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And turn each cursed idol out,

That dares to rival thee, 2 Do not I love thee from my soul?

Then let me nothing love: Dead be my heart to ev'ry joy,

Which thou dost not approve. 3 Is not thy name melodious still

To mine attentive ear?
Duth not each pulse with pleasure beat

My Saviour's voice to hear?
4 Hast thou a lambi in all thy flock,

I would disdain to feed?
Hast thou a foe, before whose face

I fear thy cause to plead?
6 Thou know'st I love thee, dearest Lord,

But 0, I long to soar
Far from the sphere of mortal joys,
That I may love thee more,

C. M. 386.

Jesus precious. 1 Pet. ii. 7.
LEST Jesus, when my soaring thonghts

O’er all thy graces rove,
Now is my soul in transport lost

In wonder, joy, and love! 2 Not softest strains can charm mine carne

Like thy beloved name;
Nor aught beneath the skies inspire

My heart with equal Aaine.
3 Where'er I look, my wond'ring eyes

Unnumber'd blessings see;
But what is life, with all its bliss,

If once compared to thee?
4 Hast thou a rival in my breast?

Search, Lord, for thou canst tells
If aught can raise my passions thus,
Or please my soul so well,

5 No, thou art precious to my heart,

My portion and my joy;
For ever let thy boundless grace

My sweetest thoughts employ.
6 When nature faints, around my bed

Let thy bright glories shine;
And death shall all his terrors lose,

In raptures so divine.


P. M.
Lovest thou me? John Xxi 16.
HARK, my soul, it is the Lord;

'Tis thy Saviour, hear his wort's
Jesus speaks, and speaks to thee:
“Say, poor sinner, lov'st thou me!

2“ I deliver'd thee, when bound,

And, when bleeding, heal'd thy wont " Sought thee wand'ring, set thee right

Turn'd thy darkness into light. 3 - Can a woman's tender care

Cease towards the child she bare?
Yes, she may forgetful be,
Yet will I remember thee.
“Mine is an unchanging love,
Higher than the heights above;
Deeper than the depths beneath

Free and faithful--strong as death. 5 “Thou shalt see my glory soon,

When the vork of grace is dones
Partner of my throne shalt be,

Say, poor sinner, lov'st thou me! 6 Lord, it is my chief complaint,

That my love is weak and faint; Yet I love thee, and adore. for grace to love thee more!

L. M. 388. Living to Christ.

Phil. i. 21. IL

ET thoughtless thousands choose the road

That leads the soul away from God; This happiness, dear Lord, be mine,

To live and die entirely thine.
2 On Christ by faith my soul would live,

From him, my life, my all receive;
To him devote my fleeting hours,

Serve him alone with all my pow'rs. 3 Christ is my everlasting all,

To him I look, on him I call;
He will my ev'ry want supply,

In time and through eternity.
4. Soon will the Lord, my life, appear;

Soon shall I end my trials bere;
Leave sin and sorrow, death and paii;

To live is Christ—to die is gain.
5 Soon will the saints in glory meet;

Soon walk through ev'ry golden street,
And sing on ev'ry blissful plain,
To live is Christ, to die is gain.


L. M. 389.

The Christian panting for God, 1 GREAT God, indulge my humble claim:

Be thou my hope, my joy, my rest! The glories, that compose thy name,

Stand all engag'd to make me blest. % Thou great and good, thou just and wise,

Thou art my Father and my God! And I am thine by sacred ties,

Thy child and servant, bought with blood 3 With heart and eyes and lifted hands,

For thee I long, for thee I look, As travellers in thirsty lands

Pant for the cooling water-brook. 4 Ev'n life itself, without thy love, No lasting pleasure can afford:

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Yea, 'twould a tiresome burden prove,

If I were banish'd from thee, Lord. 5 I'll lift'my hands, I'll raise my voice,

While I have breath to pray or praise.
This work shall make my heart rejoice,
Throughout the remnant of my days.

L. M.
390. Love to Christ present or absent.

all the joys we mortals know,

Jesus, thy love exceeds the rest;
Love, the best blessing here below,

The highest rapture of the blest.
2 While we are hield in thine embrace,

There's not a thought attempts to rove;
Each smile that's seen upon thy face,

Fixes, and charms, and fires our love. 3 When of thine absence we complain,

And long, and weep, and humbly pray;
There's a strange pleasure in the pain,

Those tears are sweet which mourn thy stay. 4 When round thy courts by day we rove,

Or ask the watchmen of the night
For some kind tidings from above,

Thy very name creates delight.
5 Jesis, our God, descend and come;

Our eyes would dwell upon thy face;
Tis heav'n to see our Lord at home,
And feel the presence of his grace.

P. M. 391.

Love of Jesus. iLO

OVE divine, how sweet the sound,

May the theme on earth abound: May the hearts of saints below,

With the sacred rapture glow! 9 Love amazing, large and free, Love unknown, to think on me!

Or an age

Let that love upon me shine,

Saviour, with its beams divine. 8 Better than earth's gilded toys,

of carnal joys; Better far than Ophir's gold,

Love that never can be told. 4 Better than this life of mine,

Saviour, is thy love divine:
Drop the veil, and let me see

Rivers of this love in thee.
5 While in Mesech's tents I stay,

Love divine shall tune my lay;
When I soar to bliss above,

Still I'll praise a Saviour's love. 392.

(282.). C. M.

The Christian's choice. 1 THOU art my portion, O my God!

Soon as I know thy way,
My heart makes haste t obey thy word,

And suffers no delay,
2 I choose the path of heav'uly truth,

And glory in my choice;
Not all the riches of the earth

Could make me so rejoice. 3 The testimonies of thy grace

1 set before mine eyes;
'Thence I derive my daily strength,

And there my comfort lies.
Whene'er I wander from thy path,

I think upon my ways;
Then turn my feet to thy commands,

And trust thy pard’ning grace. 5 Now I am thine, for ever thine:

O save tly servant, Lord! Thou art my shield, my hidiug-place, My hope is in thy word.

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