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Thrice holy, Lord! the angels cry:

Thrice holy, let us sing. 2 Holy is he in all his works,

And saints are his delight;
But sinners and their wicked ways

Are hateful in his sight.
3 The deepest rev'rence, homage, love,

Pay, O my soul, to God;
Lift with thy hands a holy heart

To his sublime abode.
4 Thou, righteous God! preserve my mind

From all pollution free;
Thine image form within my breast,

That I thy face may see. 29.

(44.) C. M.
GOD is a Spirit, just and wise;

He sees our inmost mind.
In vain to heav'n we raise our cries,

And leave our souls behind.
2 Nothing but truth before his throne

With honour can appear.
The painted hypocrites are known

Through the disguise they wear. 3 Their lifted eyes salute the skies,

Their bended knees the ground : But God abhors the sacrifice,

Where not the heart is found. Lord! search my thoughts, and try my ways

And make my soul sincere: Then shall I stand before thy face,

And find acceptance there. 30.

(46.) C. M.

God no respecter of persons. · WITH eye impartial, heav’n’s high King

Surveys each human tribe;

No earthly pomp nis eyes can charm,

Nor wealth his favour bribe.
% The rich and poor, of equal clay,

His pow'rful hand did frame;
All souls are his, and him alike

Their common Parent claim,
S Ye sons of men of high degree,

Your great Superior own;
Praise him for all his gifts, and pay

Your homage at his throne.
to Trust in the Lord, ye humble poor,

And banish ev'ry fear: The God you serve will ne'er forsake

The man of heat sincere. 31.

(50.). P. M.

God faithful. 1 THE promises I sing,

Which love supreme hath spoker
Nor will th' eternal King
His words of

grace revoke.
They stand secure
And steadfast still:
Not Sion's hill

Abides so sure.

2 T'he mountains melt away,

When once the Judge appears;
And sun and moon decay,
That measure mortal years:

But still the same,
In radiant lines,
llis promise shines

Through all the flame. $ Their harmony shall sound

Thro' my attentive ears,
When thunders cleave the ground,
And dissipate the spheres.

Midst all the shock Of that dread scene, l'll stand serene,

Thy word my rock. 32.

(51) C. M.
God benevolent and merciful.
THY ceaseless, unexhausted love,

Unmerited and free,
Delights our evil to remove,

And help our misery.
2 Thou waitest to be gracious still;

Thou dost with sinners bear";
That, sav’d, we may thy goodness ie..

And all thy grace declare.
3 Thy goodness and thy truth, lɔ m',

To ev'ry soul abound; A vast unfathomable sea,

Where all our thoughts are drc ni po 4 Its streams the whole creation rean,

So plenteous is the store; Enough for all, enough for each,

Enough for evermore. 5 Faithful, O Lord, thy mereies are;

A rock which cannot move: A thousand promises declare

Thy constancy of love.
6 Throughout the universe it reigns,

Unalterably sure;
And, while the truth of God remains,
His goodness must endure.

(52.) P. M. 33.

God is love.

I *My God, thy boundless love I praise;

How bright on high its glories blaze, How sweetly bloom below! It streams from t: eternal throne; Through heavy joys for ever run, And o'er the earth they flow.

2 'Tis love that paints the purple morn,
And bids the clouds, in air upborne,

Their genial drops distil;
In ev'ry vernal beam it glows,
And breathes in ev'ry gale that blows,

And glides in every rill.
3 It robes in cheerful green the ground,
And pours its flowery beauties round,

Whose sweets perfume the gale; Its bounties richly spread the plain, The blushing fruit, the golden grain,

And smile on ev'ry vale. 4 But in thy mospel see it shive With grace and glories more divine,

Proclaiming sins forgiv'n. There faith, bright cherub, points the way To realms of everlasting day,

And opens all her heav'n.
5 Then let the love, that makes me blest,
With cheerful praise inspire my breast,

And ardent gratitude;
And all my thoughts and passions tend
To thee, my Father and my Friend,
My soul's eternal good.

(54.) C. M. 34.

God gracious to all. 1 SWEET is the mem?ry of thy grace,

O God, my heav'nly King! Let age to age thy righteousness

In sounds of glory sing. 2 God reigns on high, but not confines

His goodness to the skies. Through the whole earth his bounty shines,

And ev'ry want supplics.
s With longing eyes, thy creatures wait

On thee for daily food;
Thy lib’ral hand provides their meat,

And fills their mouths with good.

4 How kind are thy compassions, Lord!

How slow thine anger moves!
But soon he sends his pardning word,

To cheer the souls he loves.
5 Creatures, with all their endless race,

Thy pow'r and praise proclaim;
But saints, who taste thy richer grace,

Delight to bless thy name. 35.

(55.) C. M.

God's mercies unutterable. 1 OUR souls with pleasing wonder view

The bounties of thy grace; How much bestow'd, how much reserv'd,

For those that seek thy face.
2 Thy lib'ral hand with worldly bliss

Oft makes their cup run o'er;
And in the cov'nant of thy love

They find diviner store.
Here mercy hides their num'rous sins;

their souls renews; Here hope, and love, and joy, and peaco

Their heav'nly beams diffuse.
4 But oh! what treasures yet unknown

Are lodg'd in worlds to come!
If these th enjoyments of the way,

How happy is their home!
5 And what shall mortal worms reply?

Or how such goodness own? But’tis our joy, that, Lord, to thee

Thy servants' hearts are known. 6 Since time's too short, all-gracious God,

To utter half thy praise;
Loud, to the honour of thy name,

Eternal hymns we'll raise. 36. (56.) S. M.

God's mercy great and eternal. 1 MY soul, repeat his praise, Whose mercies are so great;

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