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my soul

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My God! with wonder and with praise,

On all thy works I look, But still thy wisdom, pow'r, and grace,

Shine brightest in thy Book. The stars that in their courses roll,

Have much instruction given; But thy good Word informs

How I may get to heaven. The fields provide me food, and show

The goodness of the Lord; But fruits of life and glory grow

In thy most holy Word. Here are my choicest treasures hid, Here


best comfort lies; Here my desires are satisfied,

And here my hopes arise. Lord, make me understand thy law

Show what my faults have been, And from thy Gospel let me draw

Pardon for every sin.
Then let me love


And take a fresh delight,
By day to read its wonders o'er,

Apd meditate by night.

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Mid the flags and the bush - es, In an ark of bul., They left him so lone - ly and wild;

For the ruf. fians would come If he tar · ried at


home, And murder that in - fant so dear.

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By the side of the river so clear, The ladies were winding their way,

When Pharaoh's daughter

Stepped down to the water,
To bathe at the close of the day:

Before it was dark,

She opened the ark,
And found a sweet infant was there
By the side of the river so clear,
That infant was lonely and sad,
She took him in pity,

And thought him so pretty,
And made little Moses so glad,

She call'd him her own

Her beautiful son, And sent for a nurse that was near. Away from the river só clear, They carried the beautiful child,

To his own tender mother,

His sister and brother,
And then he looked happy and smild

His mother so good,

Did all that she could, To nurse him and teach him with care.


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My Bible! 'tis a book divine,
Where heav'nly truth and mercy shine,
And wisdom speaks in every line,

And speaks to me.
My Bible! in this book alone
I find God's holy will made known;
And here his love to man is shown,

His love to me.
My Bible! here with joy I trace
The records of redeeming grace;
Glad tidings to a sinful race;

Good news to me.
My Bible! source of comfort pure,
To those who trials here endure,
The hope of heaven it renders sure,

Best hope for me! I love my Bible; may I ne'er Consult it but with faith and prayer, That I may see my Savior there,

Who died for me!


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