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Page He that hata made 18.4, Let Zion praise the 302 High in the heavens, 78 Long as I live I'll bless 297 How awful is thy

157 Lord, hast thou cast 121 How did my heart 262 Lord, I am thine; but 39 How fast their guilt 35 Lord, I am vile, conceiv'd 112 How'long, O Lord, 30 Lord, I can suffer

18 How long wilt thou 31 Lord, I esteem thy 248 How pleasant, how 166 Lord, if thine eyes 192 How pleaat 'tis to see 277 Lord, if thou dost not soon 28 How pleasd and blest 263|Lord, I have made 249 How sball the young 246 Lord, in the morning 16

Lord, I will bless thee 73 F God succeed not, 269 Lord, I would spread

269 Lord, of the worlds above 16! I lift my soul to God 59 Lord, thou hast call'd L'Il bless the Lord from 74 Lord, thou hast heard 23 T'll praise my Maker 300 Lord, thou hast search'd 28 Dove the Lord, he heard 236 Lord, thou hast seen Pil speak the honours 96 Lord, thou wilt hear la all my vest concerns 289 Lord, 'tis a pleasant 18 in anger, Lord, rebuke 18 Lord, we have heard in God's own house 311 Lord, what a feeble 18 To Jurat diod of old 155 Lord, what a thoughtless 14 into this and, o God 65 Lord, what is mau, poor 29 I sealthie Leard before 37 Lord, what was man

2 Is there anition

273 Lord, when I count 29 It is the land our 206 Lord, when thou didst 13 I waiti Prient

881.oud hallelujahs to the 30 I wild Nvi thee, Lord, 6.1 Lo! what a glorious 24

Lo, what an everlasting 27 J ENOVAT reigns;


AI 14. our Lord, 227

Mercy and judgment 2 Joy to the world! the Lord198 Mine eyes and my desire. Judy me, OʻLord, 61 My God, accept my early 2 Judes, who rule the 120 My God, consider Just are thy ways, 42 My God, how many L

My God, in whom

195 My God, my everlasting
Let all the heathen 248 My God, my King,
Let ehildren hear 159 My God, permit my
Leterery ereature join 308 My God, the steps of pious
Letter tongue 298 My God, what inward
Let Golarise

135My heart rejoices
Ler God iba Father, 311 My never ceasing song
Let singers take their 117 My refuge is the God
At Zion and her sons 205 My righteous Judge,

wa ja her King 99'My Saviour aud my King

Jestli salt i eign where'er 126 MAKER and sovereign ?

LET at the earth



My Sarier y Almighty 3 PRAISE waits in Zion, 1.30
My Shepherd will supply 55 Praise ye the Lord; my 299
My soul, how lovely 168 Praise ye the Lord; 'lis 301
Ny soul lies cleaving 257 Preserve me, Lord,
My soul, repeat his praise 210

My soul, thy great 211
My spirit looks to God

EJOICE,ye righteous, 49


1231 Remember, Lord, our 178 * My spirit sinks within me, 92 Return, O God of love, 183 My trust is in my heavenly 19

ALVATION is forever172

137 No sleep nor slumber 275 Save me, o God, Save me,

37 Not to our names, thou 235 See what a living stone 241 Now be my heart inspir'd 96 Shew pity Lord, O Lord, 111 Now from the roaring 53 Shine, mighty God, Now I'm convinc'd the 147 Sing, all ye nations, 132 Now let our lips with holy 139 Sing to the Lord aloud 164 Now let our mournful 54 Sing to the Lord Jehov. 191 Now may the God of 49 Sing to the Lord with 201 Now plead my cause,

76 Sing to the Lord, ye 191 Norsball my solean 133 Songs of immortal praise 228 Now to the great and 312 Soon as I heard my Father 62 O

Sure there's a righteous 150 0 ALL ye nations,

238 Sweet is the memory 293

67 Sreet is the work, my 186 Obleas the Lord, my soul 209

T Of justice and of grace 202 TEACHıne the measure 86 O for a shout of sacred 100


TH' Almighty reigas, 197 God, my refuge, hear 16 That man is blest

229 15 The earth forever

57 115 Thee will I love, O Lord, 40 O God, to whom revenge 190 The God Jehovah reigns 199 O happy man whose soul 370 The God of glory sends 109 Okaypy nation, where 72 The God of mercy be 312 O bot I love thy holy 247 The God of our salvation 128 O Lord, how many

