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Lord his God with all his Heart, and serveth Him with all his Strength. He loveth his Neighbour (every Man) as himself ; yea, as Christ loved Us: Them in particular that deSpitefully use him and persecute him, becaufe they know not the Son neither the Father. Indeed his Soul is all Love, filld with Bowels of Mercies, Kindness, Meekness, Gentleness, Longfuffering. And his Life agreeth thereto, full of the Work of Faith, the Patience of Hope, the Labour of Love. And whatsoever be doth, either in Word' or Deed, he doth it all in the Name, in the Love and Power of the LORD JESUS. In a Word, He doth the Will of God on Earth, as it is done in Heaven.

6. This it is to be a Perfeet Man, to be Sanctified throughout, created anew in Jesus Christ: Even “ to “ have a Heart so All-flaming with " the Love of God,” (to use Archbishop Usher's Words) as contin"ually to offer up every Thought,

Word, and Work, as a Spiritual
Sacrifice, acceptable unto God


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" thro’CHRIST." In every Thought of our Hearts, in every

Word of our Tongues, in every Work of our Hands, to sew forth His Praise who bath called us out of Darkness

. into his marvellous Light! O that. both we and all who seek the LORD: Jesus in Sincerity, may thus. be: made Perfect in One!

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