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Joys, or Woes unspeakable,
Life or Death, and Heaven or Hell.

5. Wav’ring, frail, inconstant Heart,
O how blind, and weak thou art!
Weak as helpless Infancy,
Blind thy Helplesness to see,
To thine own Corruptions blind,
More inconftans than the Wind,
Wav'ring as a shaken Reed,
Cold, and dark, and doubly dead.
6. Stubborn Heart, ungrateful, hard,
With a red-hot Iron fear'd!
Carnal Heart, immerst in Sin,
All a Cage of Birds unclean ;
Downward all thy Motions tend,
Luft, the Beast, or Pride, the Fiend,
Shew thee, since thy Total Fall,
Earthly, sensual, Devilish All.

7. Faithless Heart! be This thy Grief,
Groan beneath thy Unbelief:
Unbelief, the Damning Sin,
Keeps thee all unclean, unclean,
Aggravates thy heavy Load,
Will not let thee come to God,
Suffers not his Grace to move,
Robs him of his Truth and Love.

8. Faithless Heart, to Jesus bow,
Suffer Him to save thee now!
No. Thou wilt not now believe,
Wilt not take what God wou'd give:
Thou refusest to be free,
All the Hindrance is in thee,
Thro’ thy own rebellious Will,
Bound thou art, and Faithless still.

9. O my

9. O my LORD, what muft I do?
Only Thou the Way canst Thew,
Thou canst save me in this Hour,
I have neither Will nor Power :
God if over All Thou art,
Greater than the Sinful Heart,
Let it now on me be shewn,

the Heart of Stone.

10. Take away my Darling Sin,
Make me willing to be clean,
Make me willing to receive
What Thy Goodness waits to give ;
Force me, LORD, with All to part,
Tear these Idols from my Heart,
All Thy Power on me be shewn,

away the Heart of Stone.

11. Jesu, mighty to renew,
Work in me to will, and do,
Turn my Nature's rapid Tide,
Stem the Torrent of my Pride,
Stop the Whirlwind of my Will,
Speak, and bid the Sun stand still ;
Now Thy Love Almighty shew,
Make ev'n me a Creature New.

12. Arm of God, Thy Strength put on,
Bow the Heavens, and come down,

Unbelief o’erthrow,
Lay th' aspiring Mountain low;
Conquer Thy worst Foe in me,
Get Thyself the Victory,
Save the Vilest of the Race,
Force me to be sav'd by Grace.

[blocks in formation]

Wretched, and miserable, and poor,

and blind, and naked.


1. Ich, and increas'd with Goods I was,

Abundant in my Virtue's Store, In Wisdom rich, and Strength, and Grace;

So rich, I needed Nothing more : Alas! my God; I could not see That still I needed All in Thee.

2. Thanks to Thy Grace, if I begin

My Wretchedness at length to know,
If now, in Part convinc'd of Sin,

I groan beneath my Weight of Woe;
Surely at last I more than see
That'Sin is perfect Misery.
3. Stript of my boasted Gifts, I fall

A Beggar at Thy Mercy's Door,
Tak an Alms, for Grace I call,

Poor, beyond all Expression poor, If one Good Thought Thy Heaven could buy, Alas! not One good Thought have I.

4. How dark and dreary is my Heart !

Dark as the Chambers of the Grave,
So blind, ' 'till Thou Thy Light impart,

I cannot see Thy Power to fave.
Or know, 'till Thou the Veil remove,
That I am Sin, and God is Love.

5. My Fig-Leaves now are cast aside,

The Rags of my Self-Righteousness,
From Thee my Shame l cannot hide,

My Spirit sinks in deep Distress ;
How shall I in Thy Sight appear,
Or bear Myself, when Thou art near!

6. A Monster to Myself I am,

Self-loathing at-Thy Feet'I lie,
How shall I bear this Load of Shame!

How shall I meet Thy piercing Eye!
I faint, and fink, and die away
At the insufferable Day.

7. Mountains, and Rocks on you I call;

My Nakedness of Soul to skreen,
Fall, on my Guilty Nature fall;

And hide me from the Hell of Sin?
Alas! my Soul, it cannot be :
The Hell of Sin remains in Thee.

8. O GOD! (but shall I dare to pray ?)

O Jesus! Son of God and Man,
Pity a sinful Worm, and stay

My Grief, and mitigate my Pain;
Cover my Shame,, remove my Load
Of Sin, for Thou hast bluth'd in Blood.

6. Or rather, if it be Thy Will,

Conform me fully to Thy Death,
Now let me all my Vileness feel,

Now let me render up my Breath,
And bow my Head, and die with Thee,
For Shame that Thou hast died for Me.



RRETCHED, helpless, and diftreft

Ah! whither shall I Ay !!
Ever gasping after Rest,

I cannot find it nigh,
Naked, fick, and poor, and blind,
Fast bound in Sin, and Misery,
Friend of Sinners, let me find

My Help, my All in Thee.

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2. Who my Misery can relate,

My Depth of Woe reveal ? I have left my first Estate,

In hapless Adam fell : Driven out of


Abode I now have loft


Perfect Bliss, Fallen, fallen out of God,

And banish'd Paradise.

3. I am all unclean, unclean,

Thy Parity I want,
My whole Heart is fick of Sin,

And my whole Head is faint ::
Full of putrifying Sores,
Of Bruises, and of Wounds, my Soul
Looks to JESUS ; Help implores,

And gasps to be made whole. 4. In the Wilderness I ftray,

My foolish Heart is blind,
Nothing do I know; the Way

Of Peace I cannot find ;
JESU, LORD, restore my Sight,
And take, O take the Veil away,
Turn my Darkness into Light,

My Midnight into Day.

5. Naked of Thine Image, LORD,

Forsaken, and alone,
Unrenew'd, and unrestord

· I have not Thee put on :
Over me Thy Mantle spread,
Send down Thy Likeness from above,
Let Thy Goodness be display'd,

And wrap me in Thy Love.
6. Poor, alas ! Thou know'st I am,

And would be poorer still, See my Nakedness, and Shame,

And all my Vileness feel :


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