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2. Sin, only Sin in me I find;

I cannot subject be
To thy Command; my Carnal Mind

Is Enmity to Thee.

3. But thou can'st wash the Leper clean,

The Stone to Flesh Convert,
Can't make the Ethiop change his Skinz

And purify my Heart.
4. Then only, when by Grace renew'd .

My Will with Thine shall suit: O make the Tree of Nature good,

And good shall be its Fruit.

5. I strive in all I do to please.

With endless Grief and Pain,
But cannot, LORD, from sinning cease,

Till I am born again.

6. With thee my Virtue is but Vice,

My Good is Specious Ill, 'T'is Self, 'tis Nature in Disguise,

And I am Carnal still.

7: No Work of mine, or Word, or Thought

Thy Judgment can abide,
Thy Glory, LORD, I never fought,
For all my

Soul is Pride.

8. What have I then wherein to trust ?

How must I come to Thee?
Foul as I am, condemn’d and loft,

Thy Son hath died for Me.

9. Jesus hath died that I might live,

Might live to God alone, In Him Eternal Life receive, And be in Spirit One.

10. Saviour

10. Saviour, I thank Thee for the Grace,

The Gift Unspeakable,
And wait, with Arms of Faith t'embrace, .

And all Thy Love to feel.

11. My Soul breaks out in strong Desire

The Perfect Bliss to prove, My longing Soul is all on fire

To be diffolv'd in Love.

12. Give me Thyself, from every Boaft,

From every With set free: Let all I am in Thee be loft,

But give Thyself to Me.

13. Thy Gifts, alas! cannot suffice,

Unless Thyself be given,
Thy Presence makes my Paradise,

And where Thou art is Heaven.

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Ord, regard my earnest Cry,

A Potsherd of the Earth,
A poor guilty. Worm am I,

A Canaanite by Birth :
Save me from this Tyranny,
From all the Power of Satan save,
Mercy, Mercy upon me

Thou Son of David have.

2. Still Thou answereft not a Word

To my repeated Prayer ;
Hear Thy own Disciples, LORD,

Who in my Sorrows share,
O let them prevail with Thee

grant the Blessing which I crave : Mercy, Mercy, &c.

3. Send

3. Send, O send me now away,

By granting my Request,
Still I follow Thee, and pray,

And will not let Thee reit,
Ever crying after Thee,
Till Thou my Helplesness relieve,

Mercy, Mercy, &c.

4. To the Sheep of Israel's Fold

Thou in Thy Flesh waft sent,
But the Gentiles now behold

In Thee their Covenant.
See me then, with Pity fee,
A Sinner, whom Thou cam'ft to save

Mercy, Mercy, &c.

5. Still to Thee, my God, I come,

And Mercy I implore,
Thee (but how shall I presume)

Thee trembling I adore,
Dare not stand before Thy Face,
But lowly at Thy Feet I fall,
Help me, Jesu, shew Thy Grace!

'Thy Grace is free for Ali.

6. Still I cannot part with Thee,

I will not let Thee go,
Mercy, Mercy unto me,

O Son of David shew,
Vileft of the sinful Race,
On 'Thee inportunate I call,
Help me, Jesu, fhew Thy Grace,

Thy Grace is free for All.

7. Nothing am I in Thy Sight,

Nothing have I to plead,
Unto Dugs it is not right

To cast the Children's Bread: Yet the Dogs the Crumbs may eat, That from their Master's Table fall, Let the Fragments be my Meat,

Thy Grace is free for All,

8. Give me, LORD, the Victory,

My Heart's Desire fulfil,
Let it now be done to me

According to my Will,
Give me living Bread to eat,
And say, in Answer to my. Call,
“ Canaanite, Thy Faith is great,

“ My Grace is free for All.” 9. If Thy Grace for All is free,

Thy Call now let me hear,
Shew this Token upon me,

And bring Salvation near ;
Now the Gracious Word repeat,
The Word of Healing to my Soul,
Canaanite, thy Faith is great,

“ Thy Faith hath made Thee whole."


The Pool of BETHESDA. 1.

take Sins

my away,
And make me know Thy Name,
Thou art now, as Yesterday,

And evermore the same:
Thou my True Bethesda be;
I know within Thy Arms is Room,
All the World may unto Thee,

Their House of Mercy, come.


2. See the Porches


Thy Mercy All may prove,
All the World is Justified

By Universal Love.
Halt, and wither'd when they lie,
And fick, and impotent, and blind,
Sinners may in Thee espy

The Saviour of Mankind.

3. See me lying at the Pool,

And waiting for Thy Grace,
O come down into my Soul,

Disclofe Thy Angel-Face,
If to me Thy Bowels move,
If now Thou doft my Sickness feel,
Let the Spirit of Thy Love

The helpless Sinner heal.

4. Sick of Anger, Pride, and Luft,

And Unbelief I am,
Yet in Thee for Health I trust

In Jesu's Sovereign Name.
Were I taken into Thee,
Could I but step into the Pool,
I from every Malady

Should be at once made whole. ,

5. Persons Thou dost not respect,

Whoee's for Mercy call
Thou in no wise wilt reject,

Thy Mercy is for All;
Thou wou'dft freely All restore,
(Would all the gracious Seafon find)
Fill with Goodness, Love, and Power,

And with an Healthful Mind.

6. Mercy then there is for Me

(Away my Doubts and Fears) Plagu'd with an Infirmity

For more than Thirty Years. Jesu, cast a pitying Eye, Thou long haft known my desperate Cafe, Poor, and helpless here I lie,

And wait the Healing Grace.

7. Long hath Thy Good Spirit strove

With my diftemper'd Soul,
But I still refus'd Thy Love,

And would not be made whole :

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