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Let me then obtain the Grace, And be of Paradise poffeft:

JESUS, Master, &c.

4. Full of Pain and Sin am I,

I ever bear my Shame, Waiting till my Lord pass by,

And call me by my Name : Surely now my Pain He sees, And I thall quickly be releas’d :

Jesus, Mafter, &c.

5. Worldly Good I do not want,

Be that to Others given, Only for Thy Love I pant,

My All in Earth and Heaven ; 'This the Crown I fain would seize, The Good wherewith I would be blest.

JESUS, Master, &c.

6. This Delight I fain would prove,

And then refign my Breath,
Join the Happy Few, whose Love

Was mightier than Death.
Let it not my Lord displease,
That I would die to be Thy Guest;
Jesus, Mafter, feal my Peace,

And take me to Thy Breaft.


He Children to the Birth are come,

But Oh! they have not Might
To burst the Barriers of the Womb,

And struggle into Light.


2. My feeble Soul gives o'er the Strife,

Just as it sees the Skies,
Fails in the very Gate of Life,

Sinks back again, and dies.

3. I saw the Port of Jesu's Breast,

But while I entred in,
A Whirlwind swept me from my Reit,

And plung'd me into Sin.
4. What shall I do, or whither turn?

Despairing of Relief,
I only can my Ruin mourn

With unavailing Grief.

5. Ah woe is me! to Evil fold,

And fallen back from Grace! I never, never shall behold

The dear Redeemer's Face.

6. Better, that I had, never felt

My Saviour's Blood applied ; Less aggravated were my Guilt,

Had I in Egypt died.

7. Better that I had never known

The Way of Righteousness,
Than to break off the Course begun,

And leave th' unfinish'd Race,

8. Ah! wherefore did I ever take,

If I must quit the Field;
Must shamefully at last turn back,

And cast away my Shield ?

9. But shall I throw on God the Blame!

Or daringly complain Because I most unfaithful am,

And make His Mercies vain ?

10. No, LORD, Thy Truth and Grace I clear ;

For Years Thy Spirit ftrove, Faithful to me Thy Mercies were, And infinite Thy Love.



11. Far be it from my wretched Heart

To charge my Death on Thee, To save me now Thou ready art,

If fav'd I Now would be. 12. Whether or no my Heart of Stone

Will yield to be renewed, Sufficient is Thy Grace I own,

I justify my Gop.


This Record do I leave behind,
Whether I stand or fall,
Sinners, Ye All his Grace may find,

His Grace is free for All.


THAT fall I do to 'scape the Hell

That burns me up within! Satan, and all his Horts I feel

In this Indwelling Sin. 2. It mocks my Strength, prevents my Flight,

Still intimately nigh, Impoffible it is to fight,

Impossible to fly.
3. One only Refuge there remains,

But That I cannot find,
So fast these grievous, fleshly Chains,

My flothfui Spirit bind.
4. Monster of Sin! How can it be

That I should still delay! JESUS I know would set me free,

Would I to JESUS pray. 5

He bids me ask, and I shall have :

I know it; and forbear ; Affurd He would the Sinner fave, In answer to my Prayer.

6. He pities now my fad Estate,

And gladly would relieve,
But Oh! I cannot

will not
Till He the Blessing give.


7. He waits that He may gracious be,

To All His Bowels move;
Fury, O God, is not in Thee,

But all Thy Heart is Love.
8. Then help me to receive Thy Word,

Help me on Thee to call,
Have Patience with me, deareft LORD,

And I will pay Thee all.

9. On me for Good this Token shew,

Pronounce the Ephphatha,
And let my Heart in Prayer or'eflow,

And let me always pray.
10. A Time to Thee I will not set,

Nor charge Thee with Delay;
Do with me, Lord, as seems Thee meet,

But let me always pray.
11. Thou art not llack touching Thy Word,

Content I am to stay,
To wait the Leisure of my LORD,

But let me always pray.
12. Though in my Fleih I feel the Thorn,

No more will I complain,
Let me but in Thy Bofom mourn,

And tell Thee all my Pain.

13. Come Joy, or Grief, come Lise, or Deatn,

For this I take no Care,
But when I render up my Breath;
Let my last Breath be Prayer.
F 2


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Going into a Place of DANGER.

H! but must I, Lord, return "0

return Into the dreadful Fight, Bear what is not to be born

Again drag'd out to Light! I a weak, and helpless Worin

Only shall Thy Cause betray, Perith in Temptation's Storin,

A Final Caitaway.
2. Didft Thou only bid me leap

Into a burning Fire,
Cait me down the threatning Steep,

Or now my Soul require,
Gladly would I now comply,

Plunge into the Depths beneath, Ruih into the Flames, and die

To 'scape the Second Death.


3. O Almighty God of Love,

Thy Holy Arm display, Send me Succour from above

In this my Evil Day ; Arm

my Weakness with Thy Power ; Woman's Seed


within : Be my Safeguard, and my Tower

Against the Face of Sin.

4. Could I of Thy Strength take hold,

And always feel Thee near, Stedfastly, divinely bold

My Soul wou'd scorn to fear. Nothing should my Firmness shock:

Though the Gates of Hell affail, Were I built upon the Rock,

They never could prevail.

5. Rock

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