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SING, my tongue, the SAVIOUR's glory,
Tell #. triumph far and wide,

Tell aloud the famous story
Of His Body crucified;

How upon the Cross a Victim,
Wanquishing in death, He died.

Eating of the tree forbidden,
Man had sunk in Satan's snare,

When our pitying Creator
Did this second Tree prepare;

Destined many ages later,
That first evil to repair.

So when now at length the fulness
Of the sacred time drew nigh,

Then the SoN, the world's Creator,
Left His FATHER's throne on high;

From a Virgin's womb appearing
Cloth'd in our mortality.

Thus did CHRIST to perfect manhood
In our mortal flesh attain,

Then of His free choice He goeth
To a death of bitter pain;

And as a lamb upon the altar
Of the Cross, for us is slain.

Lo, with gall His thirst He quenches!
See the thorns upon His brow!

Nails His tender flesh are rending !
See, His side is open now!

Whence, to cleanse the whole creation,
Streams of Blood and Water flow.

Blessing, honour everlasting,
To the immortal Deity;
To the FATHER, SoN, and SPIRIT,
Equal praises ever be :
Glory through the earth and Heaven
To Trinity in Unity.

(taster. “The Lord is risen indeed, and hath appeared unto Simon.”

68. JESUS CHRIST is risen to-day,


Our triumphant holy day,

Who did once upon the Cross,

Suffer to redeem our loss,

Hymns of praise, then, let us sing,
Unto CHRIST our heavenly jo,
Who endured the Cross and Grave,
Sinners to redeem and save,

But the pain which He endured,
Our salvation hath procured,
Now above the sky He's King,
Where the angels ever sing:

“This day shall be unto you for a memorial; ye shall keep
it a feast by an ordinance for ever.”
“This is the day the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be
glad in it.”
69. CHILDREN of men, this Day we sing
The King of Heaven, the glorious King,
Whose rising makes creation ring.
On the first morning of the week,
Before the day began to break,
They went their buried LoRD to seek.

f Both Mary, as it came to pass,

And Mary Magdalene it was,

And Mary, wife of Cleophas.

An Angel clad in white was he,

That sat and spake unto the three,_

“Your LORD is gone to Galilee.”

When John the Apostle heard the fame, He to the tomb, and Peter came,

But on the way out-ran the same.

That night the Apostles met in fear;

Amidst them came their LORD most dear,

And said, “Peace be unto all here.”

When Didymus had after heard,

That JESUs had fulfilled His word,

He doubted if it were the LoRD.

“Thomas, behold My Side,” saith He,

“My Hands, My Flesh, My Body see,

And doubt not, but believe in Me.”

He saw the Feet, the Hands, the Side;—

No longer Thomas then denied;

“Thou art my LoRD and GoD,” he cried. Alleluia!

Blessed are they who have not seen,
And yet whose faith hath constant been;
In life eternal they shall reign.


In this most holy day of days,
Be laud, and jubilee, and praise,
To GoD both hearts and voices raise.

And we with Holy Church unite,

As is both meet, and just, and right,

In glory to the King of Light.

“Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us : therefore let us keep the feast : not with the old leaven, neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.”

7O. IN garments bright of virgin white,

The true Lamb's royal banquet round,
The Red Sea vast in safety past,
To CHRIST our King the triumph sound.

His Love Divine brings forth the wine,
The mystic Cup of sacred Blood;

His Love, the Priest, for that dread feast
The Victim slays, Himself the Food.

The blood-drops red on lintel spread,
The wasting angel passes o'er,

The waters wide aghast divide,
The o'erwhelmed hosts are seen no more.

In CHRIST we view the image true,
The very Paschal Victim He;

The leaven sure of spirits pure,
The leaven of sincerity.

True Victim given from highest Heaven,
Whom deeps of hell their Conqueror own;
Who death's strong chain hath rent in twain,
And rescued life's unfading crown.

The victory won, hell-powers o'erthrown,
CHRIST's banner waves in open sky,

Heaven's gates, behold ! to Him unfold,
And dragged in chains the dark King lie.

O JESU blest, to every breast,
Unceasing Paschal gladness be!

From blasting breath of sin and death
The new-born sons of life set free.

FATHER, to Thee all glory be,
And SoN, Who from the dead art raised,

And SPIRIT blest, with Both confest,
One GoD, through endless ages praised.

“Buried with Him in Baptism, wherein also ye are risen with Him through the faith of the operation of God, Who hath raised Him from the dead.” 71. O THou, the Heaven's eternal King, LoRD of the starry spheres Who with the FATHER equal art From everlasting years :

All praise to Thy most holy Name,
Who, when the world began,

Yoking the soul with clay, didst form
In Thine Own Image, man.

And praise to Thee, Who, when the foe
Had marred Thy work sublime,

Clothing Thyself in flesh, didst mould
Our race a second time.

When from the tomb new-born, as from
A Virgin born before,

Thou didst reverse our fallen state,
And life to man restore.

Eternal Shepherd, Who Thy flock
In Thy pure Font dost lave,

Where souls are cleansed, and all their guilt
Buried as in a grave:

JESU, Who to the Cross wast nailed,
Our countless debt to pay;

JESU, Who lavishly didst pour
Thy Blood for us away :

O, from the wretched death of sin
Keep us, so shalt Thou be

The everlasting Paschal joy
Of all new-born in Thee.

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