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Now Thy Power Almighty shew, Arise, the Woman's Conquering Seed:

O avenge us, '&c.

. To destroy His Work of Sin

Thyself in Us reveal, Manifest Thyself within

Our Flesh, and fully dwell With us, in us here below ; : Enter, and make us free indeed :

O avenge us,''&c.

5. Stronger than the Strong-Man Thor

His Fury canst controul ;
Caft him out by entering now,

And keep our ransom'd Soul ;
Satan's Kingdom overthrow,
On all the Powers of Darkness tread :

O avenge us, &c.
6. Shall He still the Souls enthrall

For whom Thy Life was given?
Haft Thou not beheld him fall

As Lightening out of Heaven?
Hitherto allow'd to go,
He now no farther shall proceed :

avenge us, &c.

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7. To never-ceafing Cries

Of Thine Elect attend,
Send Deliverance from the Skies,

Thy mighty Spirit fend;
Tho' to Man Thou seemeft flow,
Our Cries Thou seemeft not to heed;

O avenge us, &c.

8. Come, come All-gracious LORD,

No longer how delay,

With Thy Spirit's two-edg'd Sword 4.0,

The crooked Serpent Nay;
Bare Thine Arm, and give the Blow,
Root out, and kill the Hellish Seed :

O avenge us, &c.
9. High enthron'd at God's Right-hand

Thou doft in Glory fit,
Till whoe'er Thy Sway withstand,

Indignantly submit;
Yes, they All shall be brought low,
They all shall be Thy Footstool made :

O avenge us, &c.
10. Jesu, hear Thy Spirit's Call,

Thy Bride who bids Thee come :
Come Thou Righteous Judge of All,

Pronounce the Tempter's Doom ;
Doom him to Infernal Woe,
For him, and for his Angels-made' ;

Now avenge us of our Foe,
Forever bruise his Head.


Come, LORD Jesus!

Hen, dearest Lord, when shall it be,

That I shall find my All in Thee ;
The Fulness of Thy Promise prove,
The Seal of Thine Eternal Love!




blind Child I wander here
If haply I may feel Thee near,
O dark, dark, dark (I ftill must say)
Amidft the Blaze of Gospel-Day.

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3. Thee, only Thee I fain would find,
I cast the World, and Flesh behind,


Thou, only Thok to me be given
Of all Thou hast in Earth or Heaven.

4. All Earthly Comforts I disdain,
They shall not rob me of my Pain,
Or make me senseless of my Load,
Or less disconfolate for God.

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5. Rather let all the Creatures take
Their Miserable Comforts back, I
With every vain Relief depart,
And leave me to my Broken Heart.
6. Leave me, my Friends, the Mourner leave,
For GOD, and not for you I grieve ;
My Weakness, O ye Strong, despise,
My foolish Ignorance, ye Wise.

7. Let all my Father's Children be
Still angry, itill displeas'd with me,
Disclaim, dishonour, and disown:
I would be poor, forlorn, alone..

8. A Child, a Fool, a Thing of nought,
Abhor'd, neglected, and forgot,
Contemn’d, abandon d, and distrest
Till I from Mortal Man have ceasd.

9. When from the Arm of Flesh set free,
Jesu, my Soul Shall fly to Thee :
JESU, when I have lost my. All,
My Soul fhall on Thy Bosom fall.

10. When Man forsakes, Thou wilt not leave,
Ready the Outcafts to receive,
Though all my Simpleness I own,
And all my Faults to Thee are known.

11. Ah! wherefore did I ever doubt onts Thou wilt in no wife caft me out,


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An helpless Soul that comes to Thee
With only Sin and Misery.

12. LORD, I am fick; my

Sickness cure:
I want; do Thou enrich the Poor:
Under Thy mighty Hand I stoop,
O lift the abject Sinner up!

13. LORD, I am blind ; be Thou my Sight :
Lord, I am weak, be Thou my Might:
An Helper of the Helpless be,
And let me find my All in Thee.


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Esu, what haft Thou beftow'd

On such a Worm as Me! What Compaffion haft Thou shew'd

To draw me after Thee! Perfect then the Work begun,

All Thy Goodness let me prove, All Thy Will in me be done,

Till all my Soul is Love.

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2. Not by my own Righteousness,

Or Works that I have wrought, Am I saved; bat by Thy Grace

Surpassing human Thought. Nothing have I, nothing am,

Nothing I deserve but Hell: Yet I glory in Thy Name,

Yet I Thy Mercy feel. 3. Thou a Spark of Hallow'd Fire

To me, ev'n me haft given; Glows for Thee my whole Desire,

My Life, my Inward Heaven : Dreams of Happiness below

Never more will I pursue !! Jesus only will. I know,

Whose Love is ever new.

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4. Thou Thy Hand on me haft laid,,

And calm'd my stormy. Will, Nature's rapid Tide haft stay'd,

And bid my Heart be fill: Stablish Thou my Heart in Peace,

Meek, and lowly may I be, Fill with all Thy Gentleness

The Soul that hangs on Thee.. 53

Oft Thou visitest my Brealt,

But O! how short they Stay!' As the Memory of a Guest,

'That tarrieth but a Day. Qome, and all Thy Foes expel,

Fix in me Thy Constant Home, With Thy Father in me dwell,

LORD. JESUS, quickly come !

Waiting for CHRIST the Prophet
ROPHET, fent from God above

To teach His perfect Will,
Lo! I wait to learn Thy Love,

I tremble, and am till: To Thy Guidance I submit,

All my Soul to Thee I bow, See me fitting at Thy Feet,

Speak, LORD, I hear Thee now:

2. From the idle Babler Man

Behold I turn away, Trample on the faireft Plan

That human Wit can lay: Foolish am I still, and blind,

Till the Truth Itself impart, Chase the Darkness from my Mind,

And shine within my Heart.

3. What

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