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7. If now I have Acceptance found

With Thee, or Favour in Thy Sight, With Thy Omnipotence surround,

And arm me with Thy Spirit's Might. 8. O may I hear His Warning Voice,

And timely fly from Danger near, With Reverence unto Thee rejoice,

And love Thee with a Filial Fear.

9. Still hold my Soul in Second Life,

And suffer not my Feet to side, Support me in the Glorious Strife,

And comfort me on every Side.

10. O give me Faith, and Faith's Increase,

Finish the Work begun in me, Preserve


Soul in Perfect Peace, That stays, and waits, and hangs on Thee. 1. Olet Thy gracious Spirit guide,

And bring me to the Promis'd Land, Where Righteousness and Peace refide,

And All submit to Love's Command.

12. A Land, where Milk and Honey flows,

And Springs of pure Delights arise, Delights which I shall shortly know;

I shall regain my Paradice.

13. I see it now from Pisgab's Top,

Pleasant, and beautiful, and good, In all the Confidence of Hope

I claim the Purchase of Thy Blood. 14. Of Righteousness Divine poffeft

O let me grasp the Prize so nigh,
Enter into the Promis'd Reft,
Enjoy Thy. Perfect Love, and die.



1 1!

Entle Jesús, meek, and mild,

a Little Child,
Pity my Simplicity,
Suffer me to come to Thee:


Look upon

2. Fain I would to Thee be brought,
Dearest God, forbid it not,
Give me, dearest God, a Place
In the Kingdom of Thy Grace.

3. Put Thy Hands upon my Head,
Let me in Thine Arms be stayed,
Let me lean upon Thy Breast,
Lull me, lull me, LORD, to Reft.

14. Hold me faft in Thy Embrace,
Let me see Thy smiling Face,
Give me, LORD, Thy Blessing give,
Pray for me, and I shall live.

5. I shall live the Simple Life,
Free from Sin's uneasy Strife,
Sweetly ignorant of III,
Innocent, and happy ftill.
6. O that I may never know
What the Wicked People do ;
Sin is contrary to Thee,
Sin is the Forbidden Tree.

7. Keep me from the great Offence,
Guard my helpless Innocence ;
Hide me, from all Evil hide,
Self, and Stubborness, and Pride.

8. Lamb

8. Lamb of God, I look to Thee,
Thou shalt my Example be ;
Thou art gentle, meek, and mild,
Thou waft once a Little Child.

9. Fain I would be, as Thou art,
Give me thy obedient Heart ;
Thou art pitiful and kind,
Let me have Thy loving Mind.

10. Meek, and lowly may I be,
Thou art all Humility ;
Let me to my Betters bow,
Subject to Thy Parents Thou.

11. Let me above all fulfil
God my Heavenly Father's Will,
Never His Good Spirit grieve,
Only to His Glory live.

12. Thou didst live to God alone,
Thou didst never seek Thine own;
Thou Thyself didft never please,
GOD was all Thy Happinefs.

13. Loving Jesu, gentle Lamb,
In Thy gracious Hands I am,
Make me, Saviour, what Thou art,
Live Thyself within my Heart.
14. I shall then shew forth Thy Praise,
Serve Thee all my happy Days;
Then the World shall always fee
CHRIST, the Holy Child, in Me.



1. Amb of God, I fain would be

A meek Follower of Thee, Gentle, tractable, and mild, Loving as a little Child ;

2. Simple, ignorant of Ill,
Guided by another' Will,
Trusting Him for Heavenly Food,
Casting all my Care on GOD.

3. Let me in Thy Footsteps tread,
Be to all the Creatures dead,
Dead to Pleasure, Wealth, and Praise,
Poor, and humble all my Days,

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4. Prepossess my tender Mind, !
Let me cast the World behind,
All its Pomps and Pleasures vain
Help me, Saviour, to disdain.

5. Thou my Better Portion art,
Earth shall never share my Heart,
I on all its Goods look down,
I expect a Starry Crown,
6. I aspire to Things above;
LORD, I give Thee all my Love,
I will nothing know beside
Jesus and Him Crucified.

7. Let the Potsherds of the Earth
Boast their Virtue, Beauty, Birth ,
A poor, guilty Worm I am,
Ransom'd by the Bleeding Lamb.

8. Jesu, This be all my Boast, Thou haft sav'd a Sinner lost,


Thou hast spilt Thy Noble Blood
Me to make a Child of GOD.


What a Glorious Title This
(Title to Eternal Bliss)
Thou for me Thy Life hatt given,
Me to make an Heir of Heaven.

10. O enlarge my scanty Thought
To conceive what Thou haft wrought,
Raife my groveling Spirit up
To my Heavenly Calling's Hope.

11. Greaten 'my contracted Mind,
Saviour Thou of All Mankind;
What in Man Thy Grace could move?:
O the Riches of Thy Love !

12. Let Thy Love pofless me whole, .
Let it take

all my

Soul ;
True Magnificence impart,
Purify, and fill my Heart.

13. I depise all Earthly Things,
Offspring to the King of Kings,
God I for my Father claim,
Jesus is my Brother's Name.

14. Heaven is Mine Inheritance,
I shall foon remove from hence,
As the Stars in Glory shine,
Christ and God, and All is Mine.




YOme let us join the Hoks above,

Now in our earliest Days,
Remember our Creator's Love,
And lisp our Father's Praife.

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2. His

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