their Hands the Face of Earth renew,

Diversified with chearful Green. 6. Wheree'r the faithful Workers turn,

The Steps of Industry appear, They labour the dry Wood to burn,

They labour with incessant Care The Fruits of Sodom to tread down,

To root up each Accursed Seed, By Satan, and his Servants fown,

And plant the Gospel in its Stead. 7. To dig the Ground, they All bestow

Their Lives; from every foften'd Clod They gather out the Stones, and low

Th’ Immortal Seed, the Word of God. They water it with Tears and Prayers,

They long for the returning Word, Happy, if All their Pains and Cares

Can bring forth Fruit to please their LORDi

8. Jesus their Toil delighted fees,

Their Industry vouchsafes to crown, He kindly gives the wish'd Increase,

And sends the promis’d Blessing down:
The Sap of Life, the Spirit's Powers

He rains incessant from above,
He all His Gracious Fulness showers,

To perfect their great Work of Love, 9. He prospers all His Servants Toils:

But of Peculiar Grace has chose
A Flock, on whom His kindeft Smiles,

And choicest Blessings He bestows :
Devoted to their Common LORD,

True Followers of the Bleeding Lamb, By God belov'd, by Men abhor'd

And HERNHUTH is the Fav'rite Name!

10. Here many a Faithful Soul is found,

With Myftick Power of Love endu'd, Full of the Light of Life, and crown'd

A King, and Priest to serve His God.
With flaming Zeal for Christ they shine,

Their Body, Soul, and Spirit give,
To CHRIST their Goods and Blood resign,

For CHRIST they freely die and live.

1. What can we offer our Good Lord

(Poor Nothings!) for His boundless Grace! Fain would we his Great Name record,

And worthily set forth His Praise. Dear Object of our growing Love,

To whom our more then All we owe, Open the Fountain from above,

And let it our full Soul or'eflow.

12. So shall our Lives Thy, Power proclaim,

Thy Grace for every Sinner free,

Till All Mankind' fhall learn Thy Name,

Shall all stretch out their Hands to Thee. Open a Door which Earth and Hell

May strive to shut, but strive in vain: Let Thy Word richly in us dwell,

And let our Gracious Fruit remain.

13. Oh! multiply Thy Sower's Seed,

And Fruit we every Hour shall bear, Throughout the World Thy Gospel spread,

Thine Everlasting Truth declare ;, We All in Perfect Love renew'd

Shall know the Greatness of Thy Power, Stand in the Temple of our God

As Pillars, and go out no more.

It is mine own Infirmity.

Psalm lxxvii. 10.


Ave Mercy, LORD, Thy Wrath remove,

Nor let Thy Judgments weigh me down, I cannot live without Thy Love,

I cannot stand beneath Thy Frown.. 2. Wilt Thou not once Thy Face display,

And dart a Ray of Heavenly Light, Still must I urge my chearless Way,

And mourn thro'out my long-liy'd Night!

3. Lo! in my Prayer I ever mourn,

Vext with the fad Remains of Sin, Broken, and bruis'd, and rack’d, and torn,

How shall I bear this Hell within ?.

4. This Unbelief, these cruel Fears, Distracting Doubts, and torturing Pain,


C 3

While Thou art filent at my Tears,

Thou see'st them ever flow in vain.

5. And muft I yield to black Despair,

In vain on Thee for Mercy call, Tempted above what I can bear!

And wilt Thou suffer me to fall!

6. Never again disclose Thy Face,

Or shew me the Atoning Blood.? Have I exhausted All Thy Grace?

Hath God forgotten to be Good? 7. For ever is Thy Mercy gone,

Thy Truth, and Faithfulness, and Love? Doth angry Justice rule alone ?

Have I no Advocate above ?

8. Then pour Thy Vengeance on my Head,

And quench the smoaking Flax in me, Break (if Thou canst) a Bruised Reed,

And cast me out who come to Thee.

9. Jesu, I come my Doom to meet,

A Sinner whom Thou wilt not spare : But I will perish at Thy Feet,

The first that ever perish'd There !

[blocks in formation]

I will put Enmity between thee and the Woman,

and between thy Seed and her Seed, &c.


OD of Truth, and Power, and Love,

Father, Friend of All Mankind,
Let on me Thy Spirit move,
Influence my feeble Mind;

"Twixt the Serpent's, Seed and me

Prevalently interpose,
Break the fatal Amity,

Make us everlasting Foes.
2. Sin hath poison’d All my Soul,

Sin the Serpent's Cursed Seed :
No one part in me is whole ;

Yet will I the Promise plead,
Promise of All-faving Grace,

Promise of an Inward Power,
Able to redeem the Race,

Me, and all Men to restore.

3. Breath the Breath of Simple Life,

Oh! be Abel born in me
Previous to the Legal Strife,

Innocent Simplicity :
Give me Childishness t'oppose

To the Subtle Serpent's Art;
Childishness no Evil knows,

Give me, LORD, a Simple Heart.


4. Or if Pride hath This destroy'd

Turn'd into Self-Righteousness,
Let the Law supply the Void,

Seth (a) succeed in Abel's Place.
Deeply root Thy Law within

Parent of the Wretched Man: (6)
Check my Forwardness to Sin,

Forcibly by Fear reftrain.

5. Bind in me the Strong-Man bind

With the Fetters of the Law,
Curb, and thwart the Carnal Mind,

Keep the Man of Sin in Awe,
Enemy to all that's Good,

Never will He quite give place ;


(a) nu A Positive Lau. (b) WIJN Enos. i. e. Miserable.

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