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let him write his letter off on a new sheet.

But long before this, his brother, Oscar, had his done, and in first rate style too. He had written to his cousin a great many fine things, and spelled all the words right.

Now which is the better way, to neglect spelling, and by and by be laughed at as Oren was, or to try to be a good speller, like Oscar?

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Oh how great God must be in power, to make the world and all things that are in it; to hang up the sun, moon, and the stars in the heav ens; to guide the winds, the storm, and the lightning, and to measure the

waters of the sea in the hollow of his hand!

How great must he be in Wisdom, to know all things in heaven and earth, and to order all things well! His eyes are in every place, he sees the evil and the good; there is no end of his knowledge and wisdom.

How great must he be in Goodness, to provide for the wants of all the creatures he has made, to hang the sky with clouds, to clothe the earth with beauty, and to prepare heaven above for those who love him.

God is a spirit, and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

The more we read the holy scriptures, and pray to God, and praise him, and love him, and obey him, the more we shall know him, and enjoy him, and rejoice in him.

The Lord is a great God, and a great king above all gods. Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised

We should delight in His love, and fear to affend him.

How great, how very great is God!

O praise him ev'ry hour! His goodness is beyond our thoughts; His wisdom, love, and power.



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On a cold day in winter, a robin came to the window of a wealthy farmer, as if it would be glad to enter.

The farmer raised the window, and kindly took the bird into his dwelling. It picked up the crumbs from the floor; and the children were highly pleased with the sprightly bird.

But when spring again appeared, and the trees were covered with leaves, the farmer opened the win dow, and it flew away to a neighboring grove, and built its nest and sang its cheerful song.

And behold! when winter returned, the robin came back again, and brought his mate with him to the dwelling of the friendly farmer.

The children rejoiced greatly, when they saw the two little songsters, as they looked with their bright, small eyes upon them, and they said, “The birds look as if they had something to say"

Then the father answered, “If they could speak, they would say, friendship shown to one in need, shall be doubly rewarded."

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but ter flies
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"I wish I was a kitten," said little Mary to her mother one day, “I wish I was a kitten, then I could play all the time, running, and jumping, and rolling a ball: 0, how pretty she looks! see, 'ma, only see her play.”

Mary was a very good girl, but she was extremely fond of play.

Her mamma thought that all little girls should sew and read a part of the time; so she fitted her some nice work that day, while little Mary sat with her book in her hand by her side. For a while she read very well

l; but pretty soon she grew tired, and

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