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CHRIST, Who, nailèd to Thy Cross,
Callest us to Thee to fly,
Make us count this world but dross,
Be it ours in Thee to die.

To GoD the FATHER glory be,
With His Sole Co-equal SoN,

In the SPIRIT's unity,
Ever blessed Three in One.

“Thou shalt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee; because he trusteth in Thee.” 135. GoD, of all the Strength and Stay, Who, unmov’d, dost motion sway, Dost the day-light hours divide, And in due succession guide;

Give at eve Thy sunshine bright,
Shed o'er death Thine holy light;
So our day may ne'er go down,
So our life may glory crown.

Gracious FATHER, grant this boon
Grant it, Sole Co-equal SoN,
With the SPIRIT, thron'd on high,
GoD through all eternity.

“When thou liest down thou shalt not be afraid.” 136. ALL praise to Thee, my GoD, this night, For all o blessings of the light; Keep me, O keep me, King of kings, Beneath Thy own Almighty wings. Forgive me, LoRD, for Thy dear SoN, The ill that I this day have done; That with the world, myself, and Thee I, ere I sleep, at peace may be.

Teach me to live that I may drea"

The grave as little as my bed;

To die, that this vile . may

Rise glorious at the awful day.

O may my soul on Thee repose,
And may sweet sleep mine eyelids close;
Sleep that may me more vig'rous make
To serve my GoD when I awake.

When in the night I sleepless lie,
My soul with Heavenly thoughts supply;
Let no ill dreams disturb my rest,
No power of darkness me molest.

O may my Guardian, while I sleep,
Close to my bed his vigils keep,
His love angelical instil,
Stop all the avenues of ill.

May he celestial joys rehearse,
And thought to thought with me converse;
Or in my stead, all the night long,
Sing to my GoD a grateful song.

Praise GoD, from Whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye Heavenly host;
Praise FATHER, SoN, and Holy GHosT.

“I will lay me down in peace and take my rest; for it is Thou, Lord, only that makest me to dwell in safety.”

137. SUN of my soul! Thou SAVIOUR dear,
It is not night if Thou be near:
Oh, may no earth-born cloud arise
To hide Thee from Thy servant's eyes.

Abide with me from morn till eve,
For without Thee I cannot live :
Abide with me when night is nigh,
For without Thee I dare not die.

If some poor wandering child of Thine
Have spurn'd to-day the Voice Divine,
Now, LORD, the gracious work begin;
Let him no more lie down in sin.

Watch by the sick, enrich the poor
With blessings from Thy boundless store:
Be every mourner's sleep to-night,
Like infant's slumbers, pure and light.

Come near and bless us when we wake,
Ere through the world our way we take;
Till in the ocean of Thy love
We lose ourselves in Heaven above.

Praise to the FATHER, and the SON,
And Holy SPIRIT, Three in One;
Eternal praise to each be given,
By all on earth and all in Heaven.

1. Behold, He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.” 138. AND now the day is past and gone, Holy GoD, we bow to Thee; Again as nightly shades come on, To Thy sheltering side we flee.

For all the ills this day hath done
Let our bitter sorrow plead,

And keep us from the wicked one,
When ourselves we cannot heed.

Ravening he prowls Thy fold around,
In his watchful circuitings:

FATHER, this night may we be found
'Neath the shadow of Thy wings.

O when shall that Thy day have come,
Day ne'er sinking to the west;

That country and that Heavenly home,
Where no foe shall break our rest ?

Now to the FATHER and the SON
We our feeble voice would raise,

With Holy SPIRIT join'd in One,
And from age to age would praise.

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“Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if any man hear My voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with Me.” 139. SING we that blest Body broken, Our weak soul's mysterious food; And the words our King hath spoken, Gifting us with His own Blood, His true presence to betoken, And our holy brotherhood.

Born for us, and for us given,
Of a Virgin undefiled,

Scattering precious seed from Heaven,
Sojourned He in this world's wild;

On that much remembered even,
He His wondrous course fulfilled.

Meekly to the law complying,
He had finished its commands;

And to them at supper lying
Gave Himself with His own hands,

A memorial of His dying,
Thenceforth unto all the lands.

GoD the Word by one word maketh
Bread His very Flesh to be;

And whoso that Cup partaketh
Tastes the Fount of Calvary;

While the carnal mind forsaketh,
Faith receives the Mystery.

Unto that His presence veiled,
Draw we nigh with heads bowed low,

All that Paschal rites entailed
Yield to higher blessings now;

Earthly touch and sight have failed—
Faith adores, nor questions how.

Power ascribe we, praise, and blessing,
Both to FATHER, and to SoN ;

Holy SPIRIT, Thee addressing,
One with them, as LORD alone;

This right faith we hold, confessing
Persons three in Substance One.

Clije Combersion of £3. 33aul.

“The wild boar out of the wood doth root it up, and the

wild beast of the field devour it. Turn Thee again, Thou God

of Hosts, look down from heaven, behold, and visit this Vine.”

14O. 'GAINST what foemen art thou rushing,
Saul, what madness drives thee on 2

Innocents in fury crushing,
Children of the sinless ëne.
O, how shortly

Shall He make His vengeance known

See the LORD from Heaven descending,
Smites him, blinds him, lays him low;
See the persecutor bendin
Humbly, meekly to the ilow.
See him rising
Friend to CHRIST, no longer foe.

Breathing slaughter, chains preparing,
O, how fierce his anger burned;
Now that he has lost his daring,
And the Gospel truth has learned,
The destroyer
Now into a lamb is turned.

CHRIST, Thy power is man's salvation,
And Thy love is here made known,
He who wrought such desolation,
That Thy cause might be o'erthrown,
Now converted,
Makes that sacred cause his own.

Praise the FATHER, GoD of Heaven,
Him Who reigns supreme on high ;
Praise the SoN, for sinners given,
Both to suffer and to die;
Praise the SPIRIT,
Who prepares us for the sky.

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