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O access dread, O bliss *
Of mutual love, ere this
To every soul in every age unknown!
When such the altar fire,
That lights thy pure desire,
What countless rays it scatters from its

Hence art thou ever prov'd
Loving, and ever lov’d;
Hence thy bright brow, and virgin modesty;
Hence all that heavenly beam,
That Angels might beseem,
Pour'd round thy 5. a circling galaxy

“He signified it by His Angel unto His servant John, who bare record of all things which he saw.” 28. AN exile from the Faith Of thy Incarnate LORD, Beyond the stars, beyond all space, Thy soul unprison'd soar'd :

There saw in glory Him

Who liveth, and was dead;
There Juda's Lion, and the Lamb,

That for our ransom bled:

There of the Kingdom learnt

The mysteries sublime-
How, sown in martyr's blood, the Faith

Should spread from clime to clime.

There the new City, bath'd

In her dear Spouse's light,
Pure seat of bliss, thy spirit saw,

And gloried in the sight.

Now to the Lamb's clear fount,

To drink of life their fill,
Thou callest all;-O LORD, in me,

This blessed thirst instil.

To JESUs, Virgin-born,

Praise with the FATHER be;
Praise to the SPIRIT Paraclete,

Through all eternity.

“The life was manifested, and we have seen it, and bear witness.” 29. THE life which GoD's Incarnate Word Liv'd here below with men, Three blest Evangelists record, With Heav'n-inspired pen: John penetrates on eagle wing The FATHER's dread abode; And shows the mystery wherein The Word subsists with GOD. Pure Saint! upon his SAVIouR's breast Invited to recline, 'Twas thence he drew, in moments blest, His knowledge all divine:

There too, with that angelic love
Did he his bosom fill,
Which, once enkindled from above,
Breathes in his pages still.
O, dear to CHRIST to thee upon
His cross, of all bereft,
Thou virgin soul, the Virgin Son
His Virgin Mother left.
To JESUs, born of Virgin bright,
Praise with the FATHER be ;
Praise to the SPIRIT Paraclete,
Through all eternity.

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“The Lord bringeth the counsels of princes to none effect.”

3O, WHEN it reach'd the #. ear, Brooding anxious all alone,

That the King of kings was near,
Who should sit on David's throne:

Stung with madness, straight he cries,
“Treason threatens—draw the sword
Rebels all around us rise!
Drown the cradles deep in blood!”
What is guilty Herod's gain,
Though a thousand babes he slay?
CHRIST, amid a thousand slain,
Is in safety borne away.

Honour, glory, virtue, merit,
Be to Thee, O Virgin's SoN 1

With the FATHER, and the SPIRIT,
While eternal ages run.

“These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb.” 31. LovELY flowers of martyrs, hail! Smitten by the tyrant foe On life's threshold,—as the gale Strews the roses ere they blow.

First to die for CHRIST, sweet lambs'
At the very altar ye,
With your martyr-crowns and palms,
Sport in your simplicity.
Honour, glory, virtue, merit,
Be to Thee, O Virgin's SoN
With the FATHER, and the SPIRIT,
While eternal ages run.

“They serve God day and night in His temple: they shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more. The Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall lead them unto living fountains of water.” 32. As wolves attack their helpless prey, So Herod holds his murd’rous way, And hopes, but O! he hopes in vain, To mingle JESUs with the slain.

The cradles flow with infant blood,
But GoD his fury hath withstood:
The LORD alone he sought to slay,
The LORD alone escapes away.

Ye mothers, let no tears be shed;
Yea, weep not though your babes be dead;
For now they stand around the throne,
And JESUS counts them as His own.

The FATHER's Name we loudly raise,
The SoN, the Virgin-born we praise,
The Holy GHost we all adore,
One GOD, both now and evermore.

CŞt Circumcision of Christ.

“There is mone other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved.”


'TIs for conquering kings to gain
Glory o'er their myriads slain;
JESU, Thy more glorious strife
Hath restored a world to life.

So no other Name is given
Unto mortals under Heaven,
Which can make the dead to rise,
And exalt them to the skies.

That which CHRIST so hardly wrought,
That which He so dearly bought,
That salvation, mortals, say,
Will you madly cast away?

Rather gladly for that name
Bear the cross, endure the shame;
Joyfully for Him to die
Is not death, but victory.
Dost Thou, JESU, condescend
To be call'd the sinner's friend ?
Ours then it shall always be
Thus to make our boast of Thee.

Glory to the FATHER be;
Glory, Virgin-born, to Thee;
Glory to the Holy GHOST,
Ever from the heavenly host.

“When eight days were accomplished for the circumcising of the Child, His name was called Jesus.”

34. THE Word, Who dwelt above the skies
With GoD, before the world began,
. Now on the virgin's bosom lies,
A helpless new born Child of man.

Already on His sinless head
The streams of wrath begin to flow;

Already on His infant bed,
The taste of grief the LORD must know.

The lowliest poverty He bears,
That we may be with wealth supplied;

He weeps, and by His precious tears,
A guilty world is purified.

A simple dress, a mean abode,
A life obscure His glory hide;

Proud man, behold thy lowly God!
And let the sight destroy thy pride.

O Thou, Who camest from the sky
To be the Lamb for sinners slain,

Thou wilt not leave Thy saints to die,
Nor let such toil be spent in vain.

The FATHER's Name we loudly raise,
The Virgin-born we all adore,

The Holy GHosT, One GoD we praise,
Both now on earth, and evermore.

“In Whom also ye are circumcised with the circumcision made without hands.”

35. THE year begins with Thee,
And Thou begin'st with woe:

To let the world of sinners see
That blood for sin must flow.

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