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The Three CHILDREN in the

Fiery Furnace.
IOD of Israel's Faithful Three,

; Who brav'd a Tyrant's Ire, Nobly scorn'd to bow their Knee,

And walk'd unhurt in Fire ; Breath their faith into my Breast,

Arm me in this Fiery Hour, Stand, O Son of Man! confeft.

In all Thy Saving Power. 2. Lo! on Dangers, Deaths, and Snares

I every, Moment creads Hell without a Veil appears,

And flames around my Head ;
Sin increases more and more,

Sin in all its Strength returns,
Seven Times hotter than before

The Fiery Furnace burns.
3. But while Thou, my Lord, art nigh

My Soul disdains to fear,
Sin and Satan I defy

Still impotently near ;
Earth and Hell their Wars may wage,

Calm I mark their vain Design,
Smile to see them idly,

rage Against a Child of Thine. 4. Unto Thee, my Help, my Hope,

My Safeguard, and my Tower, Confident I still look up,

And still receive Thy Power. All the Alien's Hosts I chase,

Blast, and scatter with mine Eyes ; Satan comes; I turn my Face,

And lo! the Tempter flies !

5. My Old Affections mortify,

Nail to the Cross my' Will, Daily, and hourly bid me die,

Or altogether kill.

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6. Passion, and Appetite destroy,

Tear, tear this Pride away, And all my Boaft, and idle Joy,

And all my Nature flay.

37. JESU, my Life, appear within,

And bruise the Serpent's Head, Enter my Soul, extirpate Sin,

Caft out the Cursed Seed.

8. Thou wilt; I know, Thou-wilt appear,

And end this inward Strife,
Thy Harbinger proclaims Thee near,

And Death makes Way for 'Life.
9. Haft Thou not made me willing, Lord?

Would I not die this Hour
Then speak the Killing, Quickening Word,

Slay, raise me by Thy Power.
ro. Slay me, and I in Thee shall trust,

With Thy Dead Men arise,
Awake, and sing from out the Duft,

Soon as this Nature dies.
11. O let it now. make Hastę to die

The Mortal Wound receive; So shall I live; and yet not I, But CHRIST in me shall live.

be 12. Be it according to Thy Word,

This Moment let it be,
The Life I lose for Thee my LORD,
I find again in Thee.


Watch in all Things.


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Esu, my Saviour, Brother, Friend,

On whom I caft my every Care, On whom for all Things I depend,

Inspire, and then accept my Prayer. 2. If I have tasted of Thy Grace,

The Grace that sure Salvation brings, If with me now Thy Spirit fays,

And hovering hides me in His Wings. 3. Still let Him with my Weakness stay,

Nor for a Moment's Space depart, Evil, and Danger turn away,

And keep, till He renews my Heart.

4. When to the Left or Right I ftray,

His Voice behind me may I hear, " Return, and walk in Christ thy Way,

Fly back to CHRIST, for Sin is near. 5. His Sacred Unction from above

Be still my Comforter, and Guide, Till all the Stony He remove,

And in my Loving Heart refide. 6. Jesu, I fain would walk in Thee,

From Nature's every Path retreat, Thou art 'my Way; my Leader be,

the Rock my Feet.

And set upon

7. Uphold me, Saviour, or I fall,

O reach me qüt Thy gracious Hand; Only on Thee for Help I call,

Only by Faith in Thee I stand.

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An helpless Soul that comes to Thee
With only Sin and Misery.

12. LORD, I am fick; my Sickness cure: '
I want ; do Thou enrich the Poor:
Under Thy mighty Hand I ftoop,
O lift the abject Sinner up.!

13. LORD, I am blind; be Thou my Sight:
LORD, I am weak, be Thou my Might:
An Helper of the Helpless be,
And let me find my All in Thee.


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(Esu, what haft Thou bestow'd

On such a Worm as Me! What Compaffion haft Thou shew'd

To draw me after Thee! Perfect then the Work begun,

All Thy Goodness let me prove, All Thy Will in me be done,

Till all my Soul is Love.

2. Not by my own Righteousness,

Or Works that I have wrought, Am I saved; bat by Thy Grace

Surpaffing human Thought. Nothing have I, nothing am, Nothing I deserve but

Hell: Yet I glory in Thy Name,

Yet I Thy Mercy feel. 3. Thou a Spark of Hallow'd Fire

To me, ev'n me haft given; Glows for Thee my whole Desire,

My Life, my Inward Heaven : Dreams of Happiness below

Never more will b pursue, JESUS only will I know,

Whose Love is ever new.

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4. "Thou Thy Hand on 'me haft laid,,

And calm'd my stormy Will, Nature's rapid Tide haft ftay'd,

And bid my Heart be fill : Stablish Thou my Heart in Peace,

Meek, and lowly may I be, Fill with all Thy Gentleness

The Soul that hangs on Thee.. 5: Oft Thou vifiteft my Breaft,

But O! how short they Stay! As the Memory of a Guest,

'That tarrieth but a Day. Qome, and all Thy Foes expel,

Fix in me Thy Constant Home, With Thy Father in me dwell,

LORD JESUS, quickly come!

Waiting for CHRIST the Prophet

. ROPHE*, fent from God above

To teach His perfect Will, Lo! I wait to learn Thy Love,

I tremble, and am ftill: To Thy Guidance I submit,

All my Soul to Thee I bow, See me fitting at Thy Feet,

Speak, LORD, I hear Thee now;

2. From the idle Babler Man

Behold I turn away, Trample on the faireft Plan

That human Wit can lay : Foolish am I fill; and blind,

Till the Truth Itself impart, Chase the Darkness from my Mind,

And shine within my Heart.

3. What

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