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2. Thou, LORD, haft sav'd both Man and Beast,

How excellent Thy Name !
While underneath Thy Wings I reft,

Thy Goodness I proclaim.
3. Still (for I put my Trust in Thee)

All Evil turn aside,
Cover my Helpless Head, and be

My Everlasting Guide.

4. Lead me, till my few evil Years

of Pilgrimage are o'er ;
But e'er I leave this Vale of Tears,

Olet me fin no more.

Psalm li. 10.

Make me a Clean Heart, O GOD, and renew

a right Spirit within me. "O

For an Heart to praise my God,

An Heart from Sin fet free!
An Heart that always feels Thy Blood,

So freely spilt for Me!
2. An Heart refign'd, fubmiffive, meek,

My dear Redeemer's Throne,
Where only Christ is heard to speak,

Where Jesus reigns alone.
3. An humble, lowly, contrite Heart,

Believing, true, and clean,
Which neither Life nor Death can part

From him that dwells within.

4. An Heart in Every Thorght renew'd,
And full of Love Divine,


Perfect, and right, and pure and good,

A Copy, LORD, of Thine. 5. Thy tender Heart is still the same,

And melts at Human Woe : JESU, for Thee diftreft. I am,

I want Thy Love to know. 6. My Heart, Thou know'lt can never reit,

Till Thou create my Peace, Till of my Eden repofleft,

From Self, and Sin I cease.

7. Fruit of Thy gracious Lips, on Me

Bestow that Peace unknown,
The Hidden Manna, and the Tree

Of Life, and the White Stone,

8. Thy Nature, dearest LORD, impart,

Come quickly from above,
Write Thy New Name upon my Heart,

Thy New, Beft Name of Love.

My Heart do


Shall the Self-admiring Fiend Still my Helplesneis purlue?

Shall his Malice never end? Still the stubborn Sin remains,

Still the Thorn is in my Side, Still I groan to feel my Chains,

Sorely buffetted by Pride.

2. Vanity, the Serpent-Seed

Poisoning al my Good I find;


Stealing on with silent Tread

Vanity lurks close behind.
As the Substance by the Shade,

Grace I find by Pride pursued ;
Grace is Pride's Occasion made,

Evil ever cleaves to Good.

3. Pleas'd in borrow'd Plumes to shine,

Nature arrogates a Share, Mixes in the Work Divine,'

Bold the Godhead's Form to wear; Proudly in Her Beauty truits,

Heavenly Charms as Hers displays, Falsely, blasphemously boasts,

Varnishid, deck'd, and hid by Grace.

4. When the Boasted Grace is gone,

Humbled in the Duit I lie, Poor, forsaken, and alone,

From the Deep on God I cry: Seeing there my Loss of God,

Proud I am my Lofs to see, Proud to find that I am proud,

Proud of my Humility.

5. O the Strength of Inbred Sin!

Who can Vanity subdue? From a Creature all unclean

Who can bring a Creature New ? JESU, LORD, All Power is Thine,

Nothing is too hard for Thee, Greater than this Heart of Mine,

Surely Thou canst humble me.

6. O begin ; the Way prepare:

Pride, and Unbelief confound: Far away my Fig-Leaves tear,

Throughly search my Spirit’s Wound:


Caft me down, and make me poor,

All my weak Supports remove, Lay the deep Foundation sure,

Humble me by Faith and Love,

Broken Reeds away,
Every vain fallacious Reit,
All on which


Soul I stay,
All that keeps me from. Thy Breaft:
Strip me, empty me of all ;

Joyless, chearless would I be,
So I might on Jesus fall,

Fall, and lose Myself in Thee.

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O that I had Wings like a Dove,

for then would I flee away, and
be at reft. Psalm lv. 6.

THAT I had the Silver Wings

Of the Mild, Holy Dove,
To bear me far from Earthly Things,

And every Creature-Love. 2. Then would I swiftly, fly away

To CHRIST, and be at rest, On Him my flutt'ring Spirit stay,

And hide me in His Breast.

3. JESU, my Hiding-Place, to Thee

I know not how to fly,
Long have I struggled to be free,

Nor found Deliverance nigh.
4. Full oft in fruitless, fond Desire

I to the Defart ran,


But could not from Myself retire,

Or 'scape the Inner Man.

5. I took the Morning's Wings and fled:

For Rest to Worlds unknown; Sin found me in the secret Shade,

And claim'd me for Its own.

6. O who Ahall bid this Self depart,

This World of Sin exclude,
Empty, and make my peaceful Heart:

An holy Solitude ?


'Tis not the Desart, or the Cell: Can hide me from my Pain, I carry with me my own Hell,

While Self and Pride remain.

8. Baffled, o'èrcome I yield at laft,

I yield to Self-defpair, My unavailing Strife is past,

And void returns my Prayer.
9. I cannot pray, I cannot praise,

For Grace I cannot call,
I cannot feel my Want of Grace,

My Soul is stript of all. 10. A vile, unworthy Worm, my Eyes

I dare not lift to Heaven,
Let Him, who sees me from the Skies,

Speak if I am forgiven.

11. Or let my Lord still hold His Peace,

And do as deems Him good, Forsake me in

my last Distress, And leave me in



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