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7. Adam defcended from above,

The Virtue of Thy Blood impart, And cleanse from every Creature-Love;

And make, O make us pure in Heart.. 8. The Judging, Burning Spirit inspire,

O let Him to His Temple come,And fit as a Refiner's Fire,

And all our Sins condemn, consume.

9. Sin shall not in our Flesh remain,

The Sanctifying Word is fure,
We shall be purg'd from Every Stain,

And pure as God Himself is pure.

10. Then only can we fall no more,

Freed from the Stumbling-Block within ; Come Thou Divine, Almighty Power,

And save us from Indwelling Sin. 11. Keep us thro' Faith to that Thy Day,

And mark us out for Thy Abode, Thy Glory over us display,

And guard the Future House of God.

12. Till Thou from all our Sins shall cleanse,

And perfectly renew our Heart, Thy Glory be our sure Defence,

Nor ever from our Souls depart. 13. On every Dwelling-place of Thine,

Create a Cloud, and Smoke by Day, And let the Fiery, Pillar shine, ;

By Night, and on th’ Assembly stay.

14. Thro the long Night of Doubts and Fears,

The Day of fierce Temptation guide,
And let us, till Thy Face appears,
O let us in Thy Wounds abide ;

15. Secure beneath Thy Shadow fit,

In Thee a Tabernacle find,
A Refuge from the Rain and Heat,

A Covert from the Storm and Wind.

16. Lead us till all our Toil is paft,

Till all Thy Faithfulness we prove, And gain the Promis'd Land at laft,

The Canaan of Thy Perfect Love.

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The Twelfth Chapter of Isaiah.
(Appy Soul who sees the Day,

The Glad Day of Gospel-Grace!
Thee my LORD (Thou then wilt Tay)

Thee will I forever praise. 2. Though Thy Wrath against me burn'd,

Thou doft comfort me again, All Tliy Wrath aside is turn'd,

Thou hast blotted out my Sin.
3. Me behold! Thy Mercy spares,

JESUS my Salvation is :
Hence my Doubts, away my Fears,

Jesus is become my Peace.


Ever merciful, and just,
I will lean upon His Word,

I will on His Promise trust.

5. Strong I am, for He is strong,

Juft in Righteousness Divine, He is my triumphal Song,

All he has, and Is, is mine.

6. Mine

6. Mine ; and Yours, whoe'er believe:

On His Name whoe'er shall call, Freely shall His Grace receive ;

He is full of Grace for All. . .

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7. Therefore shall ye draw with Joy

Water from Salvation's Well,
Praise fhall your glad Tongues employ,

While His Streaming Grace ye feel.

8. Each to Each, ye then thall say, **

Sinners, call upon His Name, O rejoice to see His Day,

See it, and His Praise proclaim.

9. Glory to His Name belongs,

Great, and marvellous, and high, Sing unto the LORD your Songs,

Cry, to every Nation cry,

10. Wondrous Things the Lord hath done,

Excellent His Name we find, This to All Mankind is known:

Be it known to All Mankind.

II. Sion, shout Thy LORD and King,

Ifrael's Holy One is He,
Give Him Thanks; rejoice, and fing,

Great He is, and dwells in Thee.

12. O the Grace Unsearchable !

While Eternal Ages roll,
God delights in Man to dwell,

Soul of each Believing Soul.

Isaiah xxvi. 13. 14.


OLO I own

That Other Lords have sway'd, Have in my Heart set up their Throne,

And Abject I obey'd. 2. Thy Enemies usurp'd the Place,

And robb'd Thee of Thy Due, A Slave to every Vice I was,

And only Evil knew.

3. With Sin I joyfully comply'd,

I yielded unconftrain'd,
Paffion, and Appetite, and Pride,

And Self, and Nature reign’d.

4. But ended is the shameful Hour,

Th' Usurper's Reign is past, Blasted their Strength, o'return'd their Power,

And I am fav'd at last.

5. Thy Love, by which redeem'd I am,

Forever be ador'd,
I now shall live to bless Thy Name,

And call my JESUS, LORD.

6. Those Other Lords no more are Mine,

No more their Slave am I,
I tread them down with Strength Divine,

I all my Sins defy.

7. Freed am I now, forever freed !

From their Destructive Power, Nail'd to the Cross they all are dead,

And hall revive no more.

8. The Glorious Presence of my God,

Hath all the Tyrants slain,
Their Name, their Memory is destroy'd;

For I am Born again!


After a Recovery from Sickness. TH

Hy Will be done, Thy Name be blest!

I am not, gracious LORD, my own ; Whate'er Thy Wildom sends is best,

Thy Name be.prais'd, Thy Will be done. 2. Earnest of Benefits behind,

Of all Thy Bounty waits to give, Pledge of a sound and healthful Mind,

My Life I at Thy Hands receive.

-3. Snatch'd from the Death of Sin, my Soul

Shall never see Corruption's Grave, Surely Thy Love fhall make me whole,

Thy Love can to the utmost fave. 4. Thy Love hath caft out fervile Fear,

No longer can I doubt or mourn, To the black Dungeon of Despair

I never, never shall return.

5. Sin shall not have Dominion now,

Or in my Mortal Body reign,
JESUS, my LORD, my Saviour, Thou,

Thou hast the lawless Tyrant slain.
6. Still, O my God, Thy Power display,

Thy Kingdom to my Soul restore,
Those other

Lords perfift to say,
And suffer them to rise no more.

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