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20. The Bliss of those that fully dwell,

Fully in Thee believe, 'Tis more than Angel-Tongưes can tell,

Or Angel-Minds conceive.

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21. Thou only knowst, who didft obtain,

And die to make it known :
The Great Salvation now explain,

And perfect us in one.
22. May I, may all who humbly wait,

The Glorious Joy receive,
Joy above all Conception great,

Worthy of God to give.
23. LORD, I believe, and reft secure

In Confidence Divine,
Thy Promise stands for ever sure,

And all Thou art is Mine.


E happy Sinners hear

of Lord,

And wait till Christ appear

According to His Word ;
Rejoice in Hope, rejoice with me,
We shall from All our Sins be free.


The LORD, Our Righteousness

We have long since receiv’d,
Salvation nearer is..

Than when we first believ'd :
Rejoice in Hope, rejoice with me,
We shall from All our Sins be free.


Let others hug their Chainsg.

For Sin and Satan plead,
And say, from Sin's Remains

They never can be freed;

Rejoice in Hope, rejoice with me,
We shall from All our Sins be free.

In God we put our Truft ;

If we our Sins confess,
Faithful He is, and Juft

From All Unrighteousness
To cleanse us All, both You, and Me:
We shall from All our Sins be free.

5. Surely in Us the Hope

of Glory shall appear : Sinners, your Heads lift up,

And see Redemption near ; Again, I say, rejoice with me, We Thall from All our Sins be free.

6. Who Jesu's Sufferings share,

My Fellow-Prisoners now,
Ye soon the Wreath shall wear

On your triumphant Brow;
Rejoice in Hope, rejoice with me,
We shall from All our Sins be free.


The Word of God is furè,

And never can remove,
We shall in Heart be pure,

And perfected in Love :
Rejoice in Hope, rejoice with me,
We shall from All our Sins be free.

8. Then let us gladly bring

Our Sacrifice of Praile,
Let us give Thanks, and fing,

And glory in His Grace ;
Rejoice in Hope, rejoice with me,
We fhall from All our Sins be free.


Romans vi.



Way vain Thoughts, that stir withing

Nor further can proceed ! How shall I longer live in Sin,

Who unto Sin am dead ?

2. Baptiz'd into my Saviour's Name,

I of His Death partake,
Buried with Jesus Christ I am,

And I with Him awake.

3. He burst the Barriers of the Tomb,

Rose, and regain’d the Skies :
And lo! from Nature's Grave I come,

And lo! with CHRIST I rise,

4. A new, a living Life I live;

And fashion'd to His Death, His Resurrection's Power receive

And by His Spirit breathe.


Now the Old Adam is, I know,

With Jesus crucified,
Sin vanquish'd by its Passive Foe,

Kill'd my dear LORD -and died.

6. His Body was destroy'd, when nail'd

With Jesus to the Tree ; My dying Surety then prevailů,

And I was then set free.

7. Dead with my gracious LORD and GOD,

With Him by Faith I live,
The Power He purchas’d with His Blocd

I over Sin receive.

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8. Sin shall not have Dominion now,

Or in my Body reign ; Beneath its Yoke I scorn to bow,

And all its Force disdain.

9. Under the Law no more enslavid,

No more I groan, and grieve, By Grace I am redeem'd and fav'd,

And under Grace I live.

10. I live to God, who from the Dead

Hath me to Life restor'd,
That I from Sin's Oppreffion freed

Might only serve my Lord. 11. Jesus I serve, to Him alone

My thankful Homage pay,
My only Master, Christ I own,

And Him will I obey.

12. To Him my Body I present,

Which He will not refuse ; The meanest, baseft Instrument

His Glory deigns to use.

73. Servant of Sin' too long I was,

But Christ hath set me free ; Glory to His Victorious Grace

Which freely ransom'd me. 14. For ever be His Name ador'd

For what I have receiv'd ;
I have embrac'd the Gospel-Word,

And with my Heart believ'd. 15. Faith freed me from the Iron Yoke,

The Strength of Sin fubdued, From off my Soul the Fetters broke,

And now I serve my God.

16. Jesus can to the Utmost fave;

On Jesus I depend ;
My Fruit to Holiness I have,

And All in Heaven shall end.

The Fourth Chapter of Isaiah. "JESI (Esu, fulfil the Gospel-Word,

In Us Thou beauteous Branch arise, Arise, Thou Planting of the LORD,

Be glorious in Thy People's Eyes.

2. O Root Divine, in this our Earth

Spring up, and yield a fair Increafe, The Graces of our Second Birth,

The goodly Fruits of Righteousness. 3. 'Scap'd from the World of Pride and Luft

If now We in Thy Sight remain, O make us holy, good, and just,

O let us not believe in vain.

4. Our Names among the Living write,

Whofe Hearts are fixt on Things above, Worthy who walk with Thee in White,

Unblameable in spotless Love.

5. Out of our inmost Souls expel

The Filth and Stain of Inbred Sin, (In Us it shall not always dwell,

For Thou hast said, Ye shall be clean.)

6. O that the Grace were now applied!

Bring in, dear LORD, a purer Flood, Open the Fountain of Thy Side,

And purge out All our Tainted Blood.

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