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To raise the Sinner from his Fall,

And bring him back to God and Heaven,
Thou All the World haft died to save,
And All may Thy Salvation have.

4. How shall I thank Thee for the Grace,

On me, and All Mankind bestow'd!
O that my every Breath were Praise,

O that my Heart were fill'd with God!
My Heart would then with Love o'erflow,
And all my Life Thy Glory shew.
5. See me, O LORD, athirst and faint,

Me weary of Forbearing see,
And let me feel Thy Love's Constraint,

And freely give up All for Thee.
True in the Fiery Tryal prove,
And pay Thee back Thy Dying Love.


"O LO pine Folanguish at thy Stay,

I pine for Thee with lingring Smart,
Weary, and faint thro' long Delay,

When wilt Thou come into my Heart,
From Sin and Sorrow set me free,
And swallow up my Soul in Thee!

2. Come, O Thou Universal Good,

Balm of the Wounded Conscience, come,
The hungry, dying Spirit's Food,

The weary, wandring Pilgrim's Home,
Haven to take the Shipwreck'd in,
My Everlasting Rest from Sin.

3. Be Thou, O Love, whate'er I want,

Support my Feebleness of Mind, Relieve the Thirsty Soul, the Faint Revive, illuminate the Blind,



The Mournful chear, the Drooping lead,
And heal the Sick, and raise the Dead.

4. Come, O my Comfort and Delight,

My Strength and Health, my Shield and Sun, My Boast, and Confidence, and Might,

My Joy, my Glory, and my Crown, My Gospel-Hope, my Calling's Prize, My Tree of Life, my Paradise.


The Secret of the LORD Thou art,
The Mystery so long unknown,
Christ in a pure and perfect Heart,

The Name inscrib'd in the White Stone,
The Life Divine, the Little Leaven,
My pretious Pearl, my Present Heaven.


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Th’Immortal God hath died for Me? The Father's Co-Eternal Son

Bore all my Sins upon the Tree ; Th’Immortal God for me hath died ! My LORD, my Love is Crucified!

2. Behold Him All ye that pass by,

The Bleeding Prince of Life and Peace, Come see, ye Worms, your Maker die,

And say, Was ever Grief like His ! Come feel with me His Blood applied : My LORD, my Love is Crucified !

3. Is crucified for Me and You,

To bring us Rebels near to God; Believe, believe the Record true,

We All are bought with Jesu's Blood;


Pardon for All flows from His Side:
My LORD, my Love is Crucified.

4. Then let us fit beneath His Cross,

And gladly catch the Healing Stream,
All Things for Him account but Loss,

And give up all our Hearts to Him ;:
Of Nothing think, or speak beside:
My LORD, my Love is Crucified !:

Behold the Lamb of GOD, that. taketh away

the Sin of the World! fEsu, Great Redeemer, hear


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Thou in my Behalf appear,

And bring Salvation nigh: To my

LORD what shall I say
Saviour, I of Thee have need ;
Take, O take


And make me free indeed.

2% Thee All-lovely as Thou art,

Should I profefs to love, Surely my rebellious Heart

The Falfhood would disprove: Thee my

Heart cannot obey Till from Every Evil freed: Take, O take, &c.

3. Should I say, that Ought in Me

Of Good doth now abide, Self-condemn'a I now should be ;

My All is Self and Pride. Guilty, guilty muft I say,

Nothing, LORD, have I to plead : Take, O take, &c.

4. No

4. No Desire, or Will have I

Thy Mercy to embrace,
From Thy Arms of Love I fly,

And slight Thy proffer'd Grace :
But Thou didft my Ransom pay,

But Thy Blood for Me was shed: Take, O take, &c.

5. Thy Salvation to obtain,

Out of Myself I go,
Freely Thou must heal my Pain,

Thy unbought Mercy shew:
For Myfelf I cannot pray ;

Let thy Spirit interceed : Take, O take, &c. 6. Not because I willing am,

On me this Grace be shew'd ; But Thou art th’ Atoning Lamb,

Therefore apply Thy Blood; Therefore, LORD, no more delay,

Therefore heal my Soul, and lead ; Take, O take my Sins away,

And make me free indeed.

Before the SACRAMENT.
Esu, at whose Supreme Command

We thus approach to GOD,
Before us in Thy Vesture stand,

Thy Vesture dipt in Blood. 2. Obedient to Thy gracious Word

We break the Hallow'd Bread, Commemorate Thee, Our Dying LORD,

And trust on Thee to feed.

3. Now,

3. Now, Saviour, now Thyself reveal,

And make Thy Nature known, Affix the Sacramental Seal,

And stamp us for Thine own.

4. The Tokens of Thy Dying Love,

O let us All receive,
And feel the Quickning Spirit move,

And fenfibly believe.
5. The Cup of Blessing bleft by Thee,

Let it Thy Blood impart ;
The Bread Thy Mystic Body be,

And chear Each languid Heart.
6. The Grace which sure Salvation brings-

Let us herewith receive ;
Satiate the Hungry with Good Things,

The Hidden Manna give.

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7. The Living Bread sent down from Heaven

In us vouchsafe to be ;
Thy Flesh for All the World is given,

And All may live by Thee.
8. Now, LORD, on Us Thy Flesh bestow, .

And let us drink Thy Blood, Till all our Souls are fill'd below

With all the Life of GOD

After a Journey:
Lory to God, whose gracious Care •

Doth all my Steps attend,
Throughout the Way my Weakness bear,

And bring me to the End.


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