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Commitmoration of Čbangeligtg. “Behold upon the mountains the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace.” 158. CHRIST's everlasting messengers, Who from the opening skies, Traverse the earth in showers of light, And sow with mysteries;

The things discerned by seers of old
Behind the shadowy screen,

In noon-day clear have ye beheld
With not a veil between.

The things which GoD as man hath borne,
Which man as GoD hath done,

Ye write, as GoD inspires, to all
Who see the circling sun.

Though far in space and time apart,
One Spirit sways you all;

And we in those blest characters
Hear now that living call.

Glory to GoD, the Three in One !
All glory be to Thee,

Who from our darkness callest us
Thy wondrous light to see.

Commemoration of 3postIts amb &hangelists in the 33agtipal #ragon. “And ye now therefore have sorrow ; but I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no man taketh from you.” 159. THE Apostles wept with hearts forlorn The Bridegroom to the burial borne, Whom with that death of blood and pain His servants' wicked hands had slain.

Yet had the ...; Marys heard
The angel's sure and welcome word,

“The LoRD, His own full speedily
Will visit with heart-gladdening eye.”

E’en now as fast they bear along
The tidings to the downcast throng,
Lo, JESUS’ glistening form they meet
And run to clasp their SAVIOUR's Feet.

Swift to the Galilaean height
The Apostles speed their eager flight,
And of their heart's desire possess'd,
With JESUS’ kindly light are blest.

O, JESU blest, to every breast
Unceasing Paschal gladness be;

From blasting breath of sin and death
The new-born sons of life set free.

FATHER, to Thee all glory be,
And SoN, Who from the dead art raised,

And SPIRIT blest, with Both confest,
One GoD, through endless ages praised.

“And with great power gave the Apostles witness of the reoction of the Lord Jesus: and great peace was upon them 92

16O. Now daily shines the sun more fair,
Recalling that blest time,
When CHRIST on His Apostles shone,
In radiant light sublime.

They in His Body see His Wounds
Like stars divinely glow;

Then forth, as His true witnesses,
Throughout the world they go.

O CHRIST . Thou King most merciful!
Our inmost hearts possess;

So may we with due songs of praise
Thy Name for ever bless.

Keep us, O JESU, from the death
Of sin; and deign to be

The everlasting Paschal joy
Of all new-born in Thee.

Praise to the FATHER, and the SON,
Who from the dead arose !

Praise to the Blessed Paraclete,
While age on ages flows.

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** He that overcometh the same shall be clothed in white raiment: and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before My FATHER, and before His angels.” 161. FEAR no more for the torturer's hand Nor the dungeon dark that bound thee; The choirs of heaven about thee stand, Bright shining homes surround thee.

Fear no more for the clanking chain,
Thou art free as light of Heaven;

The stripes that marked thy frame with pain,
For rays of thy crown are given.

Fear no more for stern cold, nor need,
Nor for nakedness for ever;

CHRIST's pure light doth clothe thee and feed,
And shall no more from thee sever.

Lo, He stands at His martyr's side,
Death with nobler life surrounding,

And takes him with Him to abide,
The dread tyrant's wrath confounding.

To GoD on high be honour done,
In the height all height exceeding;

To FATHER, SoN, and Holy One
From FATHER and SoN proceeding.

“These are they which came out of great tribulation: and have washed their robes, and made them white in the Blood of the LAMB.” 162. OF the martyrs we sing, Whom the purple adorns; Who have followed their King, In His dread Crown of Thorns. G

Now their storms are all past,
And their dark sea of blood

Hath conveyed them, at last,
To their haven of good.

Though the tyrant be stern,
Yet they fear not his rod,

For their fears nought discern
But the terrors of GOD.

When fierce foe-men pursue,
Their life-blood they afford,

As an offering due
To their suffering LoRD.

Thus the love which remains,
Must CHRIST's Body fulfil,

Till the last drop it drains
In His cup of all ill.

He, for us Who was spent,
In His fulness complete,

Shall Himself then present,
For His FATHER made meet.

Dread JEHOVAH we sing,
In CHRIST JESUS made known;

Of all martyrs the King,
Of all martyrs the Crown.

“Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.” 163. How happy the mortal Through pains and dismay, Who hath burst the portal To regions of day. Where death hath benighted, Ere life's sun went down, The faith that he plighted, With death he doth crown.

Our weak spirits languish
At the sound of death's feet;

But thou the stern anguish
Dost go forth to meet.

Yet nothing confounded
With rack and with chains,

Where death hath abounded
With tortures and pains.

Los from highest heaven,
His champion to own,

Between the clouds riven,
Is CHRIST looking down.

His hand hath He holden,
Where weak nature fails;

His Spirit doth embolden,
And in him prevails.

Shall we then soft-hearted
Seek ease and repose,

And sing the departed
In death and stern woes?

Let such themes of wonder
Arouse us from sleep,

Lest, woke by death's thunder
We wake but to weep.

The Ancient of days,

May we Thee inherit,
And sing of Thy praise.

“Have not I commanded thee be strong and of a good courage : be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed, for the Load thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.”

164. SING we the Martyrs blest, Their blood for JESUS poured;

• Sing we their glorious victories, And infinite reward.

Treading the world beneath,
Spurning the body's pain,
'Twas theirs, in martyrdom's brief space
Eternal joys to gain.

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