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Our Sun and Shield, behold from high,
Bid all the powers of darkness fly,
Thy servants guard and guide for good,
The purchase of Thy precious Blood.

Remember us, dear LORD, we pray,
In this frail body's laggard clay,
Who dost the immortal soul defend,
Be with us, SAVIouR, to the end.

To GoD, the Eternal Three in One,
To FATHER, and Co-equal SoN,
And Holy GHOST, all glory be,
Now and through all eternity.

“Obedient unto death, even the death of the Cross.”

57. IN the LORD's atoning grief
Be our rest and sweet relief;
Store we deep in heart's recess
All the shame and bitterness.

Thorns, and cross, and nails, and lance,
Wounds, our treasure that enhance,
Winegar, and gall, and reed,
And the pang His soul that freed:

May these all our spirits sate,
And with love inebriate;
In our souls plant virtue's root,
And mature its glorious fruit.

Crucified we Thee adore,
Thee with all our hearts implore,
Us with saintly bands unite
In the realms of heavenly light.

CHRIST by coward hands betrayed,
CHRIST 1 for us a captive made,
CHRIST upon the bitter tree
Slain for man, be praise to Thee.

“Have mercy upon me, O Lord, Thou Son of David.”


SAVIOUR, when in dust to Thee
Low we bend the adoring knee;
When, repentant, to the skies
Scarce we lift our weeping eyes,
O by all Thy Pains and Woe,
Suffered once for man below:—
Bending from Thy Throne on high,
Hear our solemn litany!

By Thy Birth and early Years,
By Thy Life of want and tears,
By Thy Fasting and distress
In the lonely wilderness,
By Thy Victory in the hour
Of the subtle Tempter's power:-
JESUs, look with pitying eye,
Hear our solemn litany!

By the sacred griefs that wept
O'er the grave where Lazarus slept;
By Thy bitter Tears that flowed
Over Salem's loved abode ;
By the anguished sigh that told
Treason lurked within Thy fold:—
JESUs, look with nitving eye,
Hear our solemn litany!

By Thine agony of grief,
By Thy pleading for relief,
By the purple robe of scorn,
By Thy Wounds, Thy Crown of Thorn,
Cross and Passion, Pangs and Cries,
By Thy perfect Sacrifice;—
JESUs, look with pitying eye,
Hear our solemn litany!

By Thy deep expiring Groan,
By the seal’d sepulchral stone,
By Thy i. o'er the grave,
By Thy Power from death to save;—

Mighty GOD, ascended LoRD,
To Thy Throne in Heaven restored,
Prince and SAVIOUR, hear the cry,
Of our solemn litany!

“One of the soldiers with a spear pierced His side, and forthwith came thereout blood and water.”

59. RoCK of Ages!' cleft for me,
Let me hide myself in Thee;
Let the water and the blood,
From Thy wounded side which flow'd,
Be of sin the double cure;
Save from wrath, and make me pure.

Merit I have none to bring,
Only to Thy Cross I cling:
Should my tears for ever flow,
Should my zeal no languor know,
All for sin could not atone;
Thou must save, and Thou alone.

While I draw this fleeting breath,
When mine eyelids close in death,
When I rise to worlds unknown,
See Thee on Thy judgment throne,
Rock of Ages! cleft for me,
Let me hide myself in Thee.

* Enter not into judgment with Thy servant, O Lord ; for in Thy sight shall no man living be justified.” 6O. O Lord turn not Thy face away From us who lie prostrate, Lamenting sore our sinful life, Before Thy mercy's gate; Which Thou dost open wide to those That do lament their sin: O shut it not against us, LORD ! But let us enter in.

Call us not to a strict account,
How we have lived here;

For then we know right well, O LORD !
Most vile we shall appear.

O Lord, we need not to repeat
What now we beg and crave;

For Thou dost know before we ask
The thing that we would have.

Mercy, good LoRD, mercy we ask,
This is the total sum,

For mercy, LoRD, is all our suit,
O let Thy mercy come!

“God forbid that I should glory save in the Cross of our LoRD Jesus CHR1st, by Whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world.” 61. WHEN I survey the wondrous Cross, On which the Prince of Glory died, My richest gain I count but loss, And pour contempt on all my pride.

Forbid it, LoRD, that I should boast,
Save in the death of CHRIST my God!

All the vain things that charm me most
I sacrifice them to His Blood.

See from His head, His hands, His feet,
Sorrow and love flow mingling down!

Did e'er such love and sorrow meet,
Or thorns compose so rich a crown P

Were the whole realm of nature mine,
That were a present far too small;

Love so amazing, so divine,
Demands my soul, my life, my all.

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62. O'ERWHELMED in depths of woe,
Upon the tree of scorn,
Hangs the Redeemer of mankind,
With racking anguish torn.

See how the nails those hands
And feet so tender rend;

See down His face, and neck, and breast
His sacred Blood descend.

Hark! with what awful cry
His Spirit takes its flight;

That cry, it pierced His mother's heart,
And whelmed her soul in night.

Earth hears, and to its base
Rocks wildly to and fro;

Tombs burst, seas, rivers, mountains quake;
The veil is rent in two.

The sun withdraws his light;
The mid-day heavens grow pale;

The moon, the stars, the universe,
Their Maker's death bewail.

Shall man alone be mute P
Come, youth and hoary hairs'

Come, rich and poor come, all mankind,
And bathe those feet in tears.

Come! fall before His Cross,
Who shed for us His Blood;

Who died the Victim of pure love,
To make us sons of GoD.

JESU ' all praise to Thee,
Our joy and endless rest!

Be Thou our guide while pilgrims here,
Our crown amid the blest.

CŞt jifts) #umbap in Lent, OTHERWISE CALLED PASSION SUNDAY. “Remember that I stood before Thee to speak good for them, and to turn away Thy wrath from them.” 63. THE Royal Banners forward go, The Cross shines forth in mystic glow ; Where He in flesh, our flesh Who made, Our sentence bore, our ransom paid.

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