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Fallen is their boasted Chief,

Scatter'd are the Philistines, Scatter'd by a True Belief

Are all my meaner Sins.
10. Rife, ye Men of Israel, rise,

Your routed Foe pursue,
Shout His Praises to the Skies

Sin for You:
Jesus doth for You appear,

He His Conquering Grace affords, Saves You, not with Sword and Spear,

The Battle is the Lord's.

11. Every Day the Lord of Hofts

His mighty Power difplays, Stills the proud Philistine's Boaft,

The threatning Gittite slays : Ifrael's God let All below

Conqueror over Sin proclaim ; O that All the Earth might know

The Power of Jesu's Name.

12. Sin hath tyranniz'd too long

O’er Ifrael's chosen Race, Dar'd defy the feeble Throng,

And all their Armies chase ; Armies of the Living God

Basely they to Sin did yield; Sin can never be destroy'd

Till David takes the Field.

13. Love alone can match in Fight,

And conquer every Foe; Saul with all his Strength and Might

Can never Sin o'erthrow; Saul

may vex (the Law restrain) David takes the Giant's Head, Love will never turn again Till every

Sin is dead.

Romans x, 6, 8C.

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Ft I in my Heart have said,

Who shall ascend on high, Mount to CHRIST my Glorious Head,

To bring Him from the Sky? Born on Contemplation's Wing,

Surely I should find Him there Where the Angels praise their King,

And gain the Morning-Star. 2. Oft I in my Heart have said,

Who to the Deep shall ftoop,
Sink with Christ among the Dead

From thence to bring him up?
Could I but my Heart prepare

By unfeign'd Humility,
Christ would quickly enter there,

And ever dwell with me.

3. But the Righteousness of Faith

Hath taught me better things, 6 Inward turn Thine Eyes, (it faith

While CHRIST to me it brings) “ Christ is Ready to impart,

“ Life to All for Life who figh, “ In Thy Mouth, and in Thy Heart,

“ The Word is ever nigh. 4. Jesu, I in Thee believe,

My Faith in Thee confefs;
Gladly do I now receive

The Offers of Thy Grace:
Now Thy Merits are applied,

I from all my Sins am freed,
I am clear, since Thon haft died,

And rose again for me.

55. Unto

5. Unto Righteousness I fill

Believe on Thee, my Lord, With

my Heart believe, and feel Thee faithful to Thy Word. Unto full Salvation Thee

With my Mouth I ftill confess, Till the utmost Heights I see

Of perfect Holinefs.

6. Wherefore should I longer doubt?

I every whit am clean:
My Salvation is wrought out,

I now am sav'd from Sin.
Author of Eternal Grace

Unto All who Thee obey, I shall see Thee Face to Face;

My Jesus, come away!

Rejoicing in Hope. Know that my Redeemer lives, I A Token of His Love He gives,

A Pledge of Liberty.

2. I find Him lifting up my Head,

He brings Salvation near,
His Presence makes me free indeed,
And He will soon



With Confidence I now look up,

His promis'd Aid implore, Sweetly revives my blafted Hope,

And I can doubt no more.

4. Far spent is the Egyptian Night

Of Fear, and Pain, and Grief, And lo! I see the Morning Light

That brings affur'd Relief.

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5. The dreadful, dire, oppressive Hour

Of Tyrant-Sin is paft,
My Soul defies its Rage and Power,

My Soul on Christ is cast.

6. The Power of Hell, the Strength of Sin

My Jesus shall fubdue,
His healing Blood shall make me clean,

And make my Spirit new.
7. He will perform the Work begun:

Jesus, the Sinner's Friend, Jesus, the Lover of His own,

Will love me to the End.

8. No longer am I now afraid ;

The Promise must take Place,
Perfect His Strength in Weakness made,

Sufficient is His Grace.

9. Unto Salvation kept I am,

Thro' Faith, by Power Divine, Ready His Nature, with His Name,

To be reveal'd in Mine.

10. He wills that I Mould holy be :

Who can withstand His Will ? The Counsel of His Grace in me

He furely shall fulfil.

11. Confident now of Faith's Increase,

I all its Fruits shall prove, Substantial Joy, and settled Peace, And Everlasting Love.


12. Yes,

12. Yes, LORD, I put my Truft in I'hee,

On Thee my Soul I stay;.
I know, that Thou wilt come to me,

And I shall see Thy Day.

13. With me, I know, T'hy Spirit dwells,

Nor ever shall depart,
Till in me He Himself reveals,

And purifies my Heart.
14. He tells me, He will quickly come,

And seal me His Abode;
He now marks out His future Home,

The Temple of my God.

15. Jesu, I hang upon Thy Word,

I stedfastly believe
Thou wilt return, and claim me, LORD.,

And to Thyself receive.

16. Joyful in Hope my Spirit soars

To meet Thee from Above, Thy Goodness thankfully adores,

And sure I tafte Thy Love.

17. Thy Love I foon expect to find

In all its Depth and Height, To comprehend th'Eternal Mind,

And grasp the Infinite.

18. When Thou.doft in my Heart appear,

And Love erects its Throne, I then enjoy Salvation here,

And Heaven on Earth begun.

19. When God is mine, and I am His,

Of Paradife poffeft,
I taste unutterable Bliss,

And Everlasting Rest.

20. The

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