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Crowns of life by death receiving,
Rest in joy for evermore.

Priests and Levites, Gospel preachers,
And Confessors numberless,
Prelates meek and holy teachers,
Bear the palm of righteousness.
Virgin souls by high profession
To the #. devoted here,
Strewing flowers in gay procession
At the marriage-feast appear.

All are blest together praising
GoD's eternal Majesty,

Thrice repeated anthems raising
To the all-holy TRINITY.

So may we with hearts devoted,
Serve our GoD in holiness;

So may we by GoD promoted,
Share that Heaven which they possess.

“God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain.” 153. WHO are these like stars appearing, These before GoD's throne who stand? Each a golden crown is wearing, Who are all this glorious band P Alleluia! hark, they sing— Praising loud their Heavenly King.

Who are these in dazzling brightness,
Clothed in GoD's own righteousness;
These, whose robes of purest whiteness
Shall their lustre still possess,
Still untouched by time's rude hand,
Whence come all this glorious band?

These are they who have contended
For their SAVIOUR's honour long,

Wrestling on till life was ended,
Following not with sinful throng.

These, who well the fight sustained
Triumph by the Lamb have gained.

These are they whose hearts were riven,
Sore with woe and anguish tried,
Who in prayer full oft have striven
With the GoD they glorified;
Now their painful conflict o'er,
GoD has bid them weep no more.

These, the Almighty contemplating,
Kings and priests before Him stand,
Soul and body always waiting
Day and night at His command.
Now in GoD's most holy place
Blest they stand before His face.

“These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes and made them white in the Blood of the Lamb.” 154. O JESU, Source of sanctity, In Whom Thy servants live, All glory for Thy saints to Thee, SAviour of men, we give.

All glory for Thine angel train,
Who Heaven's high temple throng;

All glory for those ancient men,
Bards of prophetic song.

All glory for the messenger
Who came Thy face before;

For the blest Virgin glory, her
Who the Incarnate bore.

All glory for Thy chosen band,
To whom the charge was given,

To publish peace from land to land,
And ope the gates of Heaven.

For Thy meek priests a goodly choir,
For them, whose annals boast

Youth, maiden mild, and hoary sire,
The Martyrs' noble host.

For these, for all Thy saints Thy Name
We laud, and pray that we,

Strong in Thy strength may follow them,
As they have followed Thee.

Commemoration of 3postIts.

“Their sound went into all the earth, and their words unto the ends of the world.” 155 THE LORD's eternal gifts, The Apostles' mighty praise, Their victories and high reward, Sing we in joyful lays.

Lords of the churches they;

Triumphant chiefs of war,
Brave soldiers of the Heavenly court,

True lights for evermore.

Theirs was the Saints' high faith,

And quenchless hope's pure glow,
And perfect charity, which laid

The world's fell tyrant low.

In them the FATHER shone,

In them the SoN o'ercame,
In them the Holy SPIRIT wrought,

And filled their hearts with flame.

To GoD the FATHER, SoN,

And SPIRIT, glory be ;
As was, and is, and shall be so,

Through all eternity.

“Who maketh the clouds His chariot and walketh upon the wings of the wind ; He maketh His angels spirits, and His mimisters a flaming fire.” 156. DISPOSER Supreme, And Judge of the earth, Who choosest for Thine The weak and the poor;

To frail earthen vessels
And things of no worth,

Entrusting Thy riches
Which aye shall endure:

Those vessels soon fail,
Though full of Thy light,
They at Thy decree
Are broken and gone;
Then brightly appeareth
The Arm of Thy might,
As through the clouds breaking
The lightnings have shone.

Like clouds are they borne
To do Thy great will,
And swift as the wind
About the world go;
All full of Thy Godhead
While earth lieth still,
They thunder, they lighten,
The waters o'erflow.

They thunder—their sound
It is CHRIST the LORD !
Then Satan doth fear,
His citadels fall!
As when the dread trumpets
Went forth at Thy word,
And one long blast shattered
The Canaanite's wall.

O loud be Thy trump,
And stirring the sound
To rouse us, O LORD,
From sin's deadly sleep;
May lights which Thou kindlest
In darkness around,
The dull soul awaken
Her vigils to keep.

All glory to Thee
ho art hid from sight, .

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“O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness, let the whole earth stand in awe of Him. Tell it out among the heathen that the Lord is King.”

157. YE captains of a #. host,
Ye princes of a Heavenly hall,
Stars of the world in darkness lost,
And judges at its funeral.

Lights rising o'er a wintry night
With tidings of eternal youth,

On error's long-bewildered sight,
Emerging with the lamp of truth.

Captains—but not of spear and shield,
No rebel hosts with steel to tame,

No arms of eloquence to wield,
Nought but the lowly cross of shame.

The chain is riven, and broke the rod,
The world's long stern captivity,

And we are free to serve our God,
Whose yoke alone is liberty.

To distant lands His heralds fleet,
By GoD's mysterious presence led;

How beauteous are their passing feet,
Like morn upon the mountains spread.

To FATHER, SoN, and Holy GHosT,
All glory be as was of old,

Who calleth us in darkness lost,
His saving glory to behold.

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