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What avails the Creature's Strifes

When Thou, and only Thou Haft the Words of Endless Life!

(0 could I hear them now!) Mighty Thou in Word and Deed,

Thou my only Teacher be, Thou, by Thy anointing, lead

A Soul that seeks to Thee..

4. I from Outward Things withdràw,

No Help in Them is found,
At Thy Mouth I seek the Law,

I listen for the Sound
Which shall all


Griefs controul,
Empty me at.once and fin,
Calm the Tempest in my Soul,

And bid the Sea be ftill.

5. Ah! my Lord, if Thou art neary

And knockelt at the Door, Let me Prophet hèar,

And keep Thee out no more : Be reveald Thou Heavenly Guest

To consume the Man of Sin, Take Possession of my Breaft,

Come in, my LORD, come in.

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Soul of my

HRIST, my Hidden Life appear,

inmost Soul, Light of Life, the Mourner chear,

And make the Sinner whole. Now in me Thyself display,

Surely Thou in All Things art, I from All Things turn away

To seek Thee in my Heart.

2. Open

2. Open, Lord, my inward Ear,

And bid my Heart rejoice, Bid my quiet Spirit hear

Thy comfortable Voice, Never in the Whirlwind found,

Or where Earthquakes rock the Place; Still, and silent is the Sound,

The Whisper of Thy Grace.
3. From the World of Sin, and Noise,

And Hurry I withdraw,
For the small and inward Voice

I wait with humble Awe.
Silent am I now, and still,

Dare not in Thy Presence move ;
To my waiting Soul reveal

The Secret of Thy Love.
Thou hast undertook for Me,

For me to Deathi wait fold ;
Wisdom in a Mystery

Of bleeding Love unfold; Teach the Leilon of Thy Cross,

Let me die with Thee to reign, All Things let me count but Loss

So I may Thee regain.

5. Shew me, as my Soul can bear

The Depth of Inbred Sin,
All the Unbelief declare,

The Pride that lurks within
Take me, whom Thyself haft bought,

Bring into Captivity
Every high aspiring Thought

That would not itoop to Thee.
6. LORD, my Time is in Thy Hand,

My Soul to Thee convert, Thou canst make me understand,

Though I am flow of Heart.


Thine, in whom I live and move,

Thine the Work, the Praise is Thine, Thou art Wisdom, Power, and Love,

A All Thou art is Mine.

The S-AME.

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1. TWILL hearken. what my LORD,

Shall say concerning me. Haft Thou nof a gracious Word

For One that waits on Thee ? Speak it to my Soul, that I

May in Thee have Peace and Power, Never from my Saviour fly,

And never grieve Thee more. 2. How have I Thy Spirit griev'd,

Since first with me He Atrove ? Obstinately disbeliev'd,

And trampled on Thy Love? I have finn'd against the Light,

I have broke from. Thy Embrace, No, I would not, when I might,

Be freely fav'd by. Grace.

3. After all that I have done

To drive Thee from my Heart, Still Thou wilt not leave Thine own,

Thou wilt not yet depart, Wilt not give the Sinner o'er :

Ready art Thou now to save, Bidst me come, as heretofore,

That I Thy Life may have. 4.0 Thou meek, and gentle Lamb,

Fury is not in Thee, Thou continueft the fame,

And still Thy Grace is free ;

Still Thy Arms are open wide

Wretched Sinners to receive, Thou hast once for Sinners died,

That All may turn, and live..
5. Lo! I take Thee at Thy Word,

My Foolishness I mourn,
Unto Thee, my bleeding LORD,

However late I turn;
Yes ; I yield, I yield at last,

Listen to Thy speaking Blood,
Me with all my Sins i cast,

On my Atoning God. 6. Freely am I justified,

And till my Heart is pure, In Thy Wounds will I abide,

From Hell, and Şin secure : What of Sin in me remains,

I believe Thou wilt remove, Thoroughly wash out all my Stains,

And perfect me in Love.

DANIEL in the Den of Lions.

OD of Daniel, hear my Prayer, "GOI

And let Thy Power be seen,
Stop the Lion's Mouth, and bear

Me safe out of his Den :
Save me in this dreadful Hour;

Earth, and Hell, and Nature join,
All stand ready to devour

This helpless Soul of mine.. 2. No Way to escape I fee

The sure-approaching Death, Vain are all my Hopes to flee

Out of the Lion's Teeth ;

In the Mire of Sin I lie,

In the Dungeon of Despair,
Hear my. lamentable Cry,

O God of Daniel, hear.

3. Thee I serve, my Lord, my GoDay,

In me Thy Power difplay,
Save me, save me, and defraud

The Lion of his Prey ;
Angel of the Covenant,

JESUS mighty to retrieve,
Let Him to my Help be sent:

In Jesus I believe..

4. Save me for Thine own great Name :

That all the World may know,
Daniel's God is still the same, .

And reigns supreme below:
Him let All Mankind adore ;

Spread His glorious Name abroad,
Tremble All, and bow before

The Great, the Living God.

5. Absolute, Unchangeable

O'er all His Works He reigns,
His Dominion cannot fail,

But undifturb'd remains :
His Dominion standeth faft,

Is, when Time no more shall be,
Still shall His Dominion laft

Thro' All Eternity.

6. He delivers by His Love,

He rescues Souls from Death,
Signs He works in Heaven above,

And Signs in Earth beneath;
Daniel he doth every Hour

From the Lion's Paw retrieve,
I am sav'd from Satan's Power,

And lo! by Grace I live.

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