14 The heavens declare thy 46 O Lord, our heavenly 20 The King of saints, how 97 O Lord, our Lord, 22 The Lord appears my

239 Othat the Lord would 252 The Lord, how wondrous 208 O that thy statutes,

256 The Lord is come, 196 Othou that hear'st

13 The Lord Jehovah reigns 189 Othou, whose grace

264 The Lord my shepherd is 56 Othon, whose justice

118 The Lord of glory is my 62 Our God, our help

180 The Lord of glory reigns, 188 Our land, O Lord, 50 The Lord, the Judge, Out of the deeps of long

272 The Lord, the Judge, his 107 Owhat a stiff rebellious 159'The Lord, the sovereiga 211

O God of grace
O God of mercy,



Pa The Lord, the sovereign 108 When God, prorok'd The man is ever blest 8/When God restor'd The praise of Zion waits 127 When God reveal'd The wonders Lord, thy 90 When Israel, freed Think, mighty God, 179 When Israel sins, the This is the day the Lord 241 When I with pleasing This spacious earth 58 When man grows bold Thou art my portion,

245 When, overwhelin'd Thou God of love, 259 When pain and anguish Thrice happy man,

230 When the great Judge, Through every age,

173 Where shall the man Thus I resolv'd before 86 Where shall we go to Thus saith the Lord, the 106 While I keep silence, Thus saith the Lord, your 89 While men grow bold Thus the eternal Father 226 Who shall ascend Thus the great Lord 226 Who shall inhabit in thy Thy mercies fill the 250 Who wil arise and plead Thy narne, Almighty 238 Why did the Jews Thy works of glory, 222 Why did the nations join "Tis by thy strength 131 Why do the proud insult 2 To God I cried

156 Why do the wealthy To God I made my 292 Why doth the Lord stand To God the Father, 311 Why doth the inan of To God the Father's 312 Why has my God my soul To God the great, 218 Why should I vex my To heaven Olift my 261 Will God forever cast us 15. To our Almighty Maker, 198 With all my powers of 2 To thee, before the 244 With earnest longings To thee, most holy 154 With my whole heart I'll To thine Almighty arm 43 With my whole heart 'Twas for our sake, 142 With reverence let the 11 'Twas from thy hand, 287 With songs and honours 3 'Twas in the watches of 121 Would you behold

27 V


31 Upshaken as the 266) Ye holy in Up from my youth, 270 Ye islands of the Up to the hills I list 260Ye nations ef the earth, 20 Upward I lift inine eyes 262 Ye servants of

21 W

Ye sons of men, a feeble 18 WE bless the Lord 37 Ye sous of pride, that 10

We love thee, 42 Ye that delight to serve What sball render 237 Ye that obey When Christ to judgment 106 Ye tribes of Adam, join When God is nigh, my · 36 Yet (saith the Lord)

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"SALM 1. C. M. (*) The way and end of the righteous and the wicked. 1 LEST is the man who shuns the place

Where sinners love to meet;
Who fears to tread their wicked ways,

And hates the scoffer's seat: 2 But in the statutes of the Lord

Has plac'd his chief delight;
By day he reads or hears the word,

And meditates by night.
3 (He, like a plant of generous kind,

By living waters set,
Safe from the storms and blasting wind,

Enjoys a peaceful state.]
Green as the leaf, and ever fair

Shall his professions shine ;
While fruits of holiness appear

Like clusters on the vine.
5 Not so th' impious and unjust;

What vain designs they forin!
Their hopes are blown away, like dust,

Or chat before the storm

6 Sinners in judgment shall not stand

Amongst the sons of grace,
When Christ the Judge, at his right hand

Appoints his saints a place.
7 His eye beholds the path they tread,

His heart approves it well ;
But crooked ways of sinners lead

Down to the gates of hell.

PSALM 1. S. M.

The saint happy, the sinner miserable. TH mo muns the sinners' ways, Amongst their councils never stands,

Nor takes the scorner's place: 2 But makes the law of God

His study and delight,
Amidst the labours of the day,

And watches of the night.
He like a tree shall thrive,

With waters near the root;
Fresh as the leaf his name shall live,

His works are heavenly fruit.
Not so th' ungodly race,
They no such blessings find :
Their hopes shall flee like empty chaft

Before the driving wind.
5 How will they bear to stand

Before that judgment seat,
Where all the saints at Christ's right hand

In full assembly meet?

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