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The Return of Jesus

An earnest review of the scriptural evidences
which establish the great Christian doctrine of
the second coming of Christ, together
with a close study of the prophecies
relating to this glorious event
and the fulfilment of these
prophecies in the pres-

ent generation.

By Carlyle B. Haynes Author of “The Other Side of Death," and "The Christian Sabbath."



Copyrighted 1917, by Southern Publishing Association, Nashville, Tenn.

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NINETEEN centuries ago the Son of God was on earth.

He came as the Saviour of men and of the world. By his sacrifice on Calvary he made a way of escape from death for every human being.

At his first advent he remained on earth for thirtythree and a half years. The last three and a half years

of his life were spent in public ministry. During this time he not only taught the principles of the gospel himself, but he made provision, by calling and ordaining the disciples, for the gospel to be preached to the very end of the world.

He told his disciples repeatedly while with them that he was soon to depart and return to the place whence he had come into the world. They heard him say to the Pharisees, “Yet a little while am I with you, and then I go unto him that sent me." John 7:33. But like the Pharisees they were dull of hearing, and did not understand. He said plainly to them, “Now I go my way

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to him that sent me." John 16:5. He assured them that it was expedient for them that he go away. John 16:7. He said again,“A little while, and ye shall not see me

because I go to the Father." John 16: 16. But when he went away they were not ready for his departure.

But before he returned to the heavens from which he had come he accomplished the great

“ALONE IN GETHSEMANE” work which he came to do. He laid down his life for the salvation of men. Alone in Gethsemane, with none to help or comfort, he drained the last scalding drop of the fiery cup, the cup that none other could drain. From Gethsemane he was taken by the mob; priests and rulers insulted and jeered him; the whole nation taunted and gibed him; but not one cry was forced from his pale lips by pain, or thirst, or glaring noon-day sun, or thorns, or nails, or smitings of dirty, sin-stained hands. As a sheep before its shearers, so was he dumb.

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