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A. 8. When Others fell, we faithful prov'd,

His Love preserv'd us true :
M. Yet own that We are more belov'd,

He never died for you.

A. 9. Worms of the Earth, to you, we own,

The Nobler Grace is given : M. Then praise with Us the Great Three-One, Till We all meet in Heaven.




above We'll vie with the Celestial Hoft,

And Earth shall rival Heaven.

·To EatherSon, and Holy Ghost

2. Ye Angels, thạt in Strength excel,

To God your Voices raise ;
In Tenements of Clay we dwell,

Yet humbly chaunt His Praise.

3. To Him Ye Hallelujah cry

Loud as the Thunder's Noise ; As many

Waters we reply, And eccho back the Voice..

4. Ten Thousand Times ten Thousand, fing

Ye your Creator's Name;
We claim Jehovah for our King,

And We extol the Lamb.

5. Ye cast


Crowns before His Throne;
And dare no longer gaze ;
We prostrate at His Footstool own

The Wonders of His Grace.

6. Thus let us Alt forever lie,

In Songs, or Silence join, T'adore the Majesty on high,

The Depth of Love Divine.

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Psalm cxxxiii.
Ehold how good a Thing
How pleasing to our King

This Fruit of Righteouiness,
When Brethren all in One

agree; Who knows the joys of Unity!

When All are sweetly joind,

(True Followers of the Lamb,
The fame in Heart and Mind,)

And think and speak the fame,
And All in Love together dwell;
The Comfort is unspeakable.


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Where Unity takes place,

The Joys of Heaven we prove :
This is the Gofpel-Grace,

The Unction from above,
The Spirit on all Believers shed,
Descending swift from CHRIST our Headh


Where Unity is found,

The sweet anointing Grace
Extends to All around,

And overspreads the Place ;
To every waiting

Soul it cc nes, And fills it with Divine Perfumes.

5. Jesus, our Great High-Priest,

For Us the Gift receiv'd,
For Us, and All the reft,

Who have in Him believ'd ;
Forth from our Head the Blesling goes,
And all His seamless Coat o'erflows.


On All His Chosen Ones

The pretious Oil comes down ; It runs, and as it runs,

It cyer will run on,

Ev'n to His Skirts -the Meanest Name That longs to love the Bleeding Lamb.


From Aaron's Beard it rolls

(Those nearest to His Face) To humble, trembling Souls

Who feebly sue for Grace : I know the Grace for All is free, For lo ! it reaches now to me.

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8. Grace every Morning new,

And every Night we feel
The soft, refreshing Dew,

That falls from Hermon's Hill;
On Sion it doth sweetly fall,
The Grace of One descends on All.

9. Ev'n now our LORD doth pour

The Blessing from above,
A kindly, gracious Shower

Of Heart-reviving Love,
The former and the latter Rain,
The Love of God, and Love of Marina

10. In Him when Brethren join,

And follow after Peace,
The Fellowship Divine

He promises to bless,
His chiefest Graces, to beftow,
Where Two or Three are met below.

II. The Riches of His Grace

In Fellowship are given,
To Sion's chosen Race,

The Citizens of Heaven ;
He fills them with His choiceft Store,
He gives them Life for evermore.


1. W

HO is this Gigantick Foe,

That proudly stalks along; Overlooks the Croud below:

In brasen Armour strong ? Loudly of his Strength he boasts,

On his Sword and Spear relres, Meets the God of Israel's Hofts,

And all their Force defies.


Tallest of the Earth-born Race
They tremble at his Power,
Fly before the Monster's Face,

And own him Conqueror :-
Who this mighty Champion is,

Nature answers from within, He is My own Wickedness,

My own Besetting Sin. 3. In the Strength of Jesu's Names'.

I with the Monster fight, Feeble and unarm'd I am,

But Jesus is my Might: Mindful of His. Mercies paft,

Still I trust the same to prove, Still my helpless Soul I calt,

On His Redeeming Love..
4. From the Bear and Lion's Paws

He hath deliver'd me ;
He shall still maintain my Cause,

And still my Helper be ;
God in my Defence shall stand,

Jesus on my Side I have,
From the proud Goliah's Hand

He now my Soul shall fave.

5. With


Sin :

5. With my Soing and Stone I

To Slay the Philistine ;
God hath said, It shall be so,

And I shall conquer
On the Promise I rely,

Trust in an Almighty LORD, Sure to win the Victory,

For He hath Spoke the Word. 6. In the Strength of God I rise,

I run to meet my Foe ;
Faith the Word of Power applies,

And lays the Giant low :
Faith in Jesu's Conquering Name

Slings the Sin-destroying Stone, Points the Word's unerring Aim,

And brings the Monster down. 7. See the Promise-Word takes place,

And smites the Giant's Head, See, he falls upon his Face,

He falls, and Sin is dead ! Now I more than conquer it,

Trample on Goliah Nain: Slain he lies beneath my Feet,

Never to rise again. 8. Willing now to be made free

From my own Sin I am, Sav'd from all Iniquity,

From every Touch of Blame : Thou hast made me willing, Lord, Thou alone haft turn'd


Heart, Now I with Goliah's Sword

His Head and Body part.

9. Sin, my strongest Sin is dead,

Goliah is o'erthrown ;
Yes; he now has loft his Head ;.

The Love of Sin is gone :

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