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My Hope cut off, my Life is dead,

My Paradise is loft!

9. Thro' the wide World of Sin and Woe

A banish'à Man I roam,
But cannot find my Reft below,

But cannot wander Home.

10. O God, Thou art my Home, my Reit,

For which I sigh in Pain,
How shall I 'scape into Thy Breast,

My Eden how regain ?
11. Vengeance Divine is always near;

Wheree'r my Steps I turn, I see the Cherubim appear,

I see Thine Anger burn.

12. When longing oft to be restord,

I would to Eden flee,
Thine Anger, as a Flaming Sword,

Preserves the Sacred Tree.

13. What shall I do? 'Tis worse than Death

To live without Thy Grace :
I yield, I yield Thee up my Breath,

So I may fee Thy Face.

14. A Sinner in Thy Hands I am,

No farther let me fly,
But rush upon that Sword of Flame,

And in Thy Presence die.

15. Nothing, alas ! have I to plead,

I am not fit to live,
Yet if Thy Justice strike me dead,

Thy Mercy shall revive.

16. This is the way to find my Lo'r D, ! Thy self haft made it known, ir


Be it according to Thy Word :

On me Thy Will be done. 17. Slay me, and I shall Tive indeed,

With Thy Dead Men arise, From all the Life of Nature freed,

In Love's sweet Paradise.

18. Now, LORD, Thy Death, Thy Life bring While at Thy Feet I bow,

[in Enter at once, and cast out Sin,

Destroy, and save me Now.

After a RECOVERY. "gone,

And art Thou pacified ?
After all that I have done,

Doft Thou no longer chide?
Infinite Thy Mercies are,
Beneath the Weight I cannot move,
O! 'tis more than I can bear

The Sense of Pardoning Love!

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2. Let it still my Heart constrain,

And all my Paffions sway,
Keep me, least I turn again

Out of the Narrow Way-;
Force my Violence to be still,
Captivate my every Thought,
Charm, and melt, and change my Will,

And bring me down to nought.

3. If I have begun once more

· Thy sweet.Return to feel, If ev'n now I find Thy Power

Present my Soul to heal,

Still, and quiet may I lie,
Nor struggle out of Thy Embrace,
Never more refift or fly

From Thy persuing Grace.
4. To Thy Cross, Thy Altar, bind

Me with the Cords of Love,
Freedom let me never find

From my dear LORD to move ;,
That I never, never more
May with my much-loy'd Mafter part,
Ío the posts of Mercy's Door

O nail my willing Heart. 5. See my utter Helplesness, ,

And leave me not alone, O preserve in perfect. Peace,

And seal me for Thine own;, More, and more Thy felf reveal. Thy Presence let me always find, Comfort, and confirm, and heal

My feeble, Sin-fick Mind.

6. As the Apple of an Eye

Thy weakest Servant keep,
Help me at Thy Feet to lie,

And there forever weep,
Tears of Joy my Eyes ore’How
That I have any Hope of Heaven;
Much of Love I ought to know,

For I have much forgiven.

7. 'Now I seem to taste Thy Love

As for'a Moment's Space,
But I cannot faithful

To Thy restoring Grace;
Cannot in Temptation stand,
My own Soul I cannot keep,
If Thou once withdraw Thy Hand,

I fink into the Deep.

8. Now,

8. Now, this instant Now, if Sin

Were knocking at my Heart,
I should let the Tempter in,

And bid my LORD depart;
But Thou wilt not let me fall,
Thou wilt not from


Weakness move,
Till I more than


Thro' Thy Redeeming Love.


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ON of God, if Thy Free Grace

Again hath rais'd me up,
Calld me still to seek Thy Face,

And gave me back my Hope ;
Still Thy gracious Help afford,
And all Thy Loving-kindness fhew;
Keep me, keep me, deareft LORD,

And never let me go.

2. Feebly if I now begin After


Fall to rise,
Save me from


My Worst of Enemies;
Let me fully be restor'd,
And cause me All Thy Power to know;

Keep me, keep me, &c.
3. By me, O my Saviour, stand

In sore Temptation's Hour,
Save me with Thine out-stretch'd Hand,

And shew forth All Thy Power :
O be mindful of Thy Word,
Thine All-fufficient Grace bestow ;

Keep me, keep me, &c.

Give me, Lord, an holy Fear,

And fix it in my Heart,
That I may from Evil near

With timely Care depart,


Sin be more than Hell, abhor'd, Till Thou destroy the Tyrant-Foe :

Keep me, keep me, &c.

5. Never let me leave Thy Breaft,

From Thee my Saviour ftray ;
Thou art my Support, and Reit,

My true and living Way,
My exceeding great Reward,
In Heaven above, and Earth below :

Keep me, keep me, &c.

6. Never let me go, till I

Upborn on Wings of Love,
Gain the Regions of the Sky,

And take my Seat above,
See Thee by All Heaven ador'd,
And All Thy Glorious Fulness know :
Keep me, keep me, dearest LORD,

And never let me go.

Groaning for REDEMPTION. 'I Jesu, still, ftill shall

groan Beneath the galling Yoke of Sin ? Wilt

Thou not claim me for Thy own,
And speak the Word, and make me clean ?
My Load is more than I can bear :
Where is the Friend of Sinners ? where?
2. Is there no Balm in Thee to heal

The Anguifh of a Sin-fick Soul?
Doft Thou not know the Pangs I feel ?

Doft Thou not see the Billows roll ?
My Soul is all a troubled Sea,
I cannot find my Reft in Thee.

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