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But O! when thou shalt loose my tongue

The dumb shall sing thy praise. , 7 Lame at the pool I stil am found:

Give, and my strength employ;
Light as a hart I then shall bound,

I'he lame shall leap for joy. 8 Blind from my birth to guilt and thee;

And dark I am within;
The love of God I cannot see,

The sinfulness of sin.
9 But thou, they say, art passing by,

O let me find thee near! Jesus, in mercy, hear my cry,

Thou Son of David, hear! 10 Long have I waited in the way,

For thee the heavenly light; Command me to be brought, and say, “ Sinner, receive thy sight.”

S. M. 278. To obtain mercy.

1 Tim. i. 16. My gracious, loving Lord,

To thee what shall I say? Well may I tremble at thy word,

And scarce presume to pray. 2 Ten thousand wants have li

Alas! I all things want!
But thou hast bid me always cry,

And never never faint.
Yet Lord, well might I fear,

Fear e'en to ask thy grace, so oft have I, alas! drawn near,

And mock'd thee to thy face. A With all pollution stain'd,

Thy hallow'd courts I trod; Thy name and temple I profan'd, And dar'd to call thee God!

5 Nigh with my lips I drew:

My lips were all unclean;
Thee with my heart I never knew;

My heart was full of sin. 6 Far from the living Lord,

Far, far from God and heav'n, Thy purity I still abhorr'd,

Nor look'd to be forgiv'n.

P. M. 279. My peace I give unto you. John xw. 23. · LAMB of God for sinners slain,

To thee I humbly pray:
Heal me of my grief and pain,

O take my sins away.
From this bondage, Lord, release;

No longer let me be opprest;
Jesus, master, seal my peace,

And take me to thy breast! 2 Wilt thou cast a singer out,

Who humbly comes to thee!
No, my God, I cannot doubt:

Thy mercy is for me:
Let me then obtain the grace,

And be of paradise possest:
Jesus, master, seal my peace,

And take me to thy breast! 3 Worldly good I do not want:

Be that to others giv’n;
Only for thy love I pant;

My all in earth or hear'n;
This the crown I fain would seize,

The good wherewith I would be blest;
Jesus, master, seal my peace,

And take me to thy breast! 4 This delight I fain would prove,

And then resign my breath! Join the happy few whose love Was mightier than death!

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Let it not, my Lord, displease,

That I would die to be thy guest! Jesus, master, seal my peace,

And take me to thy breast!


P. M.
Jesus, thou Son of David, have mercy on

me. Mark x. 47..
JESUS, full of all compassion,

Hear thy humble suppliant's cry; Let me know thy great salvation; • See! I languish, faint, and die. 2 Guilty, but with heart relenting,

Overwhelm'd with helpless grief, Prostrate at thy feet repenting,

Send, 0 send me quick relief! 3 Whither should a wretch be flying,

But to him who confort gives? Whither, from the dread of dying,

But to him who ever lives? 4 While I view thee, wounded, grieving,

Breathless, on the cursed tree, Fain I'd feel my heart believing

'That thou suffer'dst thus for me, 5 Without thee, the world possessing,

I should be a wretch undone; Search through heaven,--the land of blessing,

Seeking good, and finding none. 6 Hear, then, blessed Saviour, hear me!

My soul cleaveth to the dust; Send the Comforter to cheer me;

Lo! in thee I put my trust.
1 Sav'd—the deed shall spread new glory

Through the shining realms above!
Angels sing the pleasing story,
All enraptur'd with thy love!

P. M. 281. Longing for an Interest in the Redeemer. G RACIOUS Lord, incline thine ear!

My requests vouch safe to hear; Hear my never-ceasing cry

Give me Christ, or else I die. 2 Lord deny me what thou wilt,

Only ease me of my guilt:
Suppliant at thy feet I lie,

Give me Christ, or else I die. 3 All unholy and unclean,

I am nothing else but sin;
On thy mercy I rely,

Give me Christ, or else I die. • Thou dost freely save the lost;

In thy grace alone I trust:
With my earnest suit comply;

Give me Christ, or else I die.
5 Father, dost thou seem to frown?

Let me shelter in thy Son!
Jesus! to thine arms I fly;
Come and save me, or I die.

P. M. 282

The Penitent's Prayer.
VATHER of mercies, God of love!

Oh! hear a humble suppliant's cry:
Bend from thy lofty seat above,

Thy throne of glorious majesty: O! deign to listen to my voice,

And bid this drooping heart rejoice. 2 I urge no merits of my own,

For I, alas! am all that's vile: No_when I bow before thy throne,

Darc to converse with God awhile, Thy name, blest Jesus, is my plea, That dearest, sweetest name to me!

3 Within this heart of mine, I feel

The weight of sin's oppressive load:
Oh! help! or else I sink to hell,

Crush'd by thine arm, avenging God!
Entomb'd within that dread abyss,
And exil'd from the realms of bliss!

P. M. 283.

The Penitent pardoned. 1 SOVEREIGN Ruler, Lord of all,

Prostrate at thy feet I fall: Hear, oh hear my ardent cry,

Frown not, lest I faint and die! 2 Vilest of the sons of men,

Worst of rebels I have been!
Oft abus'd thee to thy face,

Trampled on thy richest grace. 3 Justly might thy vengeful dart,

Pierce this broken, bleeding heart;
Justly might thy kindled ire

Blast me in eternal fire.
4 But with thee there's mercy found,

Balm to heal my ev'ry wound;
Thou canst sooth the troubled breast,
Give the wcary wand'rer rest.


attend, Show thyself the sinner's friend; Bid the sufferer cease to mourn,

Bid the prodigal return!
6 Clasp me in thine arms of love,

Let me all thy fondness prove,
I die if thou canst not forgive,
But whisper “pardoued,” and I live!

L. M. 284.

The Dying Sinner's Prayer; or, the

Prayer of Old Age. O THOU that dost in secret

see, 193

prayer, ,

5 Then my

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