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Sacred Poems:


The Fortieth Chapter of ISAIAH. "

OMFORT, ye Ministers of Grace,
Comfort the People of your

Oh! it ye up the Fallen Race,

And chear them by the Gospel-Word. 2. Go, into every Nation, go!

Speak to their trembling Hearts, and cry, Glad Tidings unto All we thew ;

Jerusalem, thy God is nigh.

3. Accomplish'd is thy Legal War,

The Mantle o'er thy Sins is spread ; Thy God the Punishment hath bore,

Thy God the Debt hath more than paid.

4. Punish'd Thou art, for He hath dy'd,

(The Merit of His Death is Thine) Absolv'd, and freely Justify'd, And cloath'd in Righteousness Divine.

5. Hark

5. Hark in the Wilderness a Cry,

A Voice that loudly calls, Prepare ! Prepare your Hearts, for God is nigh,

And means to make His Entrance there.

6. The LORD your God shall quickly come:

Sinners repent, the Call obey ;
Open your Hearts to make Him Room,

Ye Desart-Souls, prepare His Way.
7. The LORD shall clear His Way thro' All,

Whate'er obstructs, obstructs in vain ; The Vale shall rise, the Mountain fall,

Crooked be strait, and Rugged plain.

8. Nature perverse and rough shall yield,

Th’ Aspiring droop, the Abject dare ; Alike by Sovereign Grace compelld

Despair shall hope, and Pride despair.

9. When All into Subjection brought

Level shall lie, and humbly low, Who captivated every Thought,

His Glory then the LORD shall fhew.

10. The Glory of the Lord display'd

Together All Mankind shall view;
And what His Mouth in Truth hath said,

His own Almighty Hand shall do.


1. Withering as Grass is Humankind,

And fleeting as the short-liv'd Flower ; The Goodliness to-day we find

To-morrow fades, and is no more.

Man, foolish Man his Vertue shews,
Which for a Moment charms our Eyes,


The Sin-convincing Spirit blows,

Withers the Flower, and fades, and dies.

3. Die the


Flower of Human Pride : The Word of God hall stand fecure; The Word of God Thall still abide,

And firm from Age to Age endure. 4.

Sion ascend the Mountain-Top,

Jerufalem, the Grace proclaim; Herald of God, thy Voice lift up,

And strongly thout the SAVIOUR's Name.

5. Good Tidings shew to Judah's Race,

Publish throughout the Earth abroad Good Tidings of Redeeming Grace,

And cry to All, Behold your God! 6. Behold the LORD your God shall come,

And bow the World to His Command ; His out-stretchd Arm Thall make Him Room :

Who can His out-stretch'd Arm withstand ?

7. Lo! an exceeding great Reward,

Himself, to Humbled Souls He gives ; He fills whom first He hath prepard,

And All in All for ever lives.

8. Shepherd of Souls, His tender Care

Shall kindly for His Flock provide ; The Lambs He in His Arms shall bear,

And sweetly in His Bosom hide.

9. His Sheep He shall protect, and feed,

Bind up the Maim'd, support the Weak; The Great with Young shall gently lead,

And seek the Lost, and heal the Sick.

[blocks in formation]


1. Nor doth His Love eclipse His Might,

Or lefsen His Majestick Powers,
Though ftooping from His Glory's Height;

Who is fo Great a God as Ours !

2, He in the Hollow of His Hand

Measur'd the vast unbounded Main ; The wide-extended Heavens He span'd:

Infinity His Arms contain.

3. He meeted out the Earth, and poisid

The Mountains, hung on Empty Space, When all the Morning-Stars rejoic'd,

And shouted their Creator's Praise.

Creation's Line His Wisdom laid, He grasp'd the Chaos with His Fist; Sea, Air, and Earth, and Heaven He weighid,

And bad th’ Exact Machine confift.

5. Who with the Great Omniscient GOD,

Angel or Man in Council join'd,
To Him the Way of Judgment fhew'd,

Or taught that All-informing Mind? 6. He high enthrond above All Height

A Partner in His Work disdains ; In Power and Knowledge Infinite

The Self-directed Spirit reigns.


7. See the vast Tribes that crowd the Face

Of Earth, the Islands scatter'd wide ; Survey the whole of Human-Race,

Their Wealth, their Number, and their Pride!

8. Light as the Balance-Duft, and small

To Him as the Minuteft Grain,

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