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dity and danger of allowing, that men are in the

power of fuperior malevolent fpirits, p. 168,

SECT. X. PROP. X. The doctrine of demoniacal pof-

feffions, inftead of being fupported by the Jewish or

Christian revelation, is utterly fubverted by both, p.

173. I. This doctrine was not originally founded

on revelation; neither taught, nor referred to, by
the ancient prophets, ib. Saul's evil spirit, explain-
ed, p. 174. On what occafions the mention of
poffeffions might have been expected in the Old
Teftament, had this doctrine been revealed under
that difpenfation, p. 175. It was generally enter-
tained before the age of the gofpel, p. 179, but ne-
ver received the fanction of Chrift or his Apoftles,



p. 181. II. It is inconfiftent with the fundamental

principle both of the Jewifh and Christian difpenfa-

tions, p. 182, with the evidence of miracles in ge-

neral, on which they reft, p. 184, and with the

nature of that miracle in particular, which was per-

formed upon demoniacs, p. 185. III. The abfolute

aullity of demons, to whom poffeffions were afcribed,

affected by all the prophets of God, when profeffedly

delivering their divine meffages to mankind, p. 189.

St. Paul's reafoning on this fubject in his ft Epiftle
to the Corinthians, examined at large, and that deala-

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SECT. II. The objection drawn from the deftruction

of the herd of fwine, p. 280. The fwine were not

driven into the fea by the two madmen, ib. but
grew mad at the inftant the demoniacs were cured,

p. 281. Their madness was not owing to the in-

fluence of demons, but to a divine agency, p. 291.

The miraculous deftruction of the fwine vindicated,

P. 294. I. It was a juft punishment of the owners,

ib. It ferved, 2, To afcertain the reality, and to fpread

the fame, of the miracle performed upon the demo-

niacs, p. 296. 3. To correct the falfe notions of

the world concerning the power of demons, p. 299:

4. To prevent feveral great inconveniencies that
would otherwife have attended the perfonal miniftry
of Chrift,, p 303. 5. To warn all, who, overlook-
ing the justice of God, are in danger of abusing the
Gofpel, confidered as a difpenfation of mercy,

P. 305.

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