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By Blood and Water too,

GoD's mark is set on Thee,
That in Thee every faithful view

Both covenants might see.

O, are we born to tears,

Cradled in care and woe P
And seems it hard our tender years

Few joys of youth can show P

And fall the sounds of mirth

Sad on the lonely heart,
From all the hopes and charms of earth

Untimely call'd to part?

Look here and hold thy peace |

The Giver of all good
E’en from the womb takes no release

From suffering, tears, and blood.

If thou would'st reap in love,

First sow in holy fear;
So life a winter's morn may prove

To a bright endless year.

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“The Gentiles shall come to Thy light, and kings to the brightness of Thy rising.”

36. WHY, ruthless Herod, dost thou fear
Thy GoD should come, thy King appear P
He takes not earthly crowns away,
Who gives the crown that lasts for aye.

The wiser Magi saw from far
And followed on His guiding star, -
By light their way to Light they trod,
And hailed with incense-gifts their God.

In holy Jordan's purest wave
The heav'nly Lamb vouchsafed to lave,
That He, to Whom no sin was known,
Might cleanse His people from their own.

New miracle of power divine!.
The water reddens into wine:
He spake the word, and poured the wave
In other streams than nature gave.

All glory, LoRD, to Thee we pay
For Thine Epiphany to-day,
All glory as is ever meet,
To FATHER and to Paraclete. Amen.

“All they from Sheba shall come; they shall bring gold and incense, and they shall show forth the praises of the Lord.”

37. THAN mightiest cities mightier far,
Thou, Bethlehem, with thy crowning star,
Whose chosen lap receiv'd from Heaven
The Incarnate LoRD, for sinners given;

Star, whose bright glories far outrun
The radiant axle of the sun,
Heaven's herald, sent on earth to tell
That GoD made flesh on earth doth dwell.

Soon as the kings their King behold,
Their eastern gifts they straight unfold,
And prostrate all His throne before,
With incense, gold, and myrrh adore.

Pure incense for their God they bring,
With royal gold salute their King,
With spices rare, and fragrant myrrh,
They shadow forth His sepulchre.

JESUs, be Thou for ever bless'd,
Who to the Gentiles manifest,
With FATHER, SPIRIT, Three in One,
Art GoD while endless ages run.


“There shall come a Star out of Jacob.”

38. WHAT star is this, with beams so bright, Which shames the sun's less radiant light? 'Tis sent to announce a new-born King, Glad tidings of our GoD to bring.

'Tis now fulfilled what God decreed,
“From Jacob shall a star proceed:”
The eastern sages hail its rays,

And raptured stand in anxious gaze.

And soon within their hearts there shine
Rays fairer still and more divine,
Which summon them with force benign
To seek the Giver of the sign.

True love can brook no dull delay,+
Through toils and dangers lies their way:
And yet their home, their friends, their all,
They leave at once at GoD's high call.

O, while the star of heavenly grace
Invites us, LoRD, to seek Thy face,
May we no more that grace repel,
Or quench that light which shines so well!

To GoD the FATHER, GoD the SoN,
And Holy SPIRIT, Three in One,
May every tongue and nation raise
An endless song of thankful praise.

“Then I will sprinkle clean water upon you, and ye shall be clean, a new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you.” 39. It is not that the wave can wash our GoD,

But He doth consecrate the limpid wave; Touch'd by His flesh, as by a healing rod,

Water hath learn’d new virtue, strong to save.

The fountain long foretold is open free,
From guilty spot to wash the heart unseen ;

O miracle of wondrous potency,
The flesh is washed, the sin-stain’d soul is clean!
'Tis thus, immersed within the sacred flood,
The royal purple of the king of woe

Hath turn'd the natural wave to mystic blood,
Making robes wash'd therein all white as snow.

The Holy SPIRIT on a virgin came,
Thence GoD to us is born in wondrous love;

Upon the hallowed water came The Same,
And we therein are born to GoD above.

To Thee, Who washest the lost world with blood
All glory be as hath been heretofore;

With FATHER, and with SPIRIT, only good,
As hath been is, and shall be evermore.

“Lo, a voice from heaven, saying, This is My beloved SoN, in Whom I am well pleased.”

4O. Now JESUs lifts His prayer on high,
Emerging from the stream;
And lo! descending from the sky,
The SPIRIT's radiant beam.

Swift moving, like a beauteous dove,
To rest on Him alone;

“This,” saith the voice of GoD above,
“Is My beloved SoN.”

So those on whom is duly pour'd
The bless'd baptismal wave,

They too are children of the LoRD,
They too may ask and have.

Theirs is the holy purity,
And meekness of the dove;

To them the Holy GHosT is nigh,
To fill their souls with love.

LORD, since Thou hast remov’d our stain
In that most holy flood,
May no fresh sin destroy again
he cleansing of Thy blood!

Praise to the SoN, through Whom alone
Our stains of guilt are lost;

Like praise be to the FATHER done,
And to the Holy GHOST.

“And He went down to them, and came to Nazareth, and was subject unto them.” 41. IN stature grows the heavenly Child With death before His eyes; A Lamb unblemish'd, meek and mild, Prepar'd for Sacrifice.

The SoN of God His glory hides
With parents mean and poor :

And He, Who made the heavens, abides
In dwelling-place obscure.

Those mighty hands that stay the sky,
No earthly toil refuse,

And He, W. set the stars on high,
An humble trade pursues.

He Whom the choirs of Angels praise,
At Whose command they fly,

His earthly parents now obeys,
And lays His glory by.

The FATHER's Name we loudly raise,
The SoN we all adore,

The Holy GHosT, One GoD, we praise
Both now and evermore.

“He came unto His own, and His own received Him not.”

42. THROUGH Judah’s land the SAVIOUR walks,
The word of life to teach :
His own He seeks : His own refuse
To hearken to His speech.

And yet the miracles He works
The SoN of God proclaim ;

The deaf can hear, the dumb pronounce,
The great MESSIAH's Name.

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