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But, LORD, our hearts with holy peace,
And love, and concord, join ;

These are the fruits that certify
That we are truly Thine.

Eternal glory be ascribed
To GoD, Who reigns above,

By Whom is sent into our souls
The grace of holy love.

* Let us watch and be sober.” IO5. THE cock's shrill horn proclaims the morn And heralds forth the rising light, CHRIST's startling eye, so keen and nigh, Wakes to new life the slumbering sprite.

“Take up,” He cries, “your bed and rise,
In palsied sleep no longer lie;

With loins in up and sober cup,
Keep vigil. I, the LORD, am nigh.”

Yea, Thee let all, LORD JESU, call,
With prayers and tears chaste vigil keep;

The prayer intent true hearts present,
Would have the spirit wake and weep.

Break Thou the spell, our eyes unseal,
Thou, JESU, burst the bonds of night,

Spoil the stronghold of trespass old,
And fill us with Thine own new light.

FATHER, to Thee all glory be,
And Thee, Alone Co-equal SON,

And Spirit Blest, with Both confest,
Now, and while endless ages run.

“And this commandment have we from Him, That he who loveth God, love his brother also.”

1O6. O'TIS our duty first of all
To love the LoRD Most High :

And next we learn to keep the law
Of holy charity.

O LORD, our fellowship regard
In Thy great Name begun ;

In number though we many be,
Yet all our hearts are one.

And faith is ours, and truth sincere,
And grace, and holy joy;

O then, may no unholy strife
This sacred love destroy

But teach us, LORD, more strictly still
This holy rule to keep,
With saints rejoicing to rejoice,
With weeping saints to weep.
Triune JEHovah to Thy Name
Be endless glory given,
Who fashionest, with holy love,
The hearts of Thine for Heaven.

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“And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit. . . . and the evening and the morning were the third day.”

1O7. CREATOR, great and good,

Who broughtst the mountains forth, And rolling back the o'erwhelming flood, Didst fix the enthronéd earth;

Where robed in verdure meet,
And crowned with golden flowers,

And teeming with her fruitage sweet,
Delightsome food she showers;

Cleanse with Thy freshening grace,
Our blighted spirit's sore;

Let her with tears the past efface,
And learn to sin no more:

But hearkening to Thy voice,
Escape each blasting breath,

With goodness filled in life rejoice,
Nor know the sting of death.

This grant us, FATHER kind,
And Thou, Co-equal SoN,

And Holy GHosT, with Both enshrined,
Eternal Three in One.

“Whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with

it; or one member be honoured, all the members rejoice with

it; now ye are the body of CHRIST, and members in parti


IO8. O LoRD, how joyful 'tis to see
The brethren join in love to Thee ;
On Thee alone their heart relies,
Their only strength Thy grace supplies.

How sweet, within Thy holy place,
With one accord to sing Thy grace,
Besieging Thine attentive ear,
With all the force of fervent prayer.

O, may we love the House of GoD,
Of peace and joy the blest abode 1
O, may no angry strife destroy
That sacred peace, that holy joy!

The world without may rage, but we
Will only cling more close to Thee,
With hearts to Thee more wholly given,
More weaned from earth, more fixed on heaven.

LORD, shower upon us from above,
The sacred gift of mutual love;
Each other's wants may we supply,
And reign together in the sky!

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“The day is Thine, and the night is Thine, Thou hast prepared the light and the sun.” IO9. THE wonders of the Almighty Hand Devoutly we admire, Inscribed upon the vault above In characters of fire.

The sun is ruler of the day,
The moon controls the night;

The starry hosts adorn the sky
With varied streams of light.

This ruler of the day must set,
And hide his dazzling rays,

The moon and starry hosts observe
Their own appointed days.

Thus still revolves each orb of light,
Now hidden, now displayed;

Thou, LORD, for ever art the same,
Thy mercy knows no shade.

O, fear not, doubt not, that our God
Hath all a FATHER's care,

With joy to heaven your hearts uplift,
For endless joys are there.

All glory to the Three in One,
The GoD of joy and peace,

Who comforts those who trust in Him,
And bids their sorrows cease.

“The Lord my God will enlighten my darkness.”

11O. NIGHT, and clouds in darkness sailing,

This world's chaos, wild and drear,< Light is entering, heaven unveiling, HRIST is coming;-disappear.

Heaven's dark pall in sunder falleth,
By the sun's bright arrow strook

Earth her thousand hues recalleth
At his all-enlightening look.

Thee, True Sun, alone adore we,
Thee with pure and single heart,

Thee with plaintive chant implore we,
O'er our souls Thy flame to dart.

Many a spot, our bosoms staining,
Must Thy brightness cleanse away;

O of Angels Light unwaning,
Look on us, and make it day.

To the FATHER lauds unending,
To the SoN and SPIRIT Blest,

Still from aye to aye ascending,
Be throughout all worlds addressed.

“In the Way of Thy judgments, O Lord, have we waited for Thee; the desire of our soul is to Thy Name and to the remembrance of Thee ; with my soul have I desired Thee in the night, yeawith my spirit within me will I seek Thee early.” Ill. THY promise, LORD, is our sure stay, Thy faith immoveable, To Thee we turn at dawning day, To Thee our wants we tell.

Man's promise in the hour of need,
Frail as himself is found,

Which fails, and like the broken reed,
The leaning hand doth wound.

Blessed is he who in Thy breast
Himself doth wholly hide;

No whirlwind's power shall break their rest
Who in that Rock abide.

Lest our hearts fail, Thy hand shall hold
With sacramental ties;
Hope on the mighty pledge made bold,
o endless good shall rise—

Springs to Thy throne on mercy's gleam,
And casts aside her care,

And drinks of the celestial stream
Which flows for ever there.

Of grace, adored TRINITY,
The everlasting spring,

Sole Hope of safety, unto Thee
With our whole heart we cling.

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