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WAN has a soul of vast 53806 i my soul was 509


Page Lo, what a glorious sight 331Now by the bowels of my 118 Lo, the destroying angel 543 Now for a tune of lofty 456 Long have I sat beneath 550 Now have our hearts 568 Lord, at thy temple we 329 Now in the galleries of 387 Lord, how divine thy 585 Now in the heat of 377 Lord, bow secure and 468 Now let a spacious world 536 Lord, how secure my 392 Now let our pains be all 569 ord, we adore tby 573 Now let the Father, and 581 ord, we adore thy vast 511 Now let the Lord, my

461 ord, we are blind, 443 Now Satan comes with ord, we confess our 390 Now shall my inward ord, what a heaven af 435 Now to the Lord a noble 459 ord, what a wretched 464 Now to the Lord, that

353 ord, when my thoughts 426 Now to the power of God 407


FOR I Mistaken souls, that 408 y dear Redeemer 531 Oh! the almighty Lord 487 y drowsy powers, 442 Oh the delights, the 496 y God how endless is 370 Oftea, I seek my Lord by 361 God, my life, my love 498 Once more, my soul, the 427 God, my portion, 499 Our days, alas ! our 453 God, permit me pot 520 Our God, how firm his 454 y God, the spring of all 465 Our sins, alas ! how strong493 i God, what endless 455 Our souls shall magnify 352 y heart, how dreadful 502|Our spirits join t'adore $75 Saviour God, my 532

P soul, come meditate 472

489 • soul forsakes her vain430 Praise, everlasting 474 thoughts on awful 424

R thougbts surmount AISE thee, my soul 449 N

502 FAKED as from the 318 Rise, rise, my soul, Nature with all her 123

s at

402 I'll repine at death 506 ! I sball envy them 467 See where the great 342 more, my God, I boast 388 Shall the vile race of

371 eye hath seen, nor 386 Shall we go on to sin 387 all the blood of 530 Shall wisdom cry aloud 378 all the outward 380 Sbout to the Lord, and different food, bor 400 Sin bath a thousand from the dust 371 Sin, like a venomous the malicious or 385 Sing to the Lord whe 432 (to condemn the sons 383 Sing to the Lord, yo

(72 to the terrors 540 Sitting around our $76 with our mortal eyes 388 So did the Hebrew

380 be the God of Larael 344 So let our lips and lives 404

PLUNG'D ina gull

548 R Raise your

ure with open volume 565 S Salvation the joyful

539 541


Page Stand up, my soul, shake 485'Twas by an order from 540 Stoop down,

my thoughts 445'Twas on that dark, that 556 Straight is the

way 547 'Twas the commission 346

ERRIBLE God, who 440 V Vain are the hopes 382

379 TERRA WIul day

, will 509 Thee we adore eternal 466 Up to the fields where 464

The glories of my Maker 480 Up to the Lord, who
The God of mercy be 581

The King of Glory sends 529

The lands that long in 325) Webiess the prophet 52
The law by Moses came 398 We sing the amazing 57
The law commands and 520 We sing the glories of 345
The Lord declares his

519 Welcome,

sweet day of 43: The Lord descending 523 Well, the Redeemer's 45 The Lord Jehovah reigns 553 What different powers 53 The Lord on high 373 W bat equal honours 35 The Majesty of Solomon o14 What happy menor

33 The memory of our 568 What mighty man, or

The promise of my 558 Whence do our mournful 33
The promisewas divinely528 When I can read my title 47
The true Messiah now 432 when in the light of faith 50
The voice of my beloved 359 Wben I survey the
The wondering world 365 When we are rais'd from 3
There is a house not 389 When strangers stant 32
Dhere is a land of pure 475 When the first parents 48
There was an hour when 324 When the great builder 4
Thesc glorious minds, 340 Where are the mourners 51
This is the word of truth 530 Who can describe the
Thou, wbom my soul 358 Who has believ'd thy
Thus did the sons of 522 Who is this fair one in
Thus far the Lord has 369 Who shall the Lord's 3
Thus saith the first, 393 Why does your face, ye
Thus saith the high and 374 Why do we mourn
Thus saith the Ruler, 490 Why is my heart so far
Thus saith the mercy 397 Why should the children4
'Thus saith the wisdom 379 Why should this earth 5
Thy favours, Lord, 458 Why should we start
Time, what an empty 468 With cheerfulvoice I sing4
'Tis by the faith of joys 525 With holy fear and
"Tis from the treasures 517 With joy we meditate 3
Tis not the law of ten 522

To God the Father, God 581
To God the only wise 346

Y angels round the
To God the Father's 584
To him who chose us


z To our eternal Cad $04 ZION rejoice, and Juliah

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