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“But you can not provide for them all,” said the father.

Little Luna replied, “Do not all the children in the world do the same, just as all the rich people take care of the poor ?” Now as little Luna had a kind

a heart, and thought to relieve the sufferings of the poor, hungry birds; so you must be kind to the poor and needy, and try to supply their wants, and make them happy.

thirst y fount ain

LESSON XXVI. re fresh

beau ti fy cre ate

re fresh ing


What if a little rain should say,

“ So small a drop as I, Can ne'er refresh the thirsty fields,

I'll tarry in the sky ?"
What if a shining beam at noon

Should in its fountain stay,
Because its feeble light alone

Can not create a day?

Doth not each rain drop help to form

The cool refreshing shower, And every ray of light to warm

And beautify the flower ?

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Take care! my post-boy, not too fast,

For if your steed should fail, Upon the road you'll find at last,

You needs must leave the mail. < 0 no,

indeed !” his quick reply, “Nor need you think it strange, For though ten miles I swiftly fly,

I then my horse exchange:

"And with another fresh and fleet,

Still hasten on my way,
Nor even stop, my friends to greet,

Lest I the mail delay.”
When war is feared, or foes invade,

How swift the news should go! That with our armies quick arrayed,

We meet the threatning foe. And when from home and nighto death,

We quick would letters send, That ere we draw our dying breath,

Our friends may us attend.

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A wasp met a bee, and said to him, “ Can you tell me the reason, why men are so ill natured to me, while they are so fond of you?

“ We are both very much alike,

only the broad, golden rings about my body make me much more handsome than you are.

“ We both have wings, and both love honey, and both sting people when we are angry; yet men always hate me, and try to kill me, though I pay them visits in their houses, while you are very shy and hardly ever come near them. “ Yet they build

build you curious houses, thatched with straw, and take care of you, and feed you in the winter very often. I wonder what is the reason !"

The bee said, “Because you never do them any good; but, on the contrary, are very troublesome, and mischievous; therefore, they do not like to see you.

“But they know that I am busy all day long, in making them honey You had better pay them fewer vis. its, and try to make yourself useful to them."


spi der

prin ces col or ed silk worm mer chants sev er al in stant la bors

ge ni us na ture nim ble mem o ry ri sing quick er

em ploy ed set ting CO coon en dow ed pur pose ex change com pan ions


“Pray how long have you been weaving that web of yours?" said a pert, little spider to a worm that had nearly finished its beautiful, goldcolored cocoon.

“I have been several weeks employed upon it," replied the silk worm, “without leaving my work for an instant: but I have nearly finished it now."

“ What a slow creature you are,” said the spider. It must be that nature has endowed


little genius. For my part, I can begin and finish a beautiful web, between the rising and the setting sun."

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