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In Fig Leaves I appear'd,

Nor with my Forin would part,
But still retain'd a Conscience fear'd,

An hard, deceitful Heart.
6. A goodly, Formal Saint

I long appear'd in Sight,
By Self and Satan taught to paint
My Tomb, my Nature, White:
The Pharisee within

Still undifturb'd remain'd,
The strong-Man arm'd with Guilt of Sin

Safe in his Palace reign'd.


7. But O! the jealous GOD

In Behalf came down,
Jesus Himself the Stronger thew'd,

And claim'd me for His own:
My Spirit He alarmd,

And brought into Distress,
He shook, and bound the strong-Man, arm'd

In his Self-righteousnefs.

8. Faded my Virtuous Shew,

My Form without the Power,
'T'he Sin-convincing Spirit blew,

And blasted every Flower ;
My Mouth was stopt, and Shame

Cover'd my guilty Face,
I fell on the Atoning Lamb,

And I was sav'd by Grace.

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Et foon my wretched Heart

To Folly turn'd again.
How could I, LORD, from T'hee depart,
And make Thy Mercy vain ?


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'Twas Pride my Soul betray'd,

I lost my Poverty,
An Idol of Thy Gifts I made,

And lov'd them more than Thee.

2. Thy perfect Comeliness,
In which


Soul did shine,
Dazzled my Eyes; Thy glorious Dress

I fondly counted Mine :
With facrilegious Boaft

I spread mine own Renown,
And in Thy Beauty put my Truft,

And calld it all my own.
3. I thought not of my God,

Nor called to Mind the Day
When naked, foul, and in my Blood,

And loath'd of All I lay :
None cast a pitying Eye,

None could Afiftance give,
Till Jesus graciously pass’d by,

And bad the Sinner live.


4. Why did I This forget,

So soon return to Sin?
How weak my Heart that could submit,

And let the Mischief in!
I fell, alas ! thro' Pride,

I needed not Thy Blood,
As when I felt it first, and cryd,

Thou art my LORD my God.

5. O that I once again

My LORD, my God could cry!
Doft Thou not on my Sin and Pain

Still cast a pitying Eye?

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Thy Mercy still is free;

For aggravated Guilt,
For Sinners foul and black as me

Thy precious Blood was spilt.

6. Thou seest me loft in Shame,

But Thou canst still forgive ;
Polluted in

Blood I

But Thou canst bid me live.
O speak the Gracious Word,

Thy Mercy let me prove;
Stand still, and look upon me, LORD,

Make this the Time of Love.

7. Jesu, if Thou hast died

My worthless Soul to win ;
Spread over me Thy Skirt, and hide

My Nakedness and Sin
Impute Thy Righteousness,

Wash away all my Blood,
Adorn me now with Every Grace,

And feed, and fill with God.



A Prayer for Restoring Grace.
Esu, Friend of Sinners, hear,

Yet once again I pray,
From my Debt of Sin set clear,

For I have nought to pay ;
Speak, O speak the kind Release,
A poor, backsliding Soul restore:
Love me freely, seal my Peace,

And bid me fin no more.


2. For my Selfishness, and Pride

Thou hast withdrawn Thy Grace, Left me long to wander wide

An Outcast from Thy Face,


But I now my Sins contess, And Mercy, Mercy I implore :

Love me freely, &c. 3. Though my Sins as Mountains rise,

And swell, and reach to Heaven,
Mercy is above the Skies,

I may be ftill forgiven;
Infinite my Sin's Increase,
But greater is Thy Mercy's Store:

Love me freely,' &c.
4. Sin's Deceitfulness hath spread
An Hardness o'er


But if Thou Thy Spirit shed,

The Stony shall depart:
Shed Thy Love, Thy Tenderness,
And let ine feel the Soft'ning Power:

Love me freely, &c.
5. From th' oppressive Power of Siir

My struggling Spirit free,
Perfect Righteousness bring in,

Unspotted Purity:
Speak, and all this War shall cease,
And Sin fhall give it's Raging o'er:

Love me freely, &c.

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6. For this only Thing I pray,

And this will I require,
Take the Power of Sin

Fill me with chast Defire ;
Perfect me in Holiness,
Thine Image ta my Soul restore :
Love me freely, seal my Peace,

And bid me fin no more.




That I was as heretofore,
When warm in my

First Love
I only lived my LORD t'adore,

And seek the Things above!
2. Upon my Head His Candle thone,

And lavish of His Grace,
With Cords of Love He drew me on,

And half unveil'd His Face.

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3. Butter and Honey did I eat,

And lifted up on high, I saw the Clouds beneath


And rode upon the Sky.

4. Far, far above all Earthly Things

Triumphantly I rode,
I foar'd to Heaven on Eagle's Wings,

And found, and talk'd with God. 5.

Where am I now! from what an Height

Of Happiness cast down!
The Glory swallow'd up in Night,

And faded is the Crown.

6. My first Eftate- I could not keep,

Fallen thro’ Pride I am,
Implung’d in Sin's profoundeft Deep,

And swallowed up of Shame.

7. Forlorn, forsaken, and alone,

Naked, and void of God,
My feeble Soul can scarcely groan

A Dying Ichabod!

8. Ah! woe is me! my Joy is fled,

"Vanish'd my Glorious Boast,


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