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No Good Thing in me resides, My Soul is all an an aching Void, Till Thy Spirit here abides,

And I am fill'd with God.

7. JESU, full of Truth and Grace,

In Thee is all I want :
Be the Wanderer's Resting-Place,

A Cordial to the Faint ;
Make me rich, for I am poor,
In Thee may I my Eden find,
To the Dying Health restore,

And Eye-light to the Blind.

8. Cloath me with Thy Holiness,

Thy meek Humility,
Put me on my Glorious Dress,

Endue Soul with Thee ;
Let Thy Image be restor’d,
Thy Name, and Nature let me prove,
With Thy Fulness fill me, LORD,

And perfect me in Love.


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A Welcome to the Cross.
LL hail the Saviour's Hallow'd Cross,

By which I daily die within !
All Things for Thee I count but Lofs,

Enter my Soul, and work our Sin ;
Here let Thy Mortal . Virtue move,
And crucify my Creature-Love.
2. Wither my Strength, destroy my Will,

Stain all the Glory of my Pride,
My Appetites, and Passions kill,

Be to my whole of Self applied, Implunge me in the Depth beneath, And speak to all my Nature Death.

3. O that I now with All could part,

Cut off the Hand, pluck out the Eye! JESUS, Thou greater than my Heart,

Thy efficacious Death apply, Now for Thyself prepare the Way, Breath, and the Sinful Adam slay. 4. Thou know'st what keeps me out of Thee,

Naked I in Thine Eyes appear,
Reveal the Thing I would not see,

Th' Accursed Thing that harbours here,
O tear it hence, altho' the Smart,
The killing Anguilh break my Heart.

6. Thou see'ft, alas! I am not dead,

My Nature's Life in me is whole, Again the Rebel lifts his Head,

And Self bears down my struggling Soul, This Thorn, I feel it in my side Th' unconquerable Strength of Pride. 7. Still do I live, not CHRIST but I,

The Inbred Sin I groan to bear, Jesu, with Thee I long to die,

The suffering of Thy Cross to share, Sweet Fellowship with Thee to have : Bury me, Saviour, in Thy Grave.

8. Then let me lay my Burthen down

In sweet Forgetfulness of Care, The Cross shall

bring me to the Crown, The Dead Thy Praises shall declare, When all renew'd in Love I shine, Partaker of the Life Divine.

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2. If, O LORD, I have found Favour In Thy Sight, Be my Might,

Be my loving Saviour.

3. To my Soul in sore Temptation Let thine Aid Be convey'd

Shew me thy Salvation.,

4. Christ the Tempted, hear my Crying, Sinner's Friend, Succour fend,

See, my Soul is dying.

5. LORD, I cannot cease from Sinning, Till Thou art In my Heart,

Ending as beginning.

6. Every Moment am I falling Into Hell, Till Thou feal

My Effectual Calling.

7. Alpha, and Omega, save me. Enter in, Bid my Sin,

Bid my Natare leave me.

8. Jesu, for Thy Love I languish, Only Love Can remove

All my Grief, and Anguish.

9. I shall all in Thee inherit, Thirst no more, If Thou pour

Into me Thy Spirit.

10. JESU's

10. JE SU's Love than Sin is stronger; When I prove Jesu's Love,

I shall sin no longer.

11. Faithful to thy Spirit's Leading, I shall rest On Thy Breast,

Find my long-fought Eden.

12. Neither Life, nor Death shall sever ; When Thou art In my Heart,

Thou art there for ever.



Esu, gentle, loving Lamb,

Let me call Thee by Thy Name,
Saviour, I have need of Thee,
As Thou art So may I be..
2. Save mė, LORD, from Sin and Fear,
Bring the great Salvation near,
Bring into my Soul Thy Peace,
Everlasting Righteousness.
3. Me to save if Thou hast died,
Save me from this Self and Pride,
All the Plague of Sin remove,
Caft it out by perfect Love.
4. See me the Reverse of Thee,
Only Sin and Misery;
Make me willing to receive
All the Grace Thou haft to give.

5. O supply my every Want,
Feed a tender Sickly Plant,
Day and Night my Keeper be,
Every Moment water me.

6. Hide

6. Hide me, dearest Saviour, hide
Let me never leave Thy Side ;
Oh! 'tis Hell from Thee to part,
Press me closer to Thy Heart.


When Thy Love is my Defence, Sin shall never pluck me thence, When


Heart with Love runs o'er, Sin shall never enter more.

8. Only Love can end the Strife,
Give me Love, and take my Life ;
Do not, LORD, my Suit deny,
Give me Love, and let me die.


Looking unto YESUS.

AMB of God for Sinners Slain, "L

To Thee I feebly pray,
Heal me of my Grief and Pain,
O take


From this Bondage, LORD, release,
No longer let me be oppreft :
JESUS, Master, seal my Peace,
And take

me to Thy Breast.

2. Haft Thou not invited All

beneath their Sin ?
Weary I obey Thy Call,

And come to be made clean:


burthen'd Conscience ease, O

grant me now the promis'd Rest :
Jesus, Master, &c.

3. Wilt Thou cast a Sinner out

Who humbly comes to 'Thee ?
No, my God, I cannot doubt,
Thy Mercy is for Me:



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