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“And after it is done, what purpose does it answer, but to catch a few silly flies?" replied the silkworm, "A brush of the house maid's broom will sweep it away, and no one would mourn for its loss.


But the webs I weave, clothe half the world. Princes give gold in exchange for them; and merchants grow rich upon my labors."

Let no little girl of ready memory or nimble fingers, boast that she can do things quicker than her companions; for the chance is, that what is done slowly and carefully, is well done.

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I will now tell you a true story. As a man was traveling along on the northern coast of Ireland, he

saw above a hundred crows at once trying to break open the shells of the muscles, that lay strewed along the shore.

But finding their shells too hard to break with their beaks, they contrived to effect their object in some other way: the mode of doing this, was truly worthy of notice.

Each of the crows took a muscle up in the air, thirty or forty yards high, and let it fall on the stones; and thus, by breaking its shell, easily obtained its flesh.

Some children, when they are told to do any thing, will say, "I can't do it," even before they have once tried. This is a very silly speech, and should never again be heard.

One trial more, and the thing per haps may be done; but should this fail it may be done in some other way.

The crow, that could not open the shell with its beak, broke it by a fall, and so got the muscle; and the little

boy or girl, who is told to do any thing, should not give it up till all ways are tried.

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David. Can you tell me, father, who made all the trees in the forest? Father. They grew out of the ground.

.D. But who makes them grow? I do not know how to make a tree grow. I put my stick in the ground yesterday, but it would not make a tree.

F. No; you can not make a tree grow, nor a plant, nor any thing else. Who is it that makes you live and grow?

D. I suppose that the Lord makes

me live and grow, for you told me that he made me, and all the good things that I have.

F. That is right, and I am glad that you remember what I told you. Now, who do you think makes trees and all other things grow?


D. I know now that the Lord makes them grow. I am glad that you told me; for when I know that the Lord does any thing, I always like to think of it.

F. That is right, you must ask questions, and I will try to answer them. If I talk without your asking questions, you will not remember so well what I tell you.

D. You told me that the Lord made the trees grow. I want you to tell me how he makes them grow. He gives me food to eat and milk to drink; and that is the way he makes me live and grow. But trees do not eat and drink.

F. The trees have roots that go

deep into the ground.

The roots take out of the ground a great deal of water, and some other things, to make the trees grow.

D. If you will tell me the names of some of the trees, I will learn to spell them.

F. The most common trees in the forests are the oak, maple, beech, birch, walnut or hickory, ash, pine, spruce, hemlock, fir, cedar, lime or bass, poplar, chestnut and elm.

D. Well, sir, I can spell the names of the trees, and now I want to ask about the stones. Do they grow?

F. They do not grow like trees. Some were made at the creation of the world, and others are constantly forming, as you may sometimes see in the sand banks by the road side.

D. Well, can you tell me about the road? When I went for the cows last night, I wanted to know whether the path grew for them and me to walk in.

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