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of Ministerial Study and Conduct. It is, further, our design to pay more particular regard to Clerical Biography. Our brethren in the Ministry must, however, be aware, that it is upon their valuable communications we must rely for correct and interesting articles in this department. We cannot, indeed, promise to insert all that we may receive, as selection is ever necessary to excellence.

The opinions formed of the general character of our work, must depend upon the different constitution of our readers. By some, we find we are considered too timid ; by others, too, bold. Some denounce our Churchmanship as too rigid; others, as too lax. Some declare we are the enemies of Episcopacy; others, that we are the best friends that Episcopacy has had for the last two centuries. It would, therefore, not be easy, amid such conflicting sentiments, to satisfy ourselves of what we really are, or ought to be, did we not know that we have endeavoured with simplicity to learn our duty, and then with boldness and firmness to discharge it. At the same time, we feel not a little obliged by the candid yet Christian manner in which some, who partially differ from us, have expressed their objections. Calm and persevering investigation must sooner or later elicit truth; and truth, rather than victory, is the legitimate end of controversy.

If in dealing with the insincere professors, or the avowed opponents, of Christian doctrine, we have been forced to use strong language, in condemnation of error, or in defence of truth - if we have dared to speak plainly, though we hope respectfully, to persons in high ecclesiastical stations-if we have exposed the periodical literature of the times—if we have sounded the trumpet of alarm in God's mountain, calling upon the hosts of the Lord to anticipate a day of triumph and glory, and his enemies to prepare for a day of defeat and shame-if we have spoken upon the house-top what some of our dear brethren have scarcely dared to whisper 'in the secret chamber --if we have occasionally employed the language of defiance to those who were dead to argument-and if, moreover, these things be objected to us our reply is ready: Is there not a cause ? Shall error and worldliness abound, not only without the temple, but even within its sacred precincts; and shall none raise a standard against the enemy, or be jealous for the honour of the Lord of hosts? God forbid! Others, indeed, are better armed and equipped than we; but, hoping for the prayers of our brethren, and trusting to the blessing of Heaven, with our sling and stone we go forth to meet the Philistine.

Yet, let it not be supposed that we desire to create or to foment a spirit of party feeling among the members of that Church, which teacheth us to keep the “ unity of the spirit in the bond of peace.” No: be it far from us. We would address all, who sincerely love and serve our Divine Master, to whatever party they may belong, in the words of one of our holy Bishops, long since gathered to his rest: “Now, by the dear bonds of brotherhood; by our love to our common mother, the Church; by our holy care and zeal of the prosperous success of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus; let us all compose our hearts to peace; and rest ourselves in those common truths, which sober minds shall find abundantly sufficient, whether for our knowledge or salvation." - Bishop Hall.






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