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Therefore hath Elohim anointed thee,

Thy Elohim, with gladdening oil from among thy fellows; 8. Thy garments are all myrrh, aloes, and cassia !

or the

Here again it is clearly predicted, that the King Messiah, though he is acknowledged God, and comes as LORD from heaven;" should still be one, who, for his peculiar merits in the sight of the heavenly Father, would be raised up from among his brethren.

They greet thee from the palaces of Armenian ivory; 9. King's daughters are among thy splendid women:

The consort is stationed at thy right hand in gold of Ophir.

The splendid display of an Eastern court, is the symbolical, description here employed to represent the felicity of the church triumphant, when her Lord and King shall appear. And this is the first instance in Scripture, if we except the mysterious words of Adam to our first mother, where the symbol of a bride is employed to denote the church of Christ. It is afterwards frequently employed in Scripture, and was familiar to the minds of the Jews: “He that hath the bride,” exclaims the Baptist, “ is the bridegroom.' 10. Hear, o daughter, and consider; incline thine ear,

And forget thy people, and the house of thy father; 11. So shall the king delight in thy beauty, for he is thy Lord;

And bow thyself before him, 12. When the daughter of Tyre with a gift,

• When' the rich among the people entreat thy favour.

What is meant by the daughter of Tyre - whether that city restored, or some other great commercial nation in the last days; or, generally," the rich among the people”

all who possess the wealth of the world, now to be con

secrated to God, the fulfilment, or other prophecies must explain. 13. All glorious is' the daughter of the king;

Her inner“ vest’is spangled with gold; 14. In a robe of embroidery is she conducted to the king.

The virgins, her companions, follow her;

They approach thee in long procession; 15. With festivity and rejoicing they enter into the king's

palace. 16. In the place of thy fathers shall be thy children;

Thou shalt appoint them princes over all the earth. 17. They shall celebrate thy name throughout all ages;

So shall the nations praise thee for ever and ever.

I shall not dwell upon this sacred oracle, because, without the help of subsequent prophecies, it must necessarily appear obscure :- What kind of prosperity is predicted of the church at the second advent, by comparing her to “a sumptuous Eastern bride," who is espoused to the King Messiah, and becomes the mother of those that shall be appointed princes over all the earth, we will not now inquire, but only suggest the question: Are not these the same with the princes of Hannah's prophecy? who sit on the glorious throne, around him, who, as “ a poor exhausted one,” was raised from the dust, one most “ wretched, exalted" " from the" mourners' “ashes.” The same then with “ Abraham and his seed,” to whom the promise is made that he should be the heir of the world, -with the holy myriads that come with the Lord from heaven? We must bear this question in inind as we proceed with our inquiries.

• 1 Sam. ii. Com. Psalm viii.

Again, in the following psalm, the triumphs of the church in the last day, and the peaceful reign of Messiah, is clearly predicted, and the last inroad of the enemy is again described as a mighty flood carrying all before it :

Its waters roar and are troubled,
And the mountains are shaken by its swell.*

But these threatening waters are so diverted as to become an object of joy to the people of God:

• As for the flood, its streams shall gladden the city

of God,
The holy place of the tabernacles of the Most High.
God is in the midst of her, she cannot be stirred;
God shall help her at early dawn.

What we are to understand by this mystic inundation, is explained in the following verses :

6. The nations raged, the kingdoms were in motion;

He uttered his voice; the earth melted away. 7. Jehovah Sabaoth is with us;

The God of Jacob is our high refuge.

That this is no prophecy of any intermediate deliverance afforded to the holy city, is plain from what follows,

Come, behold the works of Jehovah!
8. What objects of astonishment hath he placed on the

He maketh wars to cease in all the world;

He breaketh the bow, and cutteth the spear in sunder ; 9. And burneth the chariots with fire.

[blocks in formation]

Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations ;
I will be exalted in the earth.

Here we cannot but remark, that what was symbolized in the former psalm as the royal bride, is now described as “ the city of God,” — “ the site of his holy tabernacles.” One should think this must have some local reference to Jerusalem, though city of God’ is certainly an epithet of the church triumphant. But the mystery future oracles will show.

The forty-seventh psalm belongs to the same subject.

1. Clap your hands, all ye nations;

Shout to God with the sound of triumph. 2. For Jehovah, the Highest, is feared :

He is the great king over all the earth :'
3. He subdueth the people under us,

And the nations under our feet :
4. He chooseth for us our inheritance ;

The boast of Jacob, whom he loved.
5. Elohim hath ascended with a shout;

Jehovah with the sound of a trumpet ; 6. Chant ye our Elohim; chant ye,

Chant ye, chant ye our king. 7. For he is king in all the earth;

Chant ye Elohim in songs of triumph.
8. Elohim reigneth over the nations;

Elohim sitteth upon the holy throne.
9. The princes of the peoples are assembled,

With the Elohim of Abraham.
Surely the gifts of the earth · are presented' to Elohima
He is greatly exalted.

We shall not fail here to remember the former prophecies, that to “ Shiloh” should be “the gathering of the peoples,” — " That in Abraham and bis seed should all the families of the earth be blessed," -“Shout for joy, ye nations with his people, when he shall have avenged the blood of his servants," &c. - “He shall be king in Jeshuron when the chiefs of the people shall be gathered together in union with the tribes of Israel.”

The next psalm is upon the same subject.

1. Jehovah is magnified and greatly extolled*

In the city of our God :
2. His holy will is beautiful in elevation,

The joy of all the earth :
The hill of Zion, with the northern quarters,

• Is 'the city of the great king:
3. God is'in her towers,

He is made known as a defence.
4. For, lo! the kings assembled;

They passed away at once:
5. As soon as they saw they were struck with wonder,

They trembled and fled in terror;
6. Fear seized


those ;
The pang, as of a woman in travail :
7. With an east wind dost thou break

The ships of Tarshish.
8. As we heard, so have we seen,

In the city is' Jehovah Sabaoth;
Elohimn is in the city of our Elohim.

He hath established her for ever, &c.

Here Jerusalem seems again to be pointed at as the place, in some sort chosen for the manifestation of the

• Psalm xlviii.

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