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8. To All, thro' Faith which is in Thee,

A perfect Soundness give,
And let us from All Sin set free

The Life of Jesus live.

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OD of our Life, at Thy Command

We now our Sins confess,
In Nakedness of Spirit stand,

And ihew our sore Disease.
2. God of our Health, in Thy great Name

We now perform Thy Will,
Regard our Prayer, admit our Claim,

Our fin-sick Spirics heal.

3. Forgive the Sins thro' which we groan,

Which we no longer hide,
Our Filthiness of Fleih we own,

Our Filthiness of Pride.


The Devilish and the Brutal Lust

To Thee we now confess,
Cleanse us, O faithful God, and just,

From All Unrighteousness.

5. Then shall we to Thy only Name

The Praise and Glory give,
The Greatness of Thy Power proclaim

To us ward who believe.

6. Then let or Earth or Hell oppose,

We will assert Thy Power,
And Witness to a World of Foes,

That we Can fin no more.

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Esu, united by Thy Grace,

And each to each endear'd, With Confidence we seek Thy Orace,

And know our Prayer is heard.

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2. Still let us own our Common LORD,

And bear Thy easy Yoke,
A Band of Love, a Threefold Cord

Which never can be broke.

3. Make us into One Spirit drink,

Baptise into Thy Name,
And let us always kindly think,

And sweetly speak the fame.

4. Touch'd by the Loadstone of Thy Love,

Let all our Hearts-agree,
And ever towards each other move,

And ever moge towards Thee.

5. To Thee inseparably join'd,

Let all our Spirits cleave,
O may we all the Loving Mind

That was in Thee receive.

6. This is the Bond of Perfectness,

Thy Spotless Charity,
O let us (till we pray) poffefs

The Mind that was in Thee.

7. Grant this, and then from All below

Insensibly remove ;
Our Souls their Change shall scarcely know,

Made Perfect first in Love.

8. With

8. With Ease our Souls thro’ Death fhall glide

Into their Paradise,
And thence on Wings of Angels ride

Triumphant thro the Skies.

9. Yet when the fullest Joy is given,

The fame Delight we prove,
In Earth, in Paradise, in Heaven

Our All in All is Love.

At Waking.



Iver, and Guardian of my Sleep,

To praise Thy Name I wake, Still, LORD, Thy helpless Servant keep

For Thy own Mercy's Sake. 2. The Blessing of another Day

I thankfully receive :
O may I only Thee obey,

And to Thy Glory live.


Vouchsafe to keep my Soul from Sin,

Its cruel Power suspend,
Till all this Strife and War within

In perfect Peace shall end.

4. O respite me from Self and Pride,

Curb, and keep down my Will, My Appetites and Paffions chide,

And bid the Sea Be still.

5. Upon me lay Thy mighty Hand,

My Words and Thoughts restrain, Bow my whole Soul to Thy Command,

Nor let my Faith be vain.

6. Prisoner

6. Prisoner of Hope, I wait the Hour

Which shall Salvation bring,
When all I am shall own Thy Power,

And call my JESUS King.

7. Thou wilt, I stedfastly believe,

Thou wilt the Captive free,
Freedom, full, Perfect Freedom give,

And more than Victory.

8. Tho' now to Every Sin inclin'd,

I shall be as Thou art,
Lowly as Thine shall be my Mind,
And meek and pure my


9. Anger, and Luft Thou wilt expel,

And Pride by stronger Grace,
They can in me no longer dwell,

When Jesus fills the Place.

10. Thy Presence, LORD, the Place Shall fill,

My Heart shall be Thy Throne,
Thy holy, juft, and perfect Will

Shall in my Flesh be done.

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11. I thank Thee for the Future Grace,

And now in Hope rejoice,
In Confidence to see Thy Face,

And always hear Thy Voice :


I have the Things I ask of Thee,
What shall I more require ?
That still


restless be,
And only Thee desire.

13. Or let me (if I more would have).

This last Desire submit,
And lye, till Thou seest good to save,

Expecting at Thy Feet.

14. Thy

14. Thy only Will be done, not Mine,

But make me, LORD, Thy Home,
Come when 'Thou wilt, I That resign,

But O! my JESUS, come !

Psalm cx. 1.


"He LORD unto my LORD hath said,

Sit Thou, in Glory fit,
Till I Thine Enemies have made

To bow beneath Thy Feet.


2. Jesu, my LORD, mighty to save,

What can my Hopes withstand,
When Thee my Advocate I have

Enthrond at God's Right Hand ?
3. I fear nor Earth, nor Sin, nor Hell,

And Death hath lost his Sting,
In vain a While Thy Foes rebel,

Thou Jesus art my King.
4. Nature is subject to Thy Word,

All Power-to Thee is given,
The uncontroll'd Almighty LORD

Of Hell, and Earth, and Heaven.

5. And shall my Sins Thy Will oppose?

JESU, Thy Right maintain,
Olet not Thine usurping Foes

In me Thy Servant reign.
6. Master, on Thee my Soul is stay'd ?

Thou wilt not quit Thy Claim,
Thou only haft my Ransom paid,

And only Thine I am,

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