Le protecteur; ou, La république d'Angleterre aux jours de Cromwell

Firmin Didot frères, 1848 - 480 páginas

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Página 347 - When all our fathers worshipped stocks and stones, Forget not : in thy book record their groans Who were thy sheep, and in their ancient fold Slain by the bloody Piedmontese, that rolled Mother with infant down the rocks. Their moans The vales redoubled to the hills and they To heaven.
Página 426 - We must resign ! heaven his great soul does claim In storms as loud as his immortal fame ; His dying groans, his last breath shakes our isle, And trees uncut fall for his funeral pile...
Página 348 - O'er all the Italian fields, where still doth sway The triple tyrant ; that from these may grow A hundredfold, who, having learnt thy way, Early may fly the Babylonian woe.
Página 427 - Under the tropic is our language spoke , And part of Flanders hath received our yoke.
Página 424 - Cromwell allait ravager toute la chrétienté; la famille royale était perdue, et la sienne à jamais puissante, sans un petit grain de sable, qui se mit dans son uretère. Rome même allait trembler sous lui ; mais ce petit gravier s'étant mis là, il est mort, sa famille abaissée, tout en paix, et le roi rétabli «. 8.
Página 291 - CROMWELL, our chief of men, who, through a cloud Not of war only, but detractions rude, Guided by faith and matchless fortitude, To peace and truth...
Página 456 - La bonté et la vérité se sont rencontrées, la justice et la paix se sont entre-baisées.
Página 427 - The ancient way of conquering abroad. Ungrateful then! if we no tears allow To him, that gave us peace and empire too.
Página 427 - With ruin'd oaks and pines about him spread. The poplar, too, whose bough he wont to wear On his victorious head, lay prostrate there. Those...
Página 431 - No civil broils have since his death arose, But faction now by habit does obey; And wars have that respect for his repose As winds for halcyons when they breed at sea. 37 His ashes in a peaceful urn shall rest; His name a great example stands to show How strangely high endeavours may be blessed Where piety and valour jointly go.

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