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An old crow was walking along, one day, by a field of corn, and looking for a good place to begin his day's work; which was stealing grains of corn out of the ground.

Just as he was going to fly over the fence, he heard something behind him saying, "Coo, coo, coo." "What can that be?" said the crow to himself; when he looked around and saw a dove under a rose bush, looking very poor and sorry, because it had no food to eat.

Then the crow said, "Dove, you are a little dunce for not stealing this corn, when it is so near to you. Come, let us go and get some, and not sit there and starve to death." But the dove said, "No, I will not steal; and besides, if I go go with you this time, perhaps you will take me with you some other time, to get something very filthy; for crows are not so clean as doves."

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The crow is an unclean bird, and it puts us in mind of bad children, who like to steal and do mischief; but the dove is a quiet, harmless, cleanly bird, and it puts us in mind of good children, who always like to do right.

Bad children often try to lead good children astray, and persuade them to steal, as the crow did the dove; but no good children will go with them to do any thing wrong, for fear they might become as bad as they.

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It is twelve o'clock; the sun shines. Olive and Heman have got their lessons; it is time to go out. Where shall we go?

out into the garden.

We will go

Where are

the garden tools?

Here they are

a spade, a rake, and the hoc.

Now run along there in the walk. Gardener, will you show this little boy and girl how to work in their gardens?

The gardener says, you must first dig the ground, then you must rake it, and then it will be ready for the seeds.

Olive shall have flower seeds in her garden, and Heman shall have lettuce and mustard.

When Olive's flowers are blown, she will gather a nosegay; and when Heman's lettuce comes up, he can have a salad for his dinner.

When the ground is dry, you must water your garden, or else your seeds will not grow.

Pull up those weeds; you must have no weeds in your garden; pull them up, roots and all; do not throw them on the ground, they will sprout and grow again.

Fetch your little cart; there, fill it with weeds, now draw them away

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The squirrel is a brisk and lively creature; it is nearly as large as a half grown cat.

Squirrels have short ears, bright, black eyes, and long, bushy tails, and live on nuts; such as acorns, wal nuts, chestnuts, and the like.

They are very fond of wheat and corn; and sometimes do a great deal of mischief, by taking it off before it is ripe.

They are so fond of any thing sweet, that they sometimes gnaw through the bark of trees, to sip the sweet juice as it flows out.

These little creatures are very active in climbing, and delight to leap from tree to tree. In this way they often escape from the hunters.

They build their nests of sticks and leaves, placed in the branches, or hollows of large trees.

William Walter had a young, black squirrel, which had been caught only a few weeks before, and it was almost as tame as a kitten.

It would run about the yard, and pick up the crumbs that had been

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