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. ferent objects in the fire, Mr. Allen came into the room to see that they were all comfortable and happy.

“ Though his cheek was ruddy and his step firm, his hairs were white with age; and many were the lessons of wisdom which he had learned, during a long and useful life.

“ The joyful group, as soon as he entered, were eager to tell him what they had found, or rather fancied in the fire, and asked him how it was that they could not all see the same things there. Mr. Allen willingly andertook to explain to them, what they had not been able to understand.

“ With this, he put before them glasses of different colors, and told them to look at the fire through them. The fire is as blue as my jacket, cried one. 'Blue, said another, 'why it is green as grass.?

“How can you say that,' observed a third, when it is as yellow as

gold. "Yellow, cried out a fourth 'it is a very comical kind of yellow then; for the fire looks through my glass almost as white as snow. ?

“My dear children,' said Mr. Al len, “the fire appears to you of dif. ferent colors, because you have look ed at it through different colored glasses; and the reason why you have seen different forms in the fire is, because you have looked at it with different thoughts and feelings.

66. It is no real wonder that one who reads voyages with pleasure, who likes to hear of sailors, and who longs to sail over the billowy deep; it is no great wonder, that he should find out a form in the fire, resembling what is commonly in his mind.

“It is just the same with another, who delights to read or hear of burn. ing deserts, and merchants, and camels; his fancy helps him to form what is pleasant to him. In this

manner, each of you has been influ. enced in some measure, by those things which are most pleasant to


your minds.

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“For this reason, we should delight in that which is good and useful. In this way, we shall not only have pleasant ideas or images in our own minds, but they will influence us to show other persons the way to the same pleasures, which we have found ourselves.

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Joseph. Father, can a picture or image be made like God?

Father. No, my son; God is a spirit, and a spirit is something which can not be seen by these bodily eyes.

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J. I once saw in a book a picture of God, that looked like an old man.

Is it a sin to make such a picture ?

F. Yes, my son; it is very displeasing to God to do so; and he has strictly forbidden it in the holy Scriptures.

Moses warns the children of Israel against this sin, and puts them in mind, that they had not seen any similitude or likeness of God, when he spoke to them on mount Sinai.

J. How is it said then, that God made Adam in his own image?

F. This does not mean that Adam's body was made like God, but his soul. For God made him “a living soul."

Now, when the Bible says that God made man in his own image, you must understand that as God is a holy being, he gave Adam holiness; as God is wise, he gave Adam wisAdam power.

dom; as God is powerful, he gave

. But remember, Adam was not so wise, and powerful as God is. No creature can ever be equal to the great Creator. J. I think I understand what

you say. As nobody can make a picture or image of a man's soul, so nobody can make a picture or image of God.

F. You are right, my son; and if you think about the holiness, and wisdom, and power, and justice, and

, mercy, and goodness of God in the right way, you will not need a picture or image to help you to worship him.


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