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But no they turn their ears away,
His doctrine they repel;

They hate the sun, for ah! they love
Their night of sin too well.

But we, O GoD, Thy light desire
That shines so bright, so fair;

O guard our hearts, and let there be
No love of darkness there.

O ever on Thy chosen saints
Such blessings, LORD, bestow

O may Thy truth for ever shine,
Thy love for ever glow !

To GoD the FATHER, GoD the SoN,
And GoD the HoDY GHOST,

Be glory from the saints on earth,
And from the heavenly host.

“Alleluia! for the LoRD God Omnipotent reigneth.”

43. ALLELUIA! best and sweetest
Of the hymns of praise above!
Alleluia! thou repeatest,
Angel host, these notes of love.
This ye utter,
While your golden harps ye move.

Alleluia! church victorious,
Join the concert of the sky |
Alleluia! bright and glorious,
Lift ye saints, this strain on high
We, poor exiles,
Join not yet your melody.

Alleluia! strains of gladness,
Suit not souls with anguish torn:
Alleluia! sounds of sadness
Best become our state forlorn :
Our offences
We with bitter tears must mourn.

But our earnest supplication,
Holy GoD ! we raise to Thee:
Visit us with Thy salvation,
Make us all Thy joys to see.
Ours at length this strain shall be.

“Thou shalt call His Name Jesus, for He shall save His people from their sins.” 44. JESU the very thought of Thee, With sweetness fills my breast: But sweeter far Thy face to see, And in Thy presence rest.

Nor voice can sing, nor heart can frame,
Nor can the memory find,

A sweeter sound than Thy blest Name,
O SAVIOUR of mankind

O Hope of every contrite heart,
O. Joy of all the meek,

To those who fall, how kind Thou art 1
How good to those who seek 1

But what to those who find? ah! this
Nor tongue nor pen can show :

The love of JESUs, what it is,
None but His lov’d ones know.

JESU our only Joy be Thou,
As Thou our Prize wilt be;

JESU be Thou our Glory now,
And through eternity.

“A Name that is above every name.” 45. O JESU King most wonderful! Thou Conqueror renown'd? Thou Sweetness most ineffable, In Whom all joys are found !

When once Thou visitest the heart,
Then truth begins to shine,


Then earthly vanities de
Then kindles love divine.

O JESU Light of all below,
Thou Fount of life and fire,

Surpassing all the joys we know,
All that we can desire.

May every heart confess Thy Name,
And ever Thee adore;

And seeking Thee, itself inflame
To seek Thee more and more.

Thee may our tongues for ever bless;
Thee may we love alone;

And ever in our lives express
The image of Thine Own.

“At the Name of Jesus every knee shall bow.”

O JESU Thou the beauty art
Of angel worlds above;

Thy Name is music to the heart,
Enchanting it with love.

Celestial sweetness unalloy'd 1
Who eat Thee, hunger still,

Who drink of Thee still feel a void,
Which nought but Thou can fill.

O my sweet JESU hear the sighs
Which unto Thee I send;

To Thee mine inmost spirit cries,
My being's hope and end 1

Stay with us, LoRD, and with Thy light
Illume the soul's abyss;

Scatter the darkness of our night
And fill the world with bliss.

O JESU 1 spotless Virgin Flower
Our life and joy! to Thee

Be praise, beatitude and power,
o all eternity.


“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

Holy JESUS, SAVIOUR bless'd,
As, by passion strong possess'd
Through this world of sin we stray,
Thou to guide us art the Way.

Holy JESUs, when the night
Of error blinds our clouded sight,
Round the cheering day to throw,
SAVIOUR, then the Truth art Thou.

Holy JESUs, when our power
Fails us in temptation's hour,
All unequal to the strife,
Thou to aid us art the Life.

Who would reach his heavenly home,
Who would to the FATHER come,
Who the FATHER's presence see,
JESUs, he must come by Thee.

Channel of the FATHER's Grace,
Image of the FATHER's Face,
SAviour bless'd, Incarnate SoN,
With the FATHER Thou art One.

Glory to the FATHER be ;
Glory, only SoN, to Thee ;
And, of equal power confess'd,
Glory to the SPIRIT bless'd.

“Now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face.”

48. O Thou, who by a star didst guide

The wise men on their way,
Until it came and stood beside
The place where JESUS lay:

Though by a star Thou dost not lead
Thy servants now below;

Yet Thy good Spirit, when they need,
Will show them how to go.

Though now we know Thee but in part,
'Tis written in Thy word,

That “blessed are the pure in heart,
For they shall see the LoRD.”

O SAVIOUR, give, as then, Thy grace
To make us pure in heart;

That we may see Thee face to face,
Hereafter, as Thou art!

To GoD the FATHER, GoD the SON,
And GoD the Holy GHOST,

By men on earth all praise be done,
And by the i.o. host.

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“Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts, and let him return unto the Lord, and He will have mercy upon him.” 49. THOU, Great Creator, art possess'd, And Thou alone, of endless rest, To Angels only it belongs To lift to Thee their ceaseless songs.

But we must toil and toil again,
With ceaseless woe, and endless pain;
How then can we, in exile drear,
Raise the glad song of glory here P

O Thou, Who wilt forgiving be
To all who truly turn to Thee,
Grant us to mourn the heavy cause
Of all our woe, Thy broken laws.

Then to the sharp and wholesome grief,
Let faith and hope bring due relief.
And we, too, shall be soon possess'd,
Of ceaseless songs, of endless rest.

To GoD the FATHER, GoD the SoN,

And GoD the SPIRIT, Three in One,

Let equal praise to each be given,

By men and angels, earth and heaven.

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