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Where deep for us the spear was dyed,
Life's torrent rushing from His side,
To wash us in that precious flood
Where mingled Water flowed and Blood.

Fulfilled is all that David told
In true Prophetic song of old;
Amidst the nations GoD, saith he,
Hath reign'd and triumphed from the Tree.

O Tree of beauty, Tree of light !
O Tree with royal purple dight!
Elect on whose triumphal breast
Those holy limbs should find their rest:

On whose dear arms, so widely flung,
The weight of this world's ransom hung;
The price of human kind to pay,
And spoil the Spoiler of his prey.
To Thee, Eternal Three in One,
Let homage meet by all be done:
Whom by the Cross Thou dost restore
Preserve and govern evermore

“And Abraham took the wood of the burnt-offering, and laid it upon Isaac his son.”

“And they took Jesus, and led Him away. And He, bearing His Cross, went forth into a place called the place of a skull, which is called in the Hebrew Golgotha, where they crucified Him.”

64. HIs trial o'er and now beneath

His own Cross faintly bending,

JESUS, true Isaac, to His death

Is wearily ascending.

And now, His hands and feet pierced through,
Upon the Cross they raise Him,

Where even now, in distant view,
The eye of faith surveys Him.

O wondrous love, which GoD, most high,
Toward man was pleased to cherish

His sinless SoN He gave to die,
That sinners might not perish.

Our sin's pollution to remove,
His Blood was asked and given,

So mighty was the SAviour's love,
So vast the wrath of heaven.

Yes! 'tis the Cross that breaks the rod
And chain of condemnation,

And makes a league 'twixt man and GoD,
For our entire salvation.

O praise the FATHER, praise the SoN,
The LAMB for sinners given,

And Holy GHosT, through Whom alone
Our hearts are raised to heaven.

* It is finished.” 65. SEE the destined day arise; See, a willing sacrifice, JESUS, to redeem our loss, Hangs upon the shameful Cross.

JESU' who but Thou had borne, Lifted on that tree of scorn, Every pang and bitter throe, Finishing Thy life of woe? Who but Thou had dared to drain, Steeped in gall, the Cup of pain; And with tender body bear Thorns, and Nails, and piercing Spear? Thence the cleansing Water flowed, Mingled from Thy Side with Blood; Sign to all attesting eyes Of the finish’d Sacrifice. Holy JESU grant us grace In * Sacrifice to place All our trust for life renew’d, - Pardoned sin, and promised good. When this hymn is sung on Good Friday, the following words may be introduced between each verse: “Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by P Behold, and see if there be any sorrow like unto My sorrow.”

“I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabi

tants of Jerusalem, the Spirit of grace and of supplication:

and they shall look upon Me Whom they have pierced.”

66. Now, my soul, thy voice upraising,
Sing the Cross in mournful strain;

Tell the sorrows all-amazing,
Tell the Wounds, the dying pain,
Which our SAVIOUR

Sinless bore, for sinners slain.

He, the cruel scourge enduring,
Ransom for our sins to pay,
By His stripes transgressors curing,
Raising those who wounded lay,
Bore our sorrows,
And removed our pains away.

He to freedom hath restored us
By the very bonds. He bare;
His nail-pierced Limbs afford us
Each a stream of mercy rare:
Nailed, He draws us
To the Cross, and keeps us there.

When His painful life was ended,
From that Fount, His wounded Side,
Blood and Water straight descended,
Each a Sacramental tide;
One to cleanse us,
One to feed our souls, applied.

JESU may Thy promised blessing
Comfort to our souls afford;
May we, now Thy love possessing,
And at length our o reward,
Ever praise Thee,
Thee, our ever-glorious LoRD !

“Now there stood by the Cross of Jesus His Mother.”

67. By the Cross, sad vigil keeping, Stood the Mother doleful, weeping, Where her Son extended hung :

For her soul, of joy bereaved,
Smit with anguish, deeply grieved,
Lo! the piercing sword had wrung.

O, how sad and sore distressed
Now was she, that Mother blessed
Of the Sole-begotten One !
Woe-begone, with heart's prostration,
Mother meek, the bitter Passion
Saw she of her glorious Son.

Who, on CHRIST's fond Mother looking,
Such extreme affliction brooking,
Born of woman, would not weep?
Who, on CHRIST's fond Mother thinking,
Such a cup of sorrow drinking,
Would not share her sorrows deep?

For His people's sins rejected,
She her JESUs unprotected
Saw with thorns, with scourges rent:
Saw her Son from judgment taken,
Her Beloved in death forsaken,
Till His spirit forth He sent.

With Thy Mother's deep devotion
Make me feel her strong emotion,
Fount of love, Redeemer kind;
That my heart, fresh ardour proving,
Thee my GoD and SAVIou R loving,
May with Thee acceptance find

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In which is set forth the earceeding ingratitude of His chosen people towards our Blessed Lord, and of those who by their sins crucify Him to themselves afresh. Praise is offered unto Him Who as on this day became for our sakes obedient unto death— even the death of the Cross.

O My people, what have I done to thee? or wherein have I wearied thee P Answer Me. Because I brought thee out of the land of Egypt, thou hast prepared a Cross for thy SAVIOUR. (Micah vi.) Holy GoD, Holy and Mighty, Holy and Immortal, have mercy upon us. Because I led thee through the wilderness forty rears, and fed thee with manna, and brought thee into a land exceeding good, thou hast prepared a Cross for thy SAVIOUR. Holy GoD, Holy and Mighty, Holy and Immortal, have mercy upon us. What could I have done more for thee, that I have not done? I planted thee indeed My choicest vine, and thou hast turned for Me into exceeding bitterness: thou gavest vinegar to quench My thirst, and piercedst with a lance the side of thy SAVIOUR. (Micah v. 2.) Holy GoD, Holy and Mighty, Holy and Immortal, have mercy upon us. For thy sake I scourged Egypt with its first born, and thou deliveredst Me to be scourged. O My people, what have I done to thee, or wherein have I wearied thee P answer Me. I opened the sea before thee: and thou openedst My side with a spear. O My people, what have I done to thee, or wherein have I wearied thee P answer Me. I went before thee in a pillar of cloud : and thou leddest Me before Pilate's judgment seat. O My people, what have I done to thee, or wherein have I wearied thee P answer Me. I gave thee a royal sceptre : and thou gavest My head a crown of thorns. O My people, what have I done to thee, or wherein have I wearied thee P answer Me. Thou art worthy, O LORD, to receive glory, for Thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to GoD by Thy Blood, for Thou becamest obedient unto death—even the death of the Cross.

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