Hebraic Perspectives of the Gospel

AuthorHouse, 2006 M03 1 - 108 páginas
Do we in our culture really understand the Bible we love so much? We read it, study it, listen to sermons about it, buy teaching tapes, and go to seminars to learn more about it. It is possible to know the Bible and not understand the Bible. It is necessary to view the Word of God from the perspective of a two thousand year-old Jew to actually grasp Biblical concepts. Mary was Joseph's espoused wife. What was an "espoused wife?" How old was Mary when she gave birth to Jesus? We have nothing like this in our culture! What Law gives us the right by the blood of Jesus to be saved, have the right to use His Name, have everlasting life, and much, much more? This is all because of Blood Covenant, and most Christians understand nothing about this New Covenant/Testament Jesus cut with His Blood! Is it lawful to divorce your wife for every cause? What were the Jewish grounds for divorce? How does the everyday language of Jesus (Aramaic) shed light on His teaching of divorce and remarriage? Was John the first to baptize? What was the pet name God gave the nation of Israel? What did the most strict of all the religious groups of Jesus' day believe on salvation, healing, spiritual warfare? Where are we in Jesus' fulfilling the marriage covenant with us? Why do we have the inheritance of the firstborn? Facts are pieces of knowledge. Related pieces of knowledge form concepts. Concepts yield understanding. The Church has knowledge of the Bible but it is necessary to allow knowledge to mature into understanding. This book is designed to aid in this process.

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