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Visit our minds, into our hearts
Thy heavenly grace inspire;

That truth and godliness we may
Pursue with full desire.

Thou in thy gifts art manifold,
By them Christ's Church doth stand:

In faithful hearts Thou writest thy law,
The Finger of God's hand.

According to thy promise, Lord,
Thou givest speech with grace;

That through thy help, God’s praises may
Resound in every place.

O Holy Ghost, into our minds
Send down thy heavenly light;

Kindle our hearts with faithful zeal,
To serve God day and night.

Our weakness strengthen and confirm;
For, Lord, Thou know'st us frail;

That neither devil, world, nor flesh,
Against us may prevail.


126. C.M.

IN token that thou shalt not fear
Christ crucified to own,
We print the cross upon thy brow,
And mark thee his alone.
In token that thou shalt not fear
Christ’s conflict to maintain,
But 'neath his banner manfully
Firm at thy post remain;

In token that thou too shalt tread
The path He travell’d by:

Endure the cross, despise the shame,
And sit with Him on high;

Thus outwardly and visibly
We seal thee for his own;

And may the brow that wears his cross
Hereafter share his crown.

127. P.M.

SAviour, who thy flock art feeding
With the Shepherd's kindest care,

All the feeble gently leading,
While the lambs thy bosom share :

Now, these little ones receiving,
Fold them in thy gracious arm;

There, we know, thy word believing,
Only there, secure from harm.

Never, from thy pasture roving,
Let them be the lion's prey;

Let thy tenderness so loving
Keep them all life’s dangerous way:

Then, within thy fold eternal,
Let them find a resting-place;

Feed in pastures ever vernal,
Drink the rivers of thy grace.

128. P.M.

CAPTAIN of our salvation, take
The souls we here present to Thee,
And fit for thy great service make
These heirs of immortality;
And let them in thine image rise,
And then transplant to Paradise.

Unspotted from the world and pure,
Preserve them for thy glorious cause,
Accustom'd daily to endure
The welcome burden of thy cross:
Inured to toil and patient pain,
Till all thy perfect mind they gain.

Train up thy hardy soldiers, Lord,
In all their Captain’s steps to tread
Or send them to proclaim thy Word,
Thy Gospel through the world to spread,
Freely as they receive to give,
And preach The Death by which we live!

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MY God, and is thy table spread,
And doth thy cup with love o’erflow?

Thither be all thy children led,
And let them all thy sweetness know.

Hail, sacred feast, which JEsus makes,
Rich banquet of his flesh and blood |

Thrice happy he who here partakes
That sacred stream, that heav'nly food.

Oh! let thy table honour’d be,
And furnish’d well with joyful guests

And may each soul salvation see,
That here its sacred pledges tastes.

Revive thy dying churches, Lord,
Bid all our drooping graces live;

And more, that energy afford,
A Saviour's blood alone can give.

130. P.M.

LoRD, when before thy throne we meet,
Thy goodness to adore,
From heaven, th’ eternal mercy seat,
On us thy blessing pour;
And make our inmost souls to be
An habitation meet for Thee.

The body for our ransom given,
The blood in mercy shed 1
With this immortal food from heaven,
Lord, let our souls be fed;
And as we round thy table kneel,
Help us thy quick’ning grace to feel.

Be thou, O Holy Spirit, nigh!
Accept the humble prayer,
The contrite soul’s repentant sigh,
The sinner’s heartfelt tear;
And let our adoration rise
As fragrant incense to the skies.

131. P.M.

BREAD of the world, in mercy broken,
Wine of the soul, in mercy shed,

By whom the words of life were spoken,
And in whose death our sins are dead;

Look on the heart by sorrow broken,
Look on the tears by sinners shed,
And be thy feast to us the token
That by thy grace our souls are fed.

132. P.M.

LAMB of God, whose dying love
Thus thy saints recall to mind,

Hear us, bless us from above ;
Let us all thy mercy find.

Let thy blood, to us applied,
Every sinner's pardon seal;

All in Thee be justified,
Every soul thy comfort feel.

By thine agony of pain,
By thy precious blood, we pray,

Cleanse our hearts from every stain;
Take our load of guilt away.

Burst our bonds and set us free;
Bid our fear and sorrow cease;

O remember Calvary !
Saviour ! bid us go in peace.

133. C.M.

O GoD, unseen yet ever near,
Thy presence may we feel;

And thus inspired with holy fear
Before thine altar kneel !

Here may thy faithful people know
The blessings of thy love;

The streams that through the desert flow,
The manma from above |

We come, obedient to thy word,
To feast on heavenly food;

Our meat, the body of the Lord,
Our drink, his precious blood.

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