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Pleading the Promise of SanctiFICATION, Ezek. xxxvi.

Ezek. xxxvi. 23. &c. Which shall from Age to Age endure, Whose Word, when Heaven and Earth fhall pass,

Remains, and stands for ever sure :


2. Calmly to Thee my Soul looks up,

And waits Thy Promises to prove, The Object of my stedfast Hope,

The Seal of Thine Eternal Love.

3. That I Thy Mercy may proclaim,

That All Mankind 'Thy Truth may fee; Hallow Thy Great and Glorious Name,

And perfect Holiness in me. 4. Chofe from the World if now. I. fand

Adorn'd in Righteousness Divine ; If brought unto the Promis'd Land

I juftly call the Saviour Mine :

5. Perform the Work Thou hast begun,

My Inmott Soul to Thee convert ; Love me, for ever love Thine own,

And sprinkle with Thy Blood my Heart. 6. Thy Sanctifying Spirit pour

To quench my Thirst, and waih me clean : Now, Father, let the Gracious Shower

Descend, aod make me pure from Sin. 7. Purge me from every sinful Blot,

My Idols all be cast aside,
Cleanse me from Every Evil Thought,
From All the Filth of Self and Pride.

8. Give

8. Give me a New, a Perfect Heart,

From Doubt, and Fear, and Sorrow free, The Mind which was in Christ impart,

And let my Spirit cleave to Thee. 9. O take this Heart of Stone away,

(Thy Sway it doth not, Cannot own) In me no longer let it stay,

O take away this Heart of Stone. 10. The Hatred of the Carnal Mind

Out of my Flesh at once remove;
Give me a Tender Heart, refign'd

and full of Faith and Love.

LI. Within me Thy Good Spirit place,

Spirit of Health, and Love, and Power, Plant in me Thy Victorious Grace,

And Sin shall never enter more, 12. Caufe me to walk in Christ my Way,

And I Thy. Statutes fhalb falfi) ; In Every Point: Thy Law obey,

And perfectly perform Thy Will 13. Haft Thou not said, who Canft not lie,

That I Thy Law shall keep and do ? LORD, I believe; tho? Men deny

They All are false, but Thow art'true.

14. O that I now from Sin releas'd

Thy Word might to the utmoft prove ! Enter into the Promis'd Reft,

The Canaan of Thy Perfect Love.

15. There let me eyer, ever dwell,

Be Thou my God, and I will be Thy Servants o fer to Thy Seal,

Give me Eternal Life in Thee.


16. From

76. From All remaining Filth within,

Let me in Thee Salvation have, From Actual, and froin Inbred Sin'

My ransom'd Soul persist to fave.

17. Wash out my deep Original Stain,

Tell me no more, It Cannot be, Demons, or Men! The Lamb was sain,

His Blood was all pour'd out for me. 18. Sprinkle it, JESU, on my Heart !

One Drop of Thy All-cleansing Blood Shall make my Sinfulness depart,

And fill me with the Life of God.

19. Father, supply my every Need;

Sustain the Life Thyself haft given: Call for the never -failing Bread,

The Manna that comes down from Heaven.

20. The gracious Fruits of Righteousness,

Thy Bleflings unexhausted Store In me abundantly increase,

Nor let me ever hunger more. 21. Let ine no more in deep Complaint

My Leanness, O my Learmets, cry, Alone consum'd with pining Want

Of Al my Father's Children I'!

22. The Painful Thirft, the Fond Desire,

Thy joyous Presence fhall remove, While my full Soul doth ftill require

Thy whole Eternity of Love.

23. Holy, and true, and Righteous LORD,

I wait to prove Thy Perfečt Will, Be mindful of Thy gracious Word,

And stamp me with Thy Spirit's Seal.

24. Thy

24. Thy faithful Mercies let me find,

In which Thou causeft me to truft ; Give me the meek and lowly Mind,

And lay my. Spirit in the Dutt.


25. Shew me how foul my Heart hath beer,

When all renew'd by Grace I am, When Thou hast emptied me of Sin,

Shew me the Fulness of my Shame.

26. Open my Faith's interior Eye:

Display Thy Glory from above, And all I am shall fink, and die,

Loft in Astonishment and Love.

27. Confound, o'erpower me with Thy Grace!!

I would be by Myself abhor'd, (All Might, all Mæjekty, all Praise,

All Glory be to CHRIST my LORD!)

28. Now let me gain Perfection's Height!

Now let me into Nothing fall ! Be less than Nothing in Thy Sight,

And feel that CHRIST is All in Ail.


Bebold the Man !

, my , ,

Shake off thy guilty Fears,
The Bleeding Sacrifice

In my Behalf appears;
Before the Throne my Surety stands;
My Name is written on His Hands.

He ever lives above

For me to interceed,
His All-redeeming Love,

His pretious Blood to plead';

His Blood aton'd for All our Race,
And sprinkles now the Throne of Grace.
3. Five bleeding Wounds He bears,

Receiv'd on Calvary ;
They pour effectual Prayers,

They strongly speak for me ;
Forgive him, O forgive, they cry,
Nor let that Ransom'd Sinner die!

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The Father hears Him pray,

His dear Anointed One,
He cannot turn away

The Presence of His Son;
His Spirit answers to the Blood,
And tells me, I am born of God.

My God is reconcilid,

His Pard’ning Voice I hear,
He owns me for His Child,

I can no longer fear ;
With Confidence I now draw nigh,
And Father, Abba Father, cry!

Titus ii. II, &c.
W &

The Common Saviour praise:
A Talent is on All bestow'd,

A Seed of Saving-Grace.
2. To Every Soul it comes unsought,

To raise him from his Fall;
To All it hath appear’d, and brought

Salvation unto All.
3. From All Ungodliness and Sin

It teaches us to fly,
Forbids to touch the Thing unclean,
Or but in Thought comply.


4. From

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