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2. His Majesty will not despise

The Day of feeble Things ; Grateful the Songs of Children rise,

And please the King of Kings:

3. We all His kind Protection share,

Within His Arms we reft ;
The Sucklings are His Tendereft Care,

While hanging on the Breast.

4. We praise Him with a stammering Tongue,

While under His Defence,
He smiles to hear the artless Song

Of Childish Innocence.

5. He loves to be remember'd thus,

And honour'd for His Grace, Out of the Mouths of Babes like us

His Wisdom perfeets Praise.

6. Glory to God, and Praise, and Power,

Honour, and Thanks be given : Children, and Cherubim adore

The LORD of Earth and Heaven.


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Happy State of Infancy,

Stranger to guilty Fears, We live from Sin and Sorrow free

In these our tender Years.

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2. Jesus the LORD our Shepherd is,

And did our Souls redeen, Our present and Eternal Bliss

Are both secur'd in Him.

3. His Mercy Every Sinner claims,

For all His Flock He cares :


The Sheep He gently leads, the Lambs

He in His Bosom bears. i.

4. Loving He is to All His Sons

Who hearken to His Call ;,
But Us, His weak, His Little Onesy

He loves us best of all. ;

5. If unto us our Friends are good,

'Twas He their Hearts inclin'd, He bids our Fathers give us Food,

And makes our Mothers kind...

6. Then let us thank him for his Grace,

He will not disapprove
Our meanest Sacrifice of Praise,

Our Childish, prattling Love.


" A Lutkanker and Praise to God belonge

Our Father and Our Friend ;. Let us with Life begin the Song,

Which never more shall end.

2. All Power and Majesty are His,

He ever reigns alone ;
Our Souls He did in-Mercy seize,

And He can keep His Own.
3. Unspotted from the World, and Sin,

In Innocence we live,
Before the Poison works within,

To God, our Hearts, we give. 4. Not to the vain Desires of Men

We live, but to our God, Who died for us, and rose again,

To wash us in His Blood.

5, To Him our earliest Fruits we brings

The Sacrifice of Praise ;..' All our Diversion is to sing

The dear Redeemer's Grace.

6. To Him we innocently live,

Delight His Will to do;
A Partern to you Men we give,

A Child may teach e'en You..

Return ye

wise, ye

7. Children ye must be All again, Make Haste like us to be ;

finful Men To harmless Infancy.

8. Poor Men, acknowledge your Offence,

And blush to hear our Song, And sigh to see the Innocence.

Ye have out-liv'd so long.

Par.T VI.

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YOME, let us our good GoD proclaim,

Earth and Heaven ador'd ;
Children are bid to praise His Name,

And magnify the Lord. 2. Let us with all His Saints agree,

With all His Hosts above, Part of His Family are We,

His Family of Love.

3. Worthless are our best Offerings,

Our Songs are void of Art,
Yet God accepts the smallest Things

Given with a Willing Heart.
4. Us for the Sake of CHRIST He loves,

Who did our Souls redeem,


And all our Childish Thoughts approves,

When offer'd up thro' Him.

5. He makes us His peculiar Care,

While by His Spirit led ;
We all His genuine Children are,

And on His Bounty feed.
6. Though Men despise our Infancy,

Angels attend our Ways,
They wait on Us, yet always see

Our Heavenly Father's Face.
7. Surrounded by a Flaming Hoft,

The bright Cherubic Powers ;
Not all the Kings of Earth can boast

Of such a Guard as Ours.

8. And while th' Angelic Army fings,

With thern we feebly join
T'extol the Glorious King of Kings,

The Majetty Divine!



"Lov BJesus, we adore

Over of Little Children, Thee,

Our kind, and loving Saviour be

Both now and evermore.

2. O take us up into Thine Arms,

And we are truly blest ;
Thy new-born Babes are safe from Harms

When lying on Thy Brealt.
3. There let us ever, ever sleep,

Strangers to Guilt and Care, Free from the World of Evil keep

Our tender Spirits there.

4. Still

4. Still as we grow in Years, in Grace

And Wisdom let us grow,
But never leave Thy dear Embrace,

But never Evil know.

5. Strong let us in Thy Grace abide,

But ignorant of Ill;
In Malice, Subtlety, and Pride

Let us be Children still..

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6. Lover of Little Children, Theo

O JESUS, we adore :
Our kind, and loving Saviour bo

Both now, and evermore. ;

Avenge me on mine Adversary:

Luke xviii...
Es U;. Thou haft bid us pray,

Pray always, and not faint,
With the Word a Power conveyi

To utter our Complaint,
Quiet will we never know
Till we from:Sin are fully freed :
O avenge us of our Foe;

And bruise the Serpent's Head. 2. We have now begun to cry,

And we will never end Till we find Salvation nigh,

And grasp the Sinner's Friend :Day and Night we'll speak our Woes, With 'Thee importunately plead ::

O avenge us, &c. 3. Speak the Word, and we fhall be

From all our Bands releas'd, Only Thou canst fet us free,

By Satan long opprest;

